“i’m sorry for all
 the times i held
 you far longer than
 i should, too often
than necessary. 
i’m sorry for all
 the times when
 all i could ever say 
is i miss you. 
i miss you, every time
 you leave. 
i miss you even more
 when you’re
with me.
you see, 
i have a heart
that never really
 learned how to
let go. a heart that
always held on
too tightly-
too scared that
 good things couldn’t
 happen twice. 
and you were, 
you are 
the best thing 
that’s ever happened 
to me.
 and i’m sorry, 
i just couldn’t,
 i just couldn’t risk 
losing you, 
i couldn’t bear
losing you
knowing i can never
really have you back.”

    Kai Masa