College student with a great boyfriend.  Yes I love seeing him with others. Mostly look at Tumblr with him. Cuckquean/Asian posts mostly

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2020-04-19 02:35:02

    Have you ever had one of your Asian male friends ask for your boyfriends help to fuck his girlfriend?

    Yes one of my close Asian male friends have asked for help before. The entire process was really sweet! He had been with his gf for a long time and she was kind of concerned about how it would affect their relationship but eager at the same time. It worked out well for them though! Every time they come back to our city which is usually during a holiday(just this past thanksgiving) she always wants to spend some time with my bf still!


    Hi! That's a great blog you've got here. The fact that you've managed to have such a relationship at your age is heartwarming too. Do you present him the girls sometimes or is he the one looking for them?

    Thanks! It happened pretty natural for the both of us and helped grow our relationship and trust for each other! It is a mix of both. I do like it a lot when I can present one of my curious friends to him.

    Mmmn I want a girl like this to walk into my house, take my clothes and jewelery. I want her to flirt with my boyfriend while she bosses me around. When I resist, she’d fight me, pushing and punching me until my ugly white ass knelt for her. Her aggression and triumph would turn my boyfriend on so fucking much, they would leave me in the floor bruised up and crying while they make love in my bed


    Your boyfriend is awesome! Guys like him are the reason why so many Asian couples are able to stay together since they help take care of the sexual satisfaction aspect of the relationship. I hope he knows how appreciative we Asian guys are!

    I'll let him know 😊


    Thanks for sharing that post! I’m a single Asian guy and I love seeing wmaf and if I ever get a gf, I hope she will let me eat a white mans cum from her pussy! Thank you for sharing your bf so that he can fuck lots of Asian girls!

     I don’t have much say in sharing him at this point but yes no problem! I’m glad he is able to enjoy himself and make so many others happy as well. It has always been really cool seeing how happy Asian couples are to visit my bf.


    Would your bf be interested in an Asian transsexual girl? Would it make a difference being post op?

    I’m not really certain. Would be interesting! I don’t know how I would feel about it either. Most of my insecurities are from comparing myself to Asian women. I’ve seen some beautiful Asian transexuals before though!