The Room near the Lighthouse

    I stir, and half awake, roll over and reach out for you. Still caught in the fading memory of some dream, I find that I only clutch a hand full of the mattress cover. I sit up quickly, the last of the sleep vanishing in a flash of diffused light, and my eyes quickly scan the small room. In another flash of light, I find you, standing by the window. You hold the flimsy sheet that is the curtain slightly open with your right hand, and I remember that there is a lighthouse not far from us. Another flash of light, and I untwist myself from the bed sheet, and half stumble over to you. But you don’t seem to notice. You are looking out the small gap you have made between the window and the curtain, and as I come up behind you, I see that you are watching a storm that is far off, out at sea. It spikes forks of blue electricity down at the ocean, as if the sky is fighting some long, eternal battle with the ocean. Then another flash from the lighthouse momentarily lights your naked body in it’s white light, as I reach out my hand to touch your right shoulder. The night air has cooled you, but you don’t stir at my touch. You don’t move at all, so I softly kiss your shoulder, feeling the small goosebumps on my lips. A low roll of thunder seems to awaken you to my presence, and you let the curtain fall back in to place as you turn to face me. I reach both hands out and touch your waist, as you place your hands on my shoulders. We don’t say any thing though. We just look in to each others eyes, trying to find what both of us are thinking about, what we are feeling, maybe finding the memories of earlier in the night. I move might right hand slowly up the side of your body, and I see you bite your bottom lip as you feel me gently touch your left breast, my thumb brushing lightly over your nipple. You gasp, softly, but cast your eyes down as you push away from me. There is a sudden feeling of uncertainty in the air, and you turn back to the window. I reach out and place my hand on your right shoulder, but you brush my touch away with your left hand, and walk away, over to the edge of the bed.

    I swallow down the fear that maybe you will suddenly gather up your clothes and things and leave. Flee from what we’ve done. Run from what we’ve shared. I watch you, your naked back now bathed in the pale blue light of the night, the lighthouse casting it’s bright blink on to your skin again, and again, and again, as the silent moments pass. Then I slowly move behind you, and even though I now feel an apprehension about doing so, I reach out, and with just two fingers on my right hand, I trace a slow line down your back. Even with this, I can feel, and see, your body tense, as you feel the touch of my fingertips follow your spine down, and the back up again. I move a little closer, and move my left hand up, so my fingers brush along your left shoulder. I hear you sigh softy, so I lean in, and gently kiss your kiss shoulder again. This time your response is more favourable, and as you feel the course hair of my beard against your skin, you lean back against me, almost like a surrender, as I move my right arm around you, with my hand on your lower stomach. I feel you place your hand on top of mine, and still with out a sound or a word from either of us, you push my hand over your abdomen, and down between your legs. You gasp louder as I touch you, and push your body harder in to mine as my hand slowly rubbing your labia up and down. I start to rub harder, and faster, and you throw your head back, against my right shoulder. You can feel my arousal for you, hard, pressing in to your lower back, and you start to stand up and down on your toes, so my member rubs against your ass. Then, suddenly, you push my hand away from you, and you turn to face me. A flash of light from the lighthouse shows your face, your eyes bright, a look of hunger in them. Your right hand reaches out and takes me. You grip me hard enough to make me groan, and then you start to stroke, slowly, moving you hand up and down along my shaft. You want to feel me grow harder for you, to raise the need and the want in me to an almost insatiable level. You hold my gaze the whole time, your expression that that dares me to not look away. You can sense when I can almost stand no more, and you slow your strokes down, and then stop. Taking another step back from me, you climb on to the bed backwards, and then, propping yourself up on your elbows, you lay back and open your legs to me.

    I move to you, taking a hold of your legs just behind your knees, and pull you to the very edge of the bed, making you fall off your elbows and flat on to the mattress. You moan softly even before you feel the head of my manhood rub against you. Up and down, I guide it against your labia. Teasing you, every now and then I slide myself just inside you. I can feel your heat already flowing up and through me. I pull away, briefly, and you moan as if disappointed, even though you know what is about to happen, but you still let out a loud gasp as I then push myself in to you. You let me in as far as I can go, and then I start a slow thrusting rhythm, wanting to let each push take as long as I possibly can. Your hands grip on to the mattress cover, your moans growing louder with each thrust I pump in to you. When I start to fuck you faster, you push yourself up off the edge of the bed a little bit, and you start to thrust your pelvis in turn with me, so we fuck faster, and harder. Our moans and groans start to mix with the distant rumble of the storm, as we grow louder with each thrust, loosing ourselves, but becoming something more, something that is one, together. Somewhere outside, a dog barks, wether at our noise or at the storm that is approaching from the sea, we don’t know, or care. All we can see, and all we can feel, are each other. And then, in a flash of light from the lighthouse, and another, louder, roll of thunder, we find the climax together. I feel you tighten around me, and the waves sweep through your body as I find release in you. Again. And again. And again.

    I eventually collapse on to the bed beside you, turning you to face me so that I can stay inside you. Our breathing is deep and ragged, and we are both almost in tears. You reach your hand out, and place it against my chest, which is now covered in a film of sweat that is rapidly cooling in the night air. You feel the small amount of hair on my chest, but I know what your really looking for. To feel my heartbeat, still racing. We lay like that, still in silence, as the storm from the sea comes in and sweeps over the land. We drift in and out of sleep, and each other, until dawn shows that it has chased the night and the storm away.

    Your kiss wakes me, so soft I can barely feel it, like a memory suddenly remembered in the blue early morning light. I keep my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation, letting my other senses take in the feel, and the taste, of your lips against mine. I’m about to open my eyes, but I feel you place a finger on my lips, and I hear your gentle “shhh” against the sound of the fan. So I keep my eyes closed, and I feel your hand move down my chest, your fingers slowly circling my right nipple, before gently playing, twisting the light hairs on my chest. I try to sneak a look as I feel your hand move lower, pulling the sheet down with it, but all I hear is your quiet chiding of “shhhh” again, and I can’t help but smile at this game you are playing. The sheet is pulled lower, and I feel the cool air of the fan against me before I feel the your gentle touch. You coax my already aroused state even further, your fingers moving in a slowly, almost absentminded movements, that still make me gasp with pleasure. Almost involuntary I start to lift my hips, but once again, I hear you whisper “shhh” in the morning air, as your touch continues to please and tease me. I gasp again, move my head from side to side. “Please”, I manage to breathe, but the only response you give me is a long, slow, stroke, gentle and reassuring, but you know it also arouses me even more. This anticipation. The wanting I have for, the need, you like to tease it, to build it’s fire in to a blaze. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, I feel you straddle me. I can’t help but let out a moan at what we are about to feel. The cool morning air, the breeze from the fan, are all ebbed away at your warmth, as you ....

    I open my eyes to see you. To look at you. To watch and enjoy this. But of course, your not there. The fans cool air suddenly feels cold against me, the sheet twisted down around my feet. My excitement awakened by a ghost in the morning.