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    I’d been living alone in my semi-detached suburban house for nearly 20 years, I’d seen plenty of neighbors come and go without any real interest. Mostly keeping myself to myself and only ever being acknowledged by my neighbors in passing. So..when the old couple living next door were moved out and a small convoy of vans turned up a few weeks later loaded with furniture and personal affects i thought nothing of it. As the weeks went by I realized that i’d never seen my new neighbor around the estate or in the garden, although i had heard a considerable amount of noise coming from the garage on occasion.

    It was about a month after the new mystery member of the street had moved in that I caught a glimpse of him. I was out hanging my washing and heard a series of deep, animalistic grunts coming from over the fence. Fearing that an animal had been stuck in a shed or on a fence i decided to peek over the fence to see if i could figure out what was causing the noise. When i looked over the fence my entire body went into shock! In the middle of the yard was a literal mountain of young, thick muscle. Flexing and posing, his black tank soaked and his sweats bulging alarmingly. While the grunting continued over the fence i felt my cock begin to harden and ooze cum. 

    Shaking i slowly began to touch my cock stroking it lightly and devouring the sight in front of me. Suddenly, the muscle god turned around, his face grimacing from the power behind his bulging biceps. Looking up he saw me, bright faced and sweaty he lowered his arms and stood glaring at me as though i was a piece of meat. Pulling my eyes away from his boulder like muscles i ran back inside my house leaving the rest of my washing in a basket on the garden floor.

    Terrified of the giant mound of muscle living next door i did my best to avoid him for the next few weeks. Hoping that he’d forgotten about the incident i finally plucked up the courage a few weeks later to go into my yard during the day light and hang out my washing. When i heard the same grunting from a few weeks ago my stomach sank, without thinking i swore out loud! The grunting stopped…

    When i looked toward the fence, there he was. A huge, heaving, herculean god staring directly at me. To my complete surprise, he smiled at me. Hoping for the best i walked tentatively over to the fence and began to stammer out a apology. Before i had a chance to explain what i had done a few weeks before his deep, rumbling voice boomed out. “Yo, man…i saw you staring at me the other day! What are you? Some sorta faggot…” he asked”

    “No! No..I..I’m just.. it was just that you’re so…BIG! I mean i couldn’t help it i’m so so sorry it won’t happ-” He cut me off before i could say any more

    “Hey, whatever man…i got nothing against you faggot or no faggot, but its obvious you like my big fucking muscles though! Get over here, i could use an audience hahaha” he laughed. Before i could do anything he had his enormous right hand gripping my shirt collar and he lifted me clean over the fence as though i weighed nothing at all! 

    “Wait.. i…i need to finish my washing and get back to work! Honestly i wouldn’t want to put you to any trouble to show off for me!”

    “Fuck that dude…you’re staying right here and we’re gonna have some fun! Go sit over there on the bench” he commanded. I tried to protest but it was clear i wasn’t going to win. Standing in the center of the yard he flexed his freakishly large bicep and smiled as he saw them bulge with sheer power. “Fuck yeah!” he muttered under his breath. He turned around flexing his amazingly wide back and grunting with effort as every single muscle stood out in amazing definition.

    Feeling brave i asked him what all the noise was in his garage each night, was he an engineer or a mechanic…hobbies maybe? He turned to face me again looked directly at me as  he walked towards the bench i was sitting on and smiled.

    “That, little man, is the sound of a godly muscle bound, testosterone fueled teenage beast ripping and bending steel bars in two!” He told me with a glint in his eye. There was something about his arrogance that tipped me over the edge, as he sat down next to me panting from his spectacular display he flexed his bicep again. “You like the close-up” he asked as my pre-cum seeped through my pants.

    “Come on, we’re going inside” he told me as he put his tight fitting t-shirt back on. Following him inside i tried to hide the bulge in my pants, even though the muscle beast’s was rock hard, huge and openly on display. “Don’t try and hide it little man! I know your little cocklet it hard haha” throwing himself down in front of his sofa, meaty pecs bouncing as he did so, he waited for me to sit. 

    “So.. what are we goi-” i started to ask before he cut me off “I’ve got an idea!” he thundered. “I’m going to make you my little muscle-worship slave haha” he said with a chuckle

    “Wait, what no… i… can’t i just..that’s not happening!!” I protested. All the humor drained from his face…he raised his tree-trunk arm and flexed once again. “It wasn’t a fucking suggestion, fag. I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you and you’re going to like it. Then you’re going to rub, worship and lick my muscles clean…Do you understand?” He said menacingly.

    “Mmmhhhm yea- uh huh” i mumbled

    “I said DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?” He roared as he rose to his feet, towering above me. I was terrified!

    “Yes! Yes! Please don’t hurt me” i sobbed

    He stripped off to his boxer-briefs and pulled them up into his groin, his massive member on full show. I sat there cowering as he flexed and posed and moaned and touched himself. Despite the fear running through my veins my cock was still rock hard at the sight of this muscle god in front of me.

    He grabbed hold of me and tore off my clothing with no effort at all, throwing me back down to the floor completely naked! He threw me with such force that i had pain searing up my back and legs. Using his mighty size 16 feet he kicked my side forcing me to roll over onto my back despite the in my ribs. From behind me i could hear him laughing and panting like a rabid dog, then, he fell on top of me and drove his huge cock up me tight virgin ass. i was sure his weight had snapped some of my ribs and had definitely caused some sort of internal injury as i had burning pain all over my torso.

    He continued to ram his fuckstick into my ass with superhuman speed and stamina. I was in so much pain from the weight of him on top of me i barely noticed the damage his python cock was doing to my ass. He grabbed my arms and pulled them back practically snapping my back a d pulling them out of their sockets at the same time. With the two sickening pops of my arms being pulled out of place he let out a roar filled with pure pleasure and lust that completely drowned out my pathetic little screams. With a final rush of thrusting he blew his ocean of cum into my ass  moaning with pleasure as he did so. I felt his weight life off me as he stood up, the pain was unbelievable! I would have been screaming but he’d fucked me so hard i could barely think or feel anything. 

    His deep manly grunts grew louder behind me as he reached out and picked me up by the neck. He was even more amazing to see know that he’d been properly pumped up! His body was a map of throbbing veins and his muscles were practically bouncing with the rush of adrenaline that they’d just experienced. Looking down at his footlong cock i couldn’t believe that he’d fit all of it inside me! It was still throbbing and covered in cum. 

    He shoved two of his thick manly fingers into my mouth and held my jaw open before shoving his gargantuan dick down my throat, barely able to breath i tasted the hot salty cum of an alpha god. Just as he blew another river of spunk into my body i passed out.

    -A few hours later-

    Groggy and in pain, i opened my eyes, desperately trying to figure out where i was. I tried to sit up but the pain in my back and sides was too much. i looked down and realized i was covered in bed clothes in a king-size bed that reeked of man musk. The smell made my cock harden at the thought of the beast who’d sleep there. Then it all cam flooding back to me…”Oh, hey! You’re awake little buddy. I was beginning to worry i’d gone to far haha.” said a booming voice. I felt someone grab hold of my body and gently roll my over onto my back. Still dazed i stared blankly at the man as he climbed into bed with me. 

    “Sorry, about the pain n stuff but don’t worry I’ve been through all this and worse before! I know how to look after you…you see alphas like me..well once we get going the beast inside takes over! I didn’t mean to hurt you so bad but at least now i have you to entertain me whenever i want…y’know once you’ve healed up again.” He smiled, without thinking i smiled back.

    “ But, as a way of apologizing I’ve got a little show for you! JO GET IN HERE!” he yelled. A small twink like guy rushed in and looked at me and then to the muscled man next to me. “Sir?” he said.

    “You’re going to help me put on a little show for our friend here!” He turned back to me and simply smiled, stripped down to a skimpy little poser and whispered “Enjoy”

    As the boy oiled the behemoth up and massaged and stroked his tensed flexed muscles all i could say was “Yes, MASTER!”