A big part of the thrill for Sweetie is knowing that in her 50s she’s still able to snap her fingers and find 25 and 30 year olds eager to be with her.  

    And when she feels hot, she’s bossy and dominant to me, so yes, I love her being with younger guys.

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    After fucking my wife playing roles where I was a stranger, there was my mother in law naked.

    We are living in the house of my parent's in law because we are moving. We were very drunk, and after a long conversation everyone decided to to their rooms. My wife was pretty horny and me too. So, I proposed to my wife to play roles, she likes the idea of fucking a stranger, so my proposal was: "Imagine you are in a business trip and you met a guy that really turns you on, after a few drink you say to him that you will be waiting for him on your hotel room with your legs open for him". My wife loved the idea, so she went to our room and after a few minutes I went to the room. When I opened the door, she was on the bed spreading her legs and using high heels. In that moment I knew that we will have hardcore sex, so I put my cock in her mouth while I was playing with her wet pussy, she started to say things like "I hope you don't mind I'm married and if I fuck with my ring"... "I'm going to be here in this hotel the entire weekend, so you can fuck for 48 hours", my cock was so hard that I started to fuck her saying her that I'll be all the weekend fucking, giving her orgasms and send her home with her husband full of cum... we fucked and we fucked hard... we were saying many things to keep the play role to the max, and every time that she was saying hot-wife, unfaithful wife stuff she was squirting like never before...

    We had great sex, but when I finished I pulled out my cock... which had cum, vaginal stuff, it was very messy. Then, I decided to the bathroom, when I was walking I saw my mother in law completely naked with those big delicious boobs bouncing because she was running (I don't know why she was running)... the she stopped and she looked at me naked and she spot my cock semi-hard dropping cum and covered of the vaginal juices of her daughter.

    I think, something is gonna happen very soon...