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    When he was 16 Danny’s parents caught him with a neighbor kid’s cock in his mouth. They would have called the police, but  they realized the kid fucking their son was only 15, so Danny would probably have been the one to go to jail. They told Danny if he wanted to live under their roof, he would have to go to a clinic to be cured of his homosexuality.

    He left and stayed with different friends for a week at a time. He went with his best friend’s family to the beach for a week right after school ended his sophomore year. They rented one of my apartments, and Danny stayed to work for me cleaning rental units between renters. I let him stay with me, and without my even asking he cleaned my house and cooked for me. He was a pretty good cook for a boy his age. He was also very smart. He cleaned and organized the van I used to do repairs and bring supplies to the properties and other business. I realized his talents were wasted cleaning toilets, but he never complained.

    At the end of that first summer, he went back to live with his best friend’s family, thrilled that he had earned money to pay them for his room and board. They refused to take any of his money, insisting he set it aside to help pay for his college. He started to refer to them as his “real parents.”

    He came back to work for me after his junior year. I had added a few more rental properties, and promoted him to assistant head of maintenance. I was a little worried that some of my cleaners and others would chafe at taking direction from a high school student, but he was always charming. He quickly won my staff’s loyalty and trust. After that summer, I expanded the garage at my house and added a small apartment above it. Danny was in the back of my mind when I was doing it, but he was not the primary reason. 

    The summer after his senior year, he came back again. I let him live in the new apartment I had built over the garage. He told me that summer he would be attending a nearby university and asked if he could stay with me all year to help keep his room and board costs down. How could I say no?

    It seemed like the blink of an eye before he was graduating from college. His parents and sisters did not come to his graduation, but his “real parents” did. He insisted I attend as well. He was not my son, but I was proud of him anyway. Shortly thereafter he got his teaching credentials and a job as a kindergarten teacher.

    A lot of things happened the summer before he started teaching. He told me he wanted to be my business partner, not just an employee. I would still be the boss, but we would have a closer connection. He also told me he wanted to be my partner outside of work, but with me being the boss there as well. It was a bit of a shock to me as we had never really discussed a personal relationship. Danny told me he had met some people that knew me and what I liked in more intimate relationships. He had tried dating people his own age and on a more equal footing, but ever since he first started having sex when he was a teenager, he was happiest when he was being dominated.

    In some ways, much less changed between us that I would have thought. He became the head of maintenance for the business, and he continued to cook and clean for me. Other things changed quite a bit. Danny no longer lived above the garage. He lived in the house with me. He wore far less clothing, and of course I fucked him every chance I got. 

    He was 26 when his mother was killed in a car crash. None of his family told him. He had to hear it form a friend.He wanted to get a new suit for her funeral. I was not sure it was such a good idea. I did talk him out of the collar.he wanted to wear, with me holding the leash.


    “What are you doing down here?” I asked @bdsmfratsmuscles. He was wearing only a pair of shorts and was standing up against a post in the attic of our old fraternity house during alumni week.  The place looked strange empty. It had been condemned three years before when part of an outside wall fell out and destroyed a car parked beneath it. The new house had opened this fall, and the old house was now vacant. It would come down soon.

    “Do you know what this spot is?” He asked me.

    It was surprisingly hard to picture what the place used to look like, but I knew what this spot was. “How could I forget?” I asked.

    “I remember being shacked to this very post while you all spit on me. I remember looking out the skylight at a tree. I guess the tree was cut down to make room for the new house,” he remembered. Of course I remember spitting on him. He had made some mistake or violated some rule, so all the other pledges had to spit on him. Nobody ever made a mistake like that again.

    “I remember,” I said. “I also remember you getting hard when I spit on you.”

    “You were the only one who spit in my face. Everyone else spit on my shirt,” he said. “How could I not get hard? I fell in love with you right there.”

    It was shortly after that incident when @bdsmfratsmuscles asked if he could suck my cock. He put my hands on his head as he did it, and I seemed to naturally understand what he needed. I face fucked him hard, forcing him to take my entire cock into his throat. It was about a week after that I told him I was going to fuck his ass. I didn’t ask him. I told him. I never asked him. We both understood that there was no need. He would never deny me.

    Our favorite place to fuck was right here, though. I would shackle his wrists to the pole, just like they were when we spit on him. Then I’d put his legs over my shoulder and rail his tight pussy.

    “Drop your shorts,” I ordered in a voice he knew not to disobey. “The hooks are gone, and I don’t have wrist restraints, but I am going to fuck you here one last time.” As he pulled down his shorts, I stepped toward him and spit in his face.


    lucky boys have good Men like this to guide them.

    It was scary enough being a victim of a home invasion, being tied up and gagged while some total stranger ransacked his apartment.  But what he was really worried about were all the comments the dude was making - about how he liked Josh’s ‘panties,’ about how pretty Josh’s ass looked, about how sexy Josh looked all tied up like he was.  And, worst of all, his repeated inquiry as to whether Josh’s ‘pussy’ had ever been fucked.  He was terrified that the man intended to rape him - to fuck him like he was some chick.  That would be so gross, so humiliating, being raped like some bitch, having to take some other dude’s hard cock up his shitter and let the man screw his ass.  Oh, please God, anything but that.  Don’t let the dude fuck his ass.  Don’t let the man make Josh his bitch.  Please, God, please.  Not that.  Anything but that.  Oh, fuck.  Oh, fuck.  He just started fingering Josh’s hole.  Oh, fuck.  The dude was gonna rape him.  He was starting right now.  No!  No!  Please, God, NO!  Oh, God!  Oh, God!  OH, FUCK!!!

    One of the guys pt1

    By Embarrassed Boys

    It had started innocently enough, or at least he hadn’t noticed what was happening until it was too late… making friends is tough when moving to a new town, but it hadn’t taken long for him to find like minded friends though some of his more… secretive hobbies. He’d had a few little hook ups here and there and played around with some kinky fun, so he’d thought nothing of meeting a guy he’d seen a couple of times for a meet.

    He should have known things were going to be a bit different when his date mentioned he’d be bringing a few other guys with him… but when he arrived it was just him. They caught up briefly and swapped pleasantries before he got down to business:

    “OK look - me and the guys found your profile on that site the other day and it made for some very interesting reading… but I gotta ask - is it all true?”

    The embarrassed boy blushed as he cast his mind back over the words he’d written so long ago now… all those wicked little fantasies and ideas that he hoped to experience someday… he nodded silently and felt his cock stiffen in his pants…

    “Good,” his buddy replied, “That’s what I was hoping you’d say…”

    Suddenly, everything changed - guys seemingly appeared from out of nowhere and we grabbing him, pinning his arms back, tugging at his clothes and groping at his newly exposed flesh. Bewildered, the boy struggled to cry out but found a hand clamped firmly over his mouth. In his panic he locked eyes with the instigator and he smiled back at the confused boy:

    “Me and my buddies here can’t wait to put you through your paces… don’t worry, soon you’ll just be one of the guys… “

    Although He’d seduced the slaves separately, this had always been the Master’s diabolical plan. slaves needed to learn they had no right to choose who or what they performed with. 

    He’d removed their sight before securing them in position and ordered them to kiss passionately and wordlessly for an hour. He was pleased at how much they got into it, the hard cocks, released from a month in chastity, slapping against each other, rock hard and dripping as He directed them into further depravity. 

    Next each practiced their cock-sucking skills on the other for half an hour followed by a deep rimming of the stinking hole of their fellow slave toy. 

    Having secured them back into kissing position, Master grabbed the cocks and started jerking them slowly, whispered in their ears…”Kiss harder if u want to shoot those loads slaves”. He skilfully brought them to the edge at the same time, before pulling back the hoods……2 more jerks and the cocks exploded, covering each other in thick ropes of cum just as they recognised each other….’Billy?’………..’Dad’?

    He would punish them for speaking later but for now He added his own loads to the river of cum running down their bellys, the sight of the horrified faces pushing Him over the edge, before ordering them to lick each other clean. 

    Time for a nice dose of darker material. Call this a disclaimer. Read at your own risk.


    “I know you miss him.” I said to him as I came up behind him.

    He quickly wiped his eyes without facing me. “Oh hey. Didn’t know you were there.” He said.

    “It’s alright man. I know you missed him.” I told him as I put a hand on his shoulder.

    “Thank you man.” He said.

    “Sergeant Wilson.” I started.

    He put up his hand. “I told you. Call me Frank.”

    I smiled. “Alright, Frank. I am sure he misses you too.” I told him reassuringly. “I am certain of it.”

    He shook his head slightly. “That’s why I became a police officer you know. Just like him. I thought that if I can become an officer I can find him. I will be able to put the clue together and find out what happened. But I can’t. I don’t know where he is. I looked everywhere and went over every detail. I know he is out there. I know it. But I can’t find him. It’s killing me you know.” He said as he traced his hand over the image of him standing with his father.

    “He is proud of you for sure.” I told him.

    He laughed slightly. “I am not so sure about that.” He replied. “He actually wanted me to be anything but an officer. He said that there are shit that he never wants me to see, people he would rather I never ever have to deal with. It is a dangerous world out there, he used to say.”

    He paused and looked at the photo. “I guess he was right.”

    “Sergeant.” I put a hand on his shoulder. “I am sure he…”

    “Look Corporal.” He stressed that second word. “Don’t you think it is a little too late to be calling me Sergeant after what we had done together?”

    I can’t help but smile at that. “So what do I call you? You are the Sergeant.” My hand rubbing his shoulder harder, trailing down toward his solid pec.

    “I don’t see any respect from you yesterday.” He growled as he caught my wondering hand. “And now you are going to pretend you give a fuck?”

    I used my other hand and slapped it on his uniform covered ass. “What exactly did I do yesterday Sergeant? Why don’t you remind me huh?”

    “Fuck.” He whimpered as I grabbed his ass after the smack. “You know what you did.”

    “I am going to need a reminder Sergeant.” I snarled as I slapped his ass again.

    He grunted. A long throaty sound filled with need.

    “What do you want boy?” I hissed, pulling his hair back and making him look at me.

    “Fuck. Fuck. I want fuck.” He was in that state. The state where guilt and shame and need and horniness all rolled into one.

    I slapped him again. Hard. “Tell me boy. Tell me what you want.”

    “Cock. I want cock.” He cried. “I want cock in my cop pussy.”

    I threw him down to the floor. “You got it boy.”

    I ripped the back of his uniform trousers down. He wasn’t wearing underwear. This was no surprise to me. Ever since I fucked him that first few times and started ripping them if I ever see him wear one, he took the hint. I don’t think he even remembers how wearing underwear feels.

    I lined up my cock at the opening to his cop body. Without any further ceremony, I rammed my way inside. A rough entrance of only a couple of inches.

    He let out a short cry and his entire back arched. I grabbed the back of his head and slammed his face down to the floor, pinning him down so he can’t wiggle away from the punishment of his ass. I rammed in another couple of inches in the process and had to pin him down hard to get him to take the destruction of his ass.

    I immediately started to fuck. He needs no mercy. He in fact doesn’t want any. I can tell. After that initial rough entry, his struggle stopped and pinning him wasn’t necessary. In fact, if I had stopped moving, I am almost certain he would back himself into my cock himself.

    “You like that boy? You like what your daddy is doing to you?” I asked as I fucked him harder.

    “Oh fuck. Yes. Yes!” He moaned.

    “Say it boy. Tell me what you want.” I commanded with a slap to the back of his head.

    “More. I want more!” He howled.

    “More what? Come on boy. What do you want from daddy?” I was pistoning my hips back and forth, driving him wild from the inside.

    “I want your cock. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” His voice break with each thrust I made into him.

    “Who’s fucking you?” I snarled with a brutal twist of my waist so my cock jabs all kinds of places inside of him.

    “You. You. You. Arrrr…” He barely can speak, but I am not about to let him off that easy.

    “Daddy is fucking you. Right son? Is daddy fucking you so good?” I continued my slamming of his ass.

    “Oh god oh god oh. Yes. Yes Daddy. Daddy is fucking my son ass so good. Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me!” He screamed.

    I know what that admission will do to him. I chose that moment to pull out so that he cannot cum. I stood over him and started to shoot my load all over his over sexed body. I wet him down, his exposed ass, his cop uniform, his face, his hair. Everywhere.

    Because he haven’t cum, I know his mind is still in a total state of lust. That is also why he won’t notice or that he did notice but he didn’t care that I have my phone out and is recording.

    “Come here and suck daddy’s cock clean son.” I told him as he crawled up. Looking up at me and the camera, he knelt there in between my legs and started to suck my cock clean.

    “You like what daddy did to you?” I asked him.

    “Yes. I love it. I love it when daddy fuck my son pussy!” He moaned around my cock.

    Satisfied with obtaining what I wanted, I just kicked him back and left him there, all used and lust crazed on his own living room floor.

    Now it wasn’t that I did not want to go another round with the young sergeant. But I had another destination in mind.

    I drove away and found myself sitting in a private room. On the stage of the room, there was another cop, twisting his body to the music.

    His real cop uniform shirt is unbuttoned. His slightly hair chest almost exposed. I looked up at his face. Probably 20 years older than the cop that I just fucked. Usually such old merchandise isn’t kept around. But there is something exciting about having a real cop to dance for you.

    I watched as he lost all his clothing one by one. Almost the entire uniform left forgotten on the floor with the exception of one or two pieces. Not as a measure of modesty. No, of course not. But instead to add to the fact that this is a police officer, a honest to goodness actual police officer.

    I watched as he walked off the stage and knelt in front of me. I made no motion of helping him as he pulled my pants down to expose my cock. A cock that not long ago was buried fully inside another police officer’s ass.

    He opened his mouth and sucked me inside. His tongue, well trained and well used, wrapped itself expertly around my cock.

    I grinned at how readily this previously straight police officer now doesn’t even question about having to suck on a cock of another man.

    “You like that cock, officer? You like sucking on a cock for someone who is young enough to be your son?”

    With that, I pressed play on my phone. I made a video just for him, this captured and trained cop stripper whore. I made this so he can watch another young man, another young police officer with the same last name as him, getting fucked and sucking on my cock just like he is doing now.

    His eyes widen in recognition of who is on the screen. Tears well up in his eyes as he watched that young man get fucked. Treated so rough, just like a bitch. And when he heard that young police officer on the screen calls another man daddy, those tears started to roll down his cheek uncontrollably.

    I caught the back of his head and rammed his face down into my crotch. With a roar, I buried my cock even deeper despite his choking. Thick white cum shooting into the very back of his throat, marking him deep inside before he choked and fall back. The rest of my cum shot all over his crying face. I took special care to aim right for his eyes so he had something to actually cry about.

    The rest of the night was a blur of activities. I remember fucking him, I remember hurting him. I remember making him watch that video again and again. Making him describe to me in graphic details what is happening on screen as I fucked his ass with my arm. Where any sort of resistance is met with pain and suffering. I remember doing any number of things that finally resulted in just a pile of quivering flesh on the floor whimpering in fear. Completely broken. Mind, body, spirit.

    But most of all, I know it is now time.

    It will be a smash hit for sure. The club will be booked so full once word of this gets out. Police Officers, the Wilson father and son. I am sure they would be so happy to be together. Even if it is to dance and entertain men with their bodies. It is time to make it happen.

    It’s a dangerous world out here.

    Depraved Days of December

    Day 20 - Addicted

    “I’m almost done with the laundry,” he said. I give him a grin, and slap his probably still sore ass. “Can I go after that?”

    I sighed. “Go where? Why would you be in such a hurry to leave?”

    He hesitated. I folded my arms across my chest and waited for a response. “My girlfriend,” he finally admitted. “We’re just gonna go to the movies.”

    I raised an eyebrow, and the stud’s face lit up. He was still half-naked, since I wouldn’t allow him to cover up that gorgeous body every time he was with me.

    “Why the hell would I let you go?” I asked.

    “Yesterday, you said - I might get to do something with her again, soon. So I thought-” he stammered, but stopped mid-sentence when I held up a hand. Such a stupid, obedient meathead.

    “See, that’s where it went wrong; you thought. When is it gonna get through that thick fucking skull of yours?” I said. “You don’t think. You listen to me and obey. That’s all you do. That’s all you were born to do.”

    “But I haven’t hung out with her in ages! You always tell me to cancel our dates. She’s gonna break up with me, if I cancel this too.”

    My hand snapped and left a red print on his cheek before he realized it. How dare he fucking talk back to me like that.

    “Then she fucking does break up with you. Why should I care?” I hissed. “It’s not like you have sex with her, right? I bet you can’t even get hard anymore when you’re with her. I’m the only one who can get you off, nowadays.”

    “Fuck you,” he mumbled. Very softly, almost like a whisper. But loud enough for me to hear. The idiot didn’t even leave it at that. “I’ve been with her for years. Much longer than with you. You can’t just expect me to give up everything else in my life.”

    “Oh, I think I can expect you to do exactly that.” I said. I saw the fear enter his eyes, filling his entire body. Too late, meathead. “From the moment I fucked your virgin ass, you became mine. You might not have known it right away, but you lost far more than just your virginity, that night.”

    “Don’t you see? This isn’t just about that tacky girlfriend of yours, idiot. You will never be able to feel like you did before when you’re with a girl, no matter what happens. You tell yourself you hate the way I treat you, but still you come back to me day after day. You’re addicted. You love being treated like a bitch, every second of it.”

    “S-stop,” he muttered. I slapped him in the face for that, and brutally continued.

    “Football, school, girlfriend - all of that might be going great for you, but at the end of the day, your teenage mind only really needs one thing. The satisfaction only I can give you.” I said.

    “The disgusting, perverted, pathetic satisfaction you crave more and more every day. Someone like you always needs more. Soon, just getting fucked by me won’t be enough anymore, either. You’ll beg me to spit on you, piss, fuck you in public, humiliate you in front of others. And even then, it won’t stop. You’re never really gonna be satisfied.”

    I felt amused when I noticed he was clenching his fists and flexing his beautiful muscles. He was staring at his feet, and trembling slightly - either with anger or fear. He couldn’t say anything.

    “But sure, I’ll give you a choice.” I said. “You can get dressed and go see your girlfriend. You might still make it in time, if you leave now. If you go, that means we’re never gonna see each other again. Ever. I don’t need a slutboy who won’t admit what he really wants.”

    “Or you can get to your knees right now and suck my cock. That means you’ll be staying here for the rest of the night, and maybe even after that, depending on my mood. I’ll show you the consequences of trying to disobey me.”

    For a few minutes, the stud remained frozen, probably tearing himself apart about what to do. If he would give in now, there was no more going back for him. Not for the rest of his life. But, of course, we both knew it was inevitable.

    Silent tears were already running down his pretty face when he got to his knees and started to undo my belt. What a sight, this boy was. And to think he was all mine made my dick twitch with impatience.

    “I h-hate you,” he whispered, just before I grabbed his hair and forced his face into my crotch. “Y-you’ve ruined my life.”

    “Far from it, slutboy. I gave your life the only purpose it could’ve ever had. Now get to work.”


    “Hey, Mr. Anderson, you don’t mind if we take a swim, do you?” Travis asked. Travis was my son’s best friend and our next door neighbor.

    “You know you’re always welcome here, Travis,” I said, “And so are your friends.”

    Travis and his friends were on their way to Florida for spring break, just spending the night next door. My son’s break did not start until next week. The three boys hung out by the pool while I went inside the house to do some work. A habit of mine was to open the window in my office whenever someone was in the pool so I could hear if there was any trouble. I could hear the boys talking as I sat down at my desk.

    “You are right, Trav, he is quite the DILF. How could you live next door to him? That would drive me crazy,” the boy in the cardigan said to Travis.

    “Shut up, Greg. If he is in his office, He can hear what you are saying,” Travis warned him.

    “Good,” Greg said, then raising his voice slightly, said, “Mr. Anderson, if you can hear me, and you’d like the best blow job you’ve ever had, I’d give anything to be your sex slave.”

    “Seriously, dude!” Travis was upset, “That’s like hitting on my dad. Knock it off.” 

    The other boy was laughing out loud, “I’ve had better blow jobs that the ones you’ve given me, Greg.”

    “Yeah, but you’re not as hot as Mr. Anderson,” Greg said.

    A few hours later, I went back out to the pool and asked the boys if they’d like me to order pizza. Of course they accepted my offer, and when the pizza arrived, Greg sat next to me at the table.

    “Thanks for the pizza, Mr. A,” Travis said, “but we need to get back to my place, We are planning to head out early tomorrow.”

    The boys started to get up from the table, but I put my hand on Greg’s shoulder, signalling him to remain seated. 

    “I hope the two of you have a good time in Florida,” I said to them. “Greg will be spending his break here with me.” All three of them had surprised looks on their faces.

    Greg reached into the pocket of his sweater and tossed the keys to Travis. “Don’t smash up my car.”

    “I don’t have any pubes, Sir. You made me shave them off.”

    “And why did I do that, boy?”

    “Because I’m a worthless, pathetic fuck-bitch, sir, a lowly fag-whore who doesn’t deserve to have pubes.  Pubes are for Real Men, sir, not for bitches like me.”

    “And what does a pathetic fuck-bitch like you do, boy?”

    “Whatever a Real Man tells him to do, sir. “

    “And if a Real Man tells you to strip naked for him, what do you do?”

    “I strip naked for him, sir.”

    “And does it matter where you are, boy?”

    “No, sir.  It makes no difference whether we’re alone or out in public, in a gay bar or in a mall.  If a Real Man tells me to strip off my clothes and get naked, I do just that.  I strip off my clothes and get naked.”

    “Wouldn’t you be embarrassed having to strip naked in a public bar in front of total strangers?  Wouldn’t you be humiliated having to show total strangers that your fag-bitch body is as denuded of all body hair as a ten-year-old boy?”

    “Yes, sir, I would.  I’d be embarrassed and humiliated having to strip naked in front of total strangers in a public place.  But I’m a worthless, pathetic fuck-bitch, sir, and that means I have to expect to be humiliated and embarrassed whenever it pleases a Real Man to do that to me.”

    “And if, after you stripped naked, a Real Man told you to drop to your knees and suck his cock, what would you do, boy?”

    “I would drop to my knees and suck his cock, sir.”

    “And if a Real Man told you he wanted to piss down your throat, boy, what would you do?”

    “I would drop to my knees, open my mouth, and swallow his pee, sir.”

    “And, if you spilled any of his piss, boy, what would you do?”

    “I would wait until the Real Man had finished peeing, sir, then I would apologize and bend down and lick all of the pee off the floor and when I was finished I would stand up and ask the Man to punish me the way any worthless, pathetic fuck-bitch is punished whenever he fails to perform in a satisfactory manner.”

    “And if the Real Man told you he wanted to fuck you, boy, what would you do?”

    “If he had your permission, sir, I would turn around, bend over, reach behind myself and spread my ass-cheeks apart with my hands and present my pussy for fucking.”

    “And, if he didn’t have my permission, boy?”

    “Well…in that case, sir, I would apologize and tell him that, with due respect for his status as a Real Man, I could not allow him to fuck me, since my pussy is your property, sir, and I’m only allowed to let those Real Men who have my Master’s permission use my pussy.”

    “Is that all, boy?”

    “No, sir.   No, sir.  I would also tell the Man that while I cannot allow him to use my pussy, he should feel free to punish me for being unable to perform a task a Real Man has requested.”

    “That’s right, boy.  That’s right.  Now if this Real Man then ordered you to get on all-fours so that his dog could fuck you as punishment for failing to properly accommodate him, what would you do?”

    “I…I’m not sure, sir.   I think…I think I would get on all fours and let his dog fuck me as punishment, sir.”

    “No.  No.  No.  Your pussy is my property.  No one, man or animal, has the right to use it without my permission.  You should have been able to figure that out, boy, without being directly told.  You really are a worthless, pathetic fuck-bitch.   You need to be punished, boy.”

    “I’m sorry, sir.  I’m sorry.  I know I should have been able to figure it out - when you explained it, it was so obvious.  I’m just a worthless, pathetic fuck-bitch, as you say, sir. I’m sorry.”

    “Sorry doesn’t mean jack, boy.  Get out of those jeans and go get me a paddle…get me the one with holes in it, the one that really hurts you.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “And be quick about it, too, boy.  I don’t have all day to waste training a worthless, pathetic fuck-bitch like you.  And I’m warning you now, boy, after I’m finished blistering your ass we’re gonna resume this test where we left off, and you better not make another mistake.  If you do, I might just let Rover teach you what it’s like to get fucked by a dog.  And you wouldn’t want that, boy, would you?”

    “No, sir.  I definitely wouldn’t want that, sir.”

    “Then make sure you don’t fuck up again.  Right now, boy, get your naked ass over my lap.  And don’t forget to count.”

    “Yes, sir….One, sir.  Thank you, sir….Two, sir.  Thank you sir…Three, sir, Ow.  Thank you, sir…Ow.  Four, sir.  Thank you, sir….”

    Jake (Part 1)

    “Hey, what’s your name-” The big jock said, his words faltering with his smile as he looked up and recognized the man in front of him.

    “Oh, just write ‘for Master, from your bitch, Jake,” I grinned. The linebacker’s handsome face turned red. After a brief moment of hesitation, he went and signed the picture of himself.

    “What are you doing here,” Jake muttered, scared someone had heard my wishes. “You said you wouldn’t bother me this month.”

    “I was just missing that pretty face of yours, boy,” I said. “And when I heard that the big celebrity jock was giving autographs to his fans, I just had to come by. You never told me you’d be doing this tour.”

    “You don’t own me,” he tried, clearly avoiding my gaze, and he nervously pushed the photo towards me. “I don’t have to tell you everything. And I think you should go now. There’s other people waiting.”

    I raised an eyebrow, but didn’t make way for the next in line yet. I ignored the midwestern women not-so-silently complaining behind me, and revealed a few papers from my jacket.

    Jake frowned, and started to skim over them.

    “You can try and read all nine pages as quick as you can,” I said, “Or you sign the dotted lines and I’ll leave. Your choice.”

    The big jock hesitated, knowing me well enough to be suspicious of the formal-looking document I’d put in front of him. He tried to read as much as he could, but when more and more people started to complain, and even the tour manager came to ask if everything was alright, Jake scribbled his signature on every line and almost threw the papers back to me.

    “Good boy,” I grinned, before finally leaving him red-faced and embarrassed.

    That same night, I texted the beefy stud to come over to my hotel room at 10. He didn’t respond, but as expected, I heard knocking on the door at a little past 10pm, and opened the door to an irritated linebacker.

    “We had a deal,” Jake started, following me into the room. He had just come out of the shower, his hair all wet and neat, and a grey shirt was tightly wrapped around his bulging torso. “You said you’d leave me alone for a month. A whole month.”

    “Shut your damn mouth,” I ordered. The hunk clenched his fists in anger, and I saw his pretty face light up once more. But he didn’t open his mouth.

    “There’s no such thing as a deal between the two of us. That would indicate we’re equals, which we are not. You’re my bitch and if I want to see you I will.”

    Jake was boiling with anger, a feeling that looked exceptionally hot on him. I walked up to the 6′3″ beast, and placed my hand on his reddened cheek. The massive stud was still my absolute favorite, handsome like no other, 240 lbs of gorgeous muscles and submission.

    “I don’t want this anymore. I can’t keep doing this shit.” he mumbled. I laughed aloud, and stroked down his thick neck.

    “I’m serious. I don’t wanna see you anymore.”


    Our eyes met for a moment, and I noticed the flickering fear in his eyes. Pathetic. I squeezed his neck a little, and brought my lips to his face. Jake looked away, so I just started to kiss his cheek and ear.

    “I’m afraid that’s not a choice for you to make, Jakey,” I whispered. One of my hands began to tickle the back of his neck, which I knew to be his favorite spot. His large body immediately reacted, his muscles relaxed and the anger left his pretty face. I was toying around with him once again.

    “Like that, huh, boy?” I grinned, “Doesn’t that feel good?”

    “P-please,” the stud stammered, suddenly a whole lot less confident, “I can’t, I can’t- you’re ruining me.”

    Without mercy, I let a hand slip under his tight shirt. My fingers glided over his rock-hard muscles until they’d reached another soft spot of his. Jake immediately began to breathe heavy when I massaged his nipple.

    “Ruining you?” I scoffed, “You don’t like it when Master plays with you like this?”

    The big jock was fighting with himself, shaking his head, then nodding, then shaking his head again. Meanwhile I brutally continued the sensual assault on his thick body, and began to kiss his neck.

    “Why would you wanna give this up, Jakey? You think anyone else is ever gonna make you feel these things?” I said, molding his stupid jock brain like wet clay in my hands.

    “S-stop,” he tried. The enormous pole in his basketball shorts was poking impatiently against my leg. I let one hand slide down, and entered his shorts. I wasn’t even inside his boxers yet, just feeling his boner through the fabric, but Jake was already gasping like a little bitch.

    “You love this. Stop trying to fight it.”

    The pathetic whine-gasp that came out of him when I squeezed his junk said everything. Our eyes met, my grin widened, and Jake automatically got to his knees without even thinking about it. He’d already lost.

    His beautiful puppy eyes were cowering under my possessive gaze. I took his heated face in my hands, and petted him for a while.

    “Tell me what you want, boy,” I said.

    Jake’s lower lip was trembling, and his normally so manly voice was on the verge of breaking. “Y-your cock, Master,” he muttered.

    He got what he wanted. I fucked the linebacker’s face for a good half hour or so, digging my nails in his hair and forcing my entire manhood down his throat. If he so much as tried to gag, I slapped his reddened face.

    When I finally pulled back to look at him, Jake had clearly submitted fully to the dark feelings inside him, his lips dripping with precum, hand-marks burning on his cheeks, and a wet spot growing at the top of the pole in his shorts.

    “Like that, slut? Want more of Master’s dick?” I asked, grabbing his face and pushing a finger into his mouth. The jock immediately began to suck on it, using his tongue like I taught him while nodding frantically.

    “You know the deal, don’t you, boy? Master’s only gonna make you feel good if you do something Master really likes. Something that might hurt you a lil.”

    The burning lust in Jake’s eyes dimmed a little, but he nodded again. While he began to strip naked, I grabbed the black bag in my suitcase and retrieved several metal urethral sounds, all different in length and width.

    “Now, Jakey, you’ve been a real handful today,” I said, slowly inspecting every plug while the enormous athlete sat naked at my feet. “I think this one might help you remember how to behave again.”

    I kneeled down next to him. Jake gulped audibly as I showed him the thickest, longest pin, textured with a somewhat pointed tip. It was hollow inside, allowing for even more fun for me, and even more humiliation for my slut.

    “P-please, sir. Not that one,” the linebacker stammered. “I couldn’t take the smaller one last time. It was still burning during practice.”

    I grabbed his pretty face and spit on it in response. While my saliva dripped down his flushed cheek, I took a hold of Jake’s leaking boner and put some lube at the tip of his dick. Some. Perhaps not enough.

    Without a sliver of mercy, I put the torturous pin at the head of the athlete’s tool and gave him a last, evil grin before starting to force it inside his meaty member.

    Poor, bare-naked Jake had to use all his might not to scream out. He was quickly trembling from head to toe as I shoved the wired plug into his urethra, brutally stretching it and filling his strong body with pain.

    The jock yelped like a dog when I ‘accidentally’ twisted the pin a little. My grin widened at the sight of his eyes wet and his beefy chest heaving up and down in distress. He was in agony, and I loved it.

    “M-Master,” he cried, even weaker than before, “P-please-”

    “It’s alright, boy, you’re doing great,” I whispered, twisting the pin some more to get another couple of whines out of the thick stud. “We’re almost there. It’s almost in.”

    Jake cried out several more times before I’d finally slid the entire pin into his rock-hard dick. The boy was trembling heavily, his muscles glistening with sweat from the pain and the dedication it took to move as little as possible. He knew well enough that every little movement would bring him a whole new world of pain.

    “That’s it, Jakey, it’s in. Now, that wasn’t too bad, was it?” I said, and I couldn’t help chuckling at the sight of the naked football star, gorgeously suffering at my hands. The boy looked up at me with tearful eyes and pleaded for mercy without a word.

    I placed a hand on his pretty face, and kissed his trembling lips before tilting the pin a little. Jake seemed to explode in another wave of excruciation. The sounds that rose from the tormented jock were as lovely as they were inhuman. I was driving him insane, twisting and tearing his jock-brains apart with every new attack on his masculine body.

    I kissed along his jaw, over his neck and onto his ear. “It’s okay, baby, it’s okay,” I whispered, twisting and turning the pin without remorse, Jake’s cries and yelps fueling my lust like nothing else. “Be a good boy and make Master proud. Show me who you belong to, baby.”

    Without warning, I tilted the plug as far back as it could go without doing any sort of permanent harm. Jake had never before produced such a beautifully hurt, perfectly tortured sound as I reached his bladder and stretched his urethra to the max.

    “Go on, boy,” I said. “Relax. Let go of your bladder. Surrender.” The poor hunk nestled his head in my neck as his thick body relaxed. I forced him to piss all over the floor. A good amount landed on himself, and I was pleased to finally hear the first few sobs come from the humiliated athlete.

    “That’s right, there you go,” I chuckled, “Dirty boy, you are. Pissed yourself just for Master, huh, Jakey? Well done, baby, well done.”

    I stepped back and took a couple of photos and videos of him. The handsome, muscular linebacker, sat naked on the floor of my hotel room with an iron pin stuck in his fat boner and half of his sculpted body glistening with his own piss. Jake kept his reddened head down until I ordered him to look up. The pair of red puppy eyes, sending streams of tears down his face, made me feel like I was in heaven.

    He was my bitch, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

    When I had taken enough visuals for the moment, I sat on the bed and patted my legs. Groaning and whining like the pathetic slut he was, Jake understood my command and got up from the floor.

    Standing upright, 6’3” massive, the naked beast looked more appealing than ever. There wasn’t a hair on his body that I didn’t want there; his chest, abs, ass and crotch had all been shaved perfectly clean.

    Last time I shaved him had been well over a month ago, so the jock had been grooming himself quite neatly.

    “How’s it feel, boy?” I asked, taking the fat cock in my hand and giving it a few tugs.

    Jake winced, but let me do what I wanted. “B-burns, sir,” he mumbled.

    “Yeah, I can imagine. That’s gonna be burning for a while,” I said. “But this is what you wanted, isn’t it? You like it when I hurt you.”

    The linebacker kept his flushed head down, and stayed silent. I laughed, and ordered him to go lie on the bed.

    The frame loudly creaked and complained under the weight as the 240lb slab of meat lay down on his back. Jake had stopped crying, and was now waiting for me with a look of pure submission on his handsome face. He had already lifted up his thick legs, eager for the pleasure he expected me to give him.

    I grabbed the bottle of lube, and started to loosen up his entrance. I continued until I could fit about three or four fingers in there, and Jake had started to pant a little. I knew this was what he liked the most, spread and humiliated for his Master to play with. Ever since I popped his cherry several years ago, the big jock had been completely addicted to having my dick up his ass.

    Jake seemed to have forgotten all about the metal pin stuck in his boner as I positioned myself behind him and grabbed his legs. A moan already escaped his mouth as I let him feel my hard-on press against his hole, teasing him with what was yet to come.

    “Want that, Jakey?” I whispered, “Want to feel Master inside you again?”

    The linebacker nodded frantically, and arched backwards as I applied a little more pressure. The pain and humiliation from before only enhanced his excitement. I knew the beefy stud was dying to get fucked, as was I to fuck him - but these moments were the most crucial ones of all. This was when his stupid jock-brain would be completely vulnerable to my wishes; on the verge of surrendering and getting fucked, but still present enough to remember everything.

    “Don’t wanna see me anymore, huh?” I hissed, stopping the pressure. Jake gave a little whine, then looked up at me with confusion. “Can’t keep doing this shit, right?”

    He finally got my message, and the big slut gulped audibly. “I-I didn’t- I-I’m sorry, sir,” he muttered, his head burning bright as ever. “Please fuck me.”

    I scoffed, and slapped his impaled dick to hear him yelp like a bitch. “Why would I do that? I ruin you, isn’t that right? That’s what you told me! Oh, no, I wouldn’t want to ruin my big football hero!”

    “I’m sorry!” he said, groaning with frustration, “I’m sorry, sir! I d-didn’t mean that, I didn’t. Just - p-please, I need to - please just fuck me, sir, please.”

    “I really thought I’d trained you well enough, Jakey,” I continued. “I really thought you’d be smart enough by now to admit to yourself how much you enjoy being used like a piece of trash. Cause you do, don’t you, boy? You love it when I hurt you.”

    The linebacker nodded slowly, more embarrassed than ever. I grinned, and slapped his painful boner another couple of times.

    “Yeah, you do. Oh, Jakey. That’s the whole thing with you big football jocks; you’re at the top of the world, bigger and stronger than everyone else, can get everything you’re dumb brain desires, and yet all you really need is a Master like me to put you in your right place. Pathetic, really.”

    The slut stayed silent, watching me with piteous eyes and his dick still high up in the air. He hated this, being yanked out of the blissful torment and pleasure to face his own perversion. I knew how much he hated it, and I used it to my advantage.

    “But I guess you’re still too thick to face reality,” I said, slapping his thighs to emphasize the word ‘thick’. “A real shame, boy, I’m gonna have to give you up.”

    Jake started to shake his head, and looked like he was on the verge of tears again. I grabbed the metal pin and started to twist it mercilessly, harder and quicker than ever before, sending him whining with his head thrown back and his fingers dug into the mattress.

    “P-please, sir, please!” he yelled, his face contorted with pain, “S-stop! I’m sorry, Master, I’m sorry! I’ll be a g-good boy, I promise, I won’t say those things ever again!”

    “Why would I trust you now? You disappointed me, Jakey.”

    He was shaking his head and crying, trying to get away from the pain and the humiliation but really only drawing closer to me in the process. He was mine, we both knew it, and there was no way out for the muscular slut.

    “Please, please, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he kept moaning, over and over again.

    “Really? You’re sorry? What would you do to make it up to Master?”

    “Anything, anything,” Jake panted, sobbing his eyes out, “I’ll do anything, I promise, please, Master! I’ll do anything, I belong to you alone! I’ll do anything!”

    That’s what I wanted to hear. With a big grin on my face, I stopped torturing the poor hunk and released his dick. Jake was left panting heavily on the bed, his eyes still producing an array of tears as he looked at me in pain.

    “Good boy,” I said. “Thankfully, you already signed the necessary paperwork to give me my much needed peace of mind. Now you’ve finally said it, I might begin to trust you again.”

    The linebacker’s pretty face turned into a frown. “W-what?”

    “You know those papers you signed for me today? At the tour?” I said, “That was a contract. A contract saying you legally belong to me, and me alone. Finally, I am now your lawful owner. Now you don’t ever have to think about leaving me again, cause you are legally obliged to obey me. You were right, Jakey. You belong to me, now.”

    Jake was overtaken with a mixture of pure pain, shock and anger - a combination that looked very hot on him. Before the slut could open his mouth, I pushed into his ass and made the boy howl like a dog. His eyes rolled back in his head, and I finally started to pound in and out of my 240 lbs, muscled football bitch, fucking him for the rest of the night. He was mine. Mine to fuck, hurt, love and play with. He was mine, and he would always be.

    After finishing his workout in the hotel gym, Charlie walked back to his room. Sweaty and shirtless, the rugby star caught a couple of lustful stares from a group of girls in the hallway, and one of them was even bold enough to ask for a picture as he passes them. Charlie obliged happily, satisfied with all the female attention. He felt good, pumped for the big game the next day which they would surely win, even more pumped about how damn hot he looked after that workout; maybe he could see if those girls were still around at the bar, later that night, and score some.

    He unlocked his hotel room, still grinning after his encounter with those girls, and turned on the lights. The stud had but a second to react as suddenly two big guys grabbed his arms, yanking him into the room. There was a whole group of burly guys there, all apparently awaiting his arrival. Charlie quickly realized he recognized these guys; they were his opponents for the big game the next day, the local team around here. 

    “What the fuck?? What do you-” the athlete started, before a fist crashed into  his face and brutally cut him off. More fists and knees struck him, battering his pretty face, bruising his strong limbs and knocking the air out of his lungs. One last punch in the gut made Charlie double over and fall to the ground.

    “Get the ropes,” the rugby stud heard someone say. He was still groaning in pain as he felt himself get lifted up and thrown onto the bed. Strong hands pinned him down and roped his wrists to the bedposts. “There, not so hot anymore, huh, stud?” someone said, and laughter followed. Charlie weakly struggled with his sudden ties, muttering something incomprehensible before another fist wreaked havoc on his jaw. The assailants didn’t stop beating him until his head hung, and the athlete seemed to be on the verge of passing out.

    Soon enough, the rival team stripped the caught star player of his sweaty shorts and underwear. Charlie only processed the endless laughter as they toyed around with his fat cock and balls, making him whine and whimper by tugging on his large tool. “See, the bitch is loving this,” someone laughed, “He’s rock-hard already!”

    “C’mon, hurry up with those pics. I wanna start feeding our big star some real manmeat.” “Alright, go ahead. I bet he loves the taste o’ your dick.” The horny player set his knees in the slut’s armpits, pried his mouth open with his hands, and fed Charlie his first cock. The boy, scared he would be punished with more beating, obediently did as he was told and tried his best not to gag while the rugby brute fucked his face.

    The sight and sounds of this made the rest of the team impatient, and Charlie soon felt his thick legs being spread. He could only moan like a little bitch as someone started fingering his virgin hole, opening him up for bigger things to come.

    “Jeez, can we fuck him yet? I wanna make this cocky fucker feel my pole!” “We gotta open him up first. He’s so fucking tight down here. Hey, hand me that one over there!”


    Charlie’s screams were barely muffled by the cock in his mouth. The assailants had shoved the first dildo up his virgin ass, yanking the stud back to consciousness and making him writhe in pain. The vibrations of his voice sent the guy still porking his face over the edge. Charlie choked as the rapist forced his entire manhood down his throat, his fingers dinging in the boy’s hair as he fed him his first load.

    “Fuckkk!! Take that, you cocksucking bitch!!!” “Hey, is it my turn now? I wanna fuck that pretty face too!” “Hand me the bigger one, will ya? His hole is gonna have to be stretched out more if we wanna put our dicks in there.”

    For the rest of the night, the rival team toyed around with the poor stud. After ravaging his hole with a third size dildo, the guys finally decided he was loose enough and started to fuck his bubble butt. The mixture of pain and pleasure overtook his every sense, even sending him into numerous orgasms without anyone touching his massive boner. Charlie’s torso was soon covered in his own juice, and the bitch could only think of cock as they continued to fuck both his holes sore, pumping load after load into him.

    When they rested their dicks for a moment, taking a break before another round, some of the guys would force their fists up his sloppy hole instead. They’d stuff the slut’s mouth with the biggest dildo to prevent him from screaming too loud. “Holy shit! Look, he can take my entire forearm!” “Like that, huh, bitch? Yeah, look, he’s shooting again, just from having your arm up his boypussy!!”

    Charlie quickly lost count of all the cocks he was forced to take. When dawn arrived, the rugby star was completely fucked out and braindead. With cum seeping out of his ruined holes, his ripped body glistening with sweat and semen, he could only whimper incoherently as the rival team proceeded to take some pictures and videos. As a last goodbye, someone grabbed Charlie’s bulging muscle tit and held his nipple between two fingers. The stud was too far gone to scream or really react in any way as the guy pierced his sensitive spot with a needle. He did the same with his other nipple, then stuck two little rings in there.

    “Have fun explaining those to your teammates in the locker room, stud. We’re off now to get some sleep before the big game tonight. Can’t wait to see you there!” “Not that you’re gonna be able to do much damage on the field, of course. What a shame, the star player of the team playing his worst in the game of his life!” “Don’t fret, stud. You can always switch careers to become a full-time whore. We’d be happy to recommend you to other teams!”


    It’s been a while since I wrote a longer piece. Feeling a little rusty.


    Typical classroom setting, rows of tables and chairs. Very typical of a high school classroom.

    I was sitting on a table, my feet on the chair making me almost as tall as when I am standing. I drumming my fingers on the table, tapping to a beat only I can hear.

    Then I heard it, footsteps outside the hall. This part of the school is empty, especially at this hour. The majority of the student body had left and went on home.

    The door opened. One reason I like this room was because the doors are solid wood. Unlike some of the newer classrooms where the door had a pane of glass or plastic that allows you to see inside. This is an old style solid wood door, offering complete privacy.

    As the door swing open, his huge body stood at the entrance. Over six feet in height, his frame nearly filled the whole door frame as he entered. The door clicked shut behind him as he walked into the room. You can totally describe him without even seeing him. Thinks he is some gift to the world, big and muscular, might have a girl or dozen hanging around him at any given time. The one that seems like a nice guy on the outside but if you aren’t in his group you will quickly realize that he is a total douche bag.

    He left his bag on the floor. I took my feet off the chair and I motioned for him to take a seat in the chair between my legs. Since I was sitting on the table and facing him, this was one of the few times I can look down at him despite his greater height. He tried to look down, but that would give him a full view of my crotch. He quickly shot his eyes up, seeing my smirking face he lowered his eyes again. Once again going too low before setting his eyes onto the middle of my chest. I snorted under my breath but he definitely heard it. His ears were going red.

    “Hey.” I said pleasantly. He nodded but didn’t reply. I just continued. “Must be thirsty after all that exercise.”

    I reached behind me and produced a cup. Just a disposable paper cup. I took a drink, reach between my legs and set it down on the table between us, inch away from my leg, purposedly so close that it is almost right at my crotch.

    “Well? Drink.” I said to him.

    He reached for the cup, and of course his hand touched my legs in the process. There was no room for him to get a hold of the cup without doing so.

    “Don’t be grabbing at my crotch. People might think you are a fag.” I said to him. He paused as if he wanted to say something but decided not to. He raised the half cup of water to his lips. He took a drink before holding the cup in his hand. He wasn’t really needing the water. Just his inner need to just obey what I told him.

    That’s when the noise outside the hall started. “I think it is over here.” We can hear the voices getting closer before three guys burst into the room.

    “Ah. Hi.” One of them said awkwardly. Three skinny dudes, all with their bags on and the final stop before heading home no doubt. What they did expect to find was me. What they didn’t expect to find was the guy seating in front of me.

    They immediately look slightly uncertain when the guy in front of me turned around. They recognize him of course. How could they not. Big man on campus, real popular guy, probably dated more than half the girls in the class, and most of all, the fucking bully that makes their life miserable on a daily basis.

    I can see the slight fear in their eyes. What they don’t see is that when the big guy turned back to face me, there was also fear in those eyes. His eyes were pleading. He was scared. A new sensation for this bully no doubt.

    “Come on in and close the door.” I told them. “And grab a seat.”

    They awkwardly come around and sit down around us, close to each other for strength and support probably. They didn’t even take off their bags, ready to make a run for it. I let the silence fill the air. These bunch of dudes are awkwardly sitting there. But I had a whole other entertainment, watching the bully in front of me, his body language speaks volumes about how nervous he is. Too bad none of the guys around can see it. This is a sight left alone for me to enjoy.

    Finally one of them found enough courage to speak up. “Uhh you said you have something to show us?” He asked.

    I looked over at him. A slightly tall, very thin, blondish hair Italian. I should know his name, but the truth is I don’t give a damn.

    “Blondie decided to speak up.” I said. I looked over the to the other two. “Blackie and Brownie remains silent.”

    I don’t blame them. It isn’t every day that they find themselves alone in a quiet room with their high school bully. It is bad enough when they were in public, but here, the bully might melt them before they can even run for help.

    I smirked and reached down. Took the cup out of the hands of the bully. I made no secret that I spit right into the cup.

    Then I pushed the cup right back into the bully’s hands. “Drink.” I said simply.

    All four pair of eyes snapped up at me. 3 of them wondering if they heard me wrong. One pair of eyes didn’t have that. Instead it is a pleading look. Something along the lines of please don’t do this communicated silently.

    I looked down with a smirk on my face. “Drink.” I repeated.

    Those big huge hands are not at all steady. They in fact shake but the cup is inching higher and higher.

    “Holy shit.” I heard one of the guys say, Blackie maybe? I didn’t look over to confirm. I just stared into the eyes of the bully between my legs intensely.

    He couldn’t do it. I knew it. He tried to get out of the chair but I already knew this would happen. I stomped down hard on his crotch with my feet. My seating like this, on the table above him, gave me a perfect angle. He gasped more in surprise than pain but that stopped him from getting out of the chair.

    I took the cup from his hand and splashed the content all over his face. The water mixed with my spit dripped off his face and wet down the entire front of his chest.

    I can hear the weird and sharp intake of breath from the three sitting on the side. Watching the events unfold before their eyes. They fully expect a fight to break out and I would definitely not be on the winning end of it.

    I snapped the entire room back to reality when I slapped the bully’s face. The wet loud snap of my hand against his cheek woke up the entire room.

    “Holy fucking shit.” One of the guys exclaimed. I glanced over at him. He quickly clamped his hand down on his mouth, fearing that he will draw more attention to himself.

    The bully first wiped the water out of his eyes. He tried to stand up but I stepped down hard on his crotch, keeping him there. His arms are raising up and I can tell he is going to shove me off. I grabbed his hair and I spit onto his face.

    “It’s too late now.” I said. “You didn’t walk away when I told you to meet me, you didn’t walk away when I told them to come in. What makes you think you can walk away now.” I shoved his head back away from me but he no longer made any motion to get up.

    I finally looked over to the three guys who were watching in terror and fascination. I pointed to Blondie. “Come here.” I told him.

    It was like he was still in shock and couldn’t respond. “Come here.” I repeated more firmly and he snapped to attention. He jumped up and stepped up but stayed back. I nearly rolled my eyes.

    I grabbed the front of his shirt and yanked him forward. I twisted his head until he was facing the bully. His bully.

    “This guy bullies you right?” I asked him.

    “I didn’t…” the bully tried to speak but my feet kicked him in his guts before stepping down on his crotch again silenced him.

    “I didn’t ask you.” I growled. I turned my attention back to Blondie. “Well?”

    He nodded, then he shook his head. I actually rolled my eyes this time. “Which one is it?” I demanded.

    “Yes. No. I mean, like yes, like he would call us, like stuff, like names, like yeah, like these things and names and make us like arm wrestle like with him and like like like laugh at us like being small but he…” Blondie was tripping all over his words.

    “What names did he call you?” I cut into that mess of an answer. Seeing no reply from him, I repeated myself. “What names did he call you?”

    “Macho. And nerd. And geek. Sometimes like skinny.” He answered.

    “Macho.” I repeated, looking him up and down. I get it, use it on the guy when he is nothing close to that.

    I smiled, trying to look reassuring but in hindsight probably made me look more scary. “I want you to spit on his face and call him macho when you do it.”

    “What? I can’t I…” He started to say but I yanked him close by the collar of his shirt.

    “Do it.” I told him.

    He looked so damn scared. But he did closed his eyes and spit in the general direction of the bully. Didn’t hit his face at all but at least it landed on him.

    “Useless.” I said as I shoved the Blondie away. My eyes went to the Blackie. “Come.”

    He shifted his way toward us. Staying kind of behind me and out of reach of the bully in front. I yanked the back of his neck and pulled him forward.

    “Spit.” I snarled out at him.

    He looked scared, but this one had a little more determination in his eyes. He is shaking a little but he spat out straight, hitting the bully in the face. I nodded.

    I looked over to the third. The Brownie. The smallest guy of the bunch but he remained mostly quiet as far as I can tell.

    “Come spit on him.” I told him.

    He stood up and came over. But he didn’t spit. I was about to be a bit more encouraging and demanding when his words surprised me a little.

    “Can I… can I… like do what you did?” He asked.

    I looked over at him, a slight inquiring look in my eyes. “I saw you slap him.” He said. “Can I slap him?”

    I grinned. “Knock yourself out.”

    The first slap was tentative, but that’s to be expected. He was fully expecting the bully to spring up and kill him. But when no reaction came from the bully, Brownie looked up at me.

    I smirked. Then I reached down and slapped the bully. Hard. The sound was like a gun shot in the empty room, causing all three of those small guys to jump. “If you are going to slap him, slap him hard.”

    “Fuck.” Blondie said. “You actually hit him.” He said to me. “And he let you.”

    The slap seems to have hit some sort of trigger in them. And I found them to be quite diversed in their activities.

    Blackie spit on the bully. Again and again. The first couple of times he was a little bit nervous, but after a bit he was excited. Spit left and right, trying to get that bully face as messy as he can.

    Brownie kept up with the slaps. He didn’t slap the bully as hard as I did. I can see where I slapped him was leaving a red mark, but Brownie certainly made it up for the number of times. Whenever Blackie wasn’t spitting, he was slapping. At first he didn’t want to get Blackie’s spit on him, but soon he didn’t care. He was slapping the bully left and right, mess or no mess.

    Blondie can’t seem to do much physically. But what surprised me was how verbal he got. “Look at that big guy getting spit all over his face. That’s it, right there on his nose. Holy fuck that’s a good slap. Do it again. One more time. The other cheek this time. Yeah, slap that fucking bully. Holy shit yeah, spit on his lips. Do it again. What are you looking at? Don’t fucking look at me like that. I am not the one who is getting his face full of spit and getting slapped all around. Who’s the macho now huh? All those muscles ain’t worth shit when you are getting spit and slapped all over is it? Fucking hell, look at you. Wait until the whole fucking school sees you like this. I bet your friends don’t know what a fucking lowlife you are. Yeah, that’s right, spit right into his eyes. Hahaha. Look at him, that face is a fucking mess. This is fucking pathetic. Holy shit yeah, slap him slap him!”

    I sat back and let the three of them do their thing. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw motion at the door. I didn’t say anything. I looked over and saw that the door had been cracked open. An eye was peaking inside.

    The 4th and last guest of the evening. I motioned for him to come in. He quietly opened the door. The other guys and the bully was too preoccupied to noticed that someone else had joined them in the room. This isn’t just an ordinary victim of the bully. Of course not. This is a friend of the bully. One of his group. Except he is not as handsome, not as big, not as fit and strong as the others. Which means he is the edge of the group. The one that gets bossed around. The one that the bully bosses around. The one that is called a friend but equally as much being bullied.

    And he is watching his so called friend, the friend that he probably secretly dislike, getting humiliated. Getting spit on, slapped. Getting three of his bullying victims make fun of him and laugh at him.

    He look unsure of himself. On one hand they are friends. He should be doing something, anything. But ont he other hand he can’t help but secretly want to join in. To spit on this so call friend that bosses him around. He wants to join in but also doesn’t think he should. I can see that conflict on his face. He is supposed to be a friend after all. I didn’t say anything else. I know he can’t resist this.

    This chance to get revenge on the guy that seems like a friend but is in fact a bully. The so called leader of the group that bosses him around is now getting his face full of spit and slapped around like some fucking lowlife.

    I can see it in the friend. It is only a matter of time.

    The Brownie was the first to notice the new addition. Blackie noticed soon after.

    Blondie was the last to clue in. His verbal description almost never stopping. “Yeah, look at the mess. Holy shit this guy is pathetic. Keep spitting on him, Comon, spit on him, slap him, what are you waiting for. Look at that face, he has a fucking face made to be messed up. We should totally…” He finally noticed the new guy. His eyes widen in recognition. Even if this friend is a smaller guy, it doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t tower over the three victims on his own.

    The friend stepped in front of the bully. It took the bully a moment to realize the dynamic of the room had changed. As he tried to crack his eyes open, a big wad of spit landed right between his eyes, forcing his eyes closed again.

    It is like the spit opened a flood gate. “I never knew what kind of pathetic piece of shit you are.” The friend said.

    The bully’s eyes snapped open, he recognized the voice almost immediately. His eyes filled with horror that one of the guys from his group saw him like this. There’s no way to explain this.

    “The next time you say anything about how weak I am compared to you, I am going to spit on your face. They next time you get the girl I want, I am going to spit on your face. The next time you flex in front of me and tell me how much bigger you are, I am going to spit on your face. The next time you force me to arm wrestle with you, I am going to spit in your face.” There was some hidden hatred there that’s for sure.

    “You make me sick.” The friend said as he spit on his face once more before turning around and storming out of the room. The other three victims looked unsure of what they should do.

    “Get out.” I said firmly. They looked like the hounds of hell is chasing after them as they grabbed their stuff and ran.

    I took the cup and filled it with water. And again I splashed the all over his face, repeating the act that triggered all this.

    I threw him a small towel that I found in his gym bag. He tried to clean off his face.

    He didn’t do a good job, but I know he just wanted to get out of here. The reality of what happened is hitting him. His fucking reputation is in ruins. He won’t be able to walk anywhere in the school without people knowing how he had been humiliated by three guys he used to bully. He can’t even go to his group of friends because one of them know and saw exactly what happened. That friend even spit on him himself.

    “I didn’t say you can go yet.” I said when he tried to stand up.

    “Haven’t you done enough?” He yelled out at me.

    I slapped him. “No I have not.”

    “Well fuck you. I am done. Fuck you.” He shoved my leg off his crotch and tried to stand up. I let him.

    “If your cock wasn’t so hard under my feet the entire time, your anger would be a lot more convincing.” I told him.

    He angrily kicked the innocent chair that was in his way as he tried to grabb his stuff and this towel.

    “I didn’t say you can go yet.” I spoke up.

    He ignored me.

    “I swear I am going to expose you to the whole school if you step out of that door.” I growled.

    “You already fucking did.” He hissed.

    “Really everything? Do you want them to know everything that happened between us?” I asked him.

    He spun back to look at me. “What do you want?” He snapped.

    I smirked. “Let’s arm wrestle.” I said as I settled into a chair, my arm on the table in the classic position.

    “What?” He was definitely surprised.

    I raised an eyebrow. “You seem to like getting into arm wrestling matches with guys half your size. You like to win and show off your muscles right? Another way to bully those poor kids smaller than you. Well, I am smaller than you. Fits perfectly right? So what’s the problem?”

    I motioned down to the other chair across the table from me. “Comon big guy.”

    He settled into the chair, sight confusion on his still messy face, unsure of what game I am playing.

    “Here’s the deal. If you win, you walk.” I said to him. “But if I win, you suck my cock.”

    He stared at me. “Fuck you.”

    “What, you think you are going to lose?” I teased. “To a guy half your size? What are you, some weakling?”

    “Fuck you.” He snapped before he slammed his arm on the table and gripped my hand. “I can take three of you any time of the day.”

    “Alright then.” I said as a I gripped his hand. “Go.”

    Right when I said that word, I spit in his face. He looked shocked. Before he had the time to react, I spit in his face again and smirked at him.

    “I know you can win. You know you can win.” I said as I completely relaxed my arm. “But the question is, do you want to win?”

    I looked him in the eyes. “Or does it feel so good when you lose to me?”

    I pressed down lightly with my hand. His arm went with me gently until his knuckles landed lightly on the table.

    “Fuck.” He muttered, realizing what he just did.

    I got out of the chair and sat down at my usual place on the table in front of him. I pulled his head slightly until he was looking down at my crotch.

    “Don’t just look at it. Take it out.” I said to him.

    His shaking hands fumbled at my zipper and fly for a while before he finally got me out into the air.

    I guide his head closer.

    “You lost. Now take care of this for me.” I told him as I pulled him close. My cock hard with aniticipation.

    He tried to pull away, but I knew it was a half assed effort. No way I can keep him down if he really wanted to leave.

    “I fucked your reputation, I fucked your dignity. I fucked your image. I fucked over your position in this school and I fucking fucked your head until you are fucking crazy enough to let me do all that.” I said as I pulled him even closer. “Now I just want to fuck your face like the faggot that you are. That isn’t too much to ask is it?”

    I pulled his face up until he was looking at my smirking face. “And you lost the arm wrestling match.” I traced a finger over his lips. “I won right?”

    He nodded.

    “It feels so good when you lose to me doesn’t it?” I said as I ran my fingers in his hair and placed it on the back of his skull.

    I made him nod. I smirked. “And since I won, I totally deserve to have your lips wrapped around my cock right?” I made him nod again.

    I laughed as I pulled him forward. He didn’t resist, but neither did he do anything when his lips came in light contact with my cock.

    “I am not going to force you man.” I told him casually as my hard cock poke at the opening of his mouth. “But we both know that you want it. Why else would you lose that match huh?”

    He said nothing. I decided to give him just one more gentle push. “Just one suck huh? That way you will keep your end of the bargain.”

    I laughed as I felt his tongue snake out to taste my meat. His lips wrapped themselves around my hard cock.

    I let go of his head. He knew he had the option to walk, but he didn’t, instead he went down deeper. I had a grin on my face.

    “Three of your bullying victims just spit all over you and slapped you.” I said as I readjusted so that my fingers closed firmly on his skull.

    “Your own fucking friend just watched you humiliated.” I said as I pulled his head further into my crotch. He didn’t fight.

    “Your own fucking friend that you hang out with all the time just called you out and spit on you.” I pulled his head back a bit, draggin my cock out of his lips. My shaft wet with his spit.

    “And here you are, my cock in your mouth. like some lowlife filthy cocksucker.” I yanked his head in and he choked on my cock.

    “The door isn’t even closed. They could even come back and see you servicing me with your mouth. Fucking big man on campus, fucking bully that haunts their nightmare is nothing but a cocksucking faggot.”

    “Not only that. You fucking threw a match of arm wrestling so you can justify it to yourself why you are sucking cock. You aren’t even brave enough to admit to me that you want this.” I pushed his face back down harder before letting him come up to catch a choking breath.

    “Lick it, right on the tip. That’s right. That my precum that you are tasting right now. That’s my fucking spunk coating your tongue. Get that cock into your mouth. Suck me down.”

    “Your cock is hard isn’t it? It is hard the entire time they were spitting on you.” I said as I continued to fuck his face. “You came in here today knowing I will humiliate the shit out of you. What you didn’t realize was that I will humiliate the fuck out of you in front of people. That I will get three other guys, guys you bully, to spit on you and slap you.”

    “I know what you really didn’t expect was that I would tell your friend to watch all this huh?” I said to him. He moaned at the memory of being exposed like that. Being humiliated by these skinny young guys while his friend watched his downfall.

    “And now here you are. Having experienced the humiliation of your life and here you are, sucking the cock of a guy half your size. A guy you normally would bully.” I slapped the side of his head. “And now you are my cocksucker.”

    “Comon. Suck. Fucking suck it good. If you don’t get me off in the next 30 seconds I will call your friend back and have him shove your head down my cock.” I told him as he doubled his efforts on me.

    It wasn’t 30 secounds. But it felt good, real good. Feeling him work his lips on my cock. Those same lips that he used to insult and bully people is now dragging themselves on my shaft, providing suction and friction on my cock. The way he worked his mouth and tongue like a cocksucker should.

    “Take it. That’s right. Take my fucking cum.” I grabbed his head and fucked his face, roaring out loud as I reached my peak, slamming his face down as he choke on the thick white liquid I am pouring into his mouth.

    He pulled back, gasping for air as I spurted the rest of my load on his face.

    I looked down at him, breathing hard at the major nut I just blow. His face was a mess, spit, tears from choking, and cum all over his face. His eyes were opened but red and puffy. His slightly opened mouth leaked part of the load that I unleashed right in his mouth hole.

    He snapped out of whatever zone he was in and a look of disgust crossed his face. He immediately bend over to the side and spat my cum out onto the floor. His face a mixture of humiliation, digust and yet a weird sense of satisfaction all at once.

    I pat him on the head as I zipped back up.

    “You did alright.” I said to him. “Come back at the same time tomorrow and we will work on getting your throat open and train you up to be a better cocksucker.”

    As I was about to walk out the door, I turned back to look at him. I can’t see his face since he was facing away from me, but his shoulders are down and his back bent, his back no longer straight and proud and I didn’t even need to see his front to know that he is a man defeated.

    Not just because of what he did, but also because he is still hard inside his pants. It had not went down during the initial humiliation and it certainly didn’t go down while he was being my cocksucker.

    I just can’t resist kicking him while he is down. “When you come back tomorrow, we will see about training you to swallow like a real cocksucker should.”

    “Fuck you.” Was the only words from him. His voice thick from either the abuse I put on his throat or the cum I shot in his mouth. I don’t care which.

    I didn’t answer. I let him have that. Because I have no doubt he would be here tomorrow.

    Wade had been working out in the gym, religiously, every day, trying to build himself up, trying to give himself a physique that would make dudes think twice, think twice about fucking him, like five of them had done two months ago in the showers at school.  They’d called him a little fag, and forced his arms behind his back and made him bend over and then each one of them, each one, had stuck his hard boy-dick up Wade’s tender hole and fucked him like he was some type of slut, like he was a girl, mocking him as he moaned and cried while they shot their slimy ball-juice up his back-passage, the back-passage they all laughingly referred to as ‘the faggot’s pussy.’

    Wade had been traumatized by the rape - though he hadn’t told anybody about it.  How could he?  How could he let other people know that he’d been fucked by some of his classmates, that they’d made him into their cum-dump, into their bitch?  He didn’t go back to school for a week, and he still hadn’t been able to walk into the shower room without trembling uncontrollably.  

    But Wade was a lot stronger now, a lot bigger.  All the hard work had really paid off.  And every day he could feel some of his confidence returning.  If only….if only he didn’t keep having those dreams, those terrible nightmares where he relived the attack all over again, felt each one of the cocks entering his hole, thrusting in and out of him, going deeper and deeper up his hole, and then noticeably swelling just before it erupted with a load of thick boy-cream that was spewed all over the insides of his pussy. 

    Those dreams were horrible, but what was even worse was when Wade woke up and discovered that his own dick was hard on his belly, throbbing and pulsing, the crown oozing pre-cum, and he could feel his boy-hole spasmodically opening and closing around a hard boy-dick that was’t there, and he couldn’t help himself and he’d reach down and jack his dick just a few strokes until he came in buckets, all over his body, seeing in his mind’s eyes the boys all gathered around him, feeling them fucking him, hearing their taunts and their jibes, and seeing his own boy-cock explode again and again, every time one of those boys creamed his pussy.  

    And afterwards, he’d lie in bed and try to deal with the reality that he still didn’t want to face - that he’d been sexually excited when those boys fucked him, that he had enjoyed being fucked,  that he’d cum when they were fucking him like he’d never cum before.  And in those moments, he understood the truth about his workouts, the truth about his fears.  Wade wasn’t working out to forestall another attack, he was hoping to invite one.  Wade didn’t shake from fear when he entered the showers but from pent-up desires.  Because in the deepest, darkest recesses of his mind what Wade wanted more than anything else was to be raped again, to feel those same five cocks fucking him, fucking his faggot pussy, making him feel alive in a way he’d never felt before.  And Wade understood, with startling clarity, that his greatest fear was actually that it would never happen again.

    Fan suggestion, story by embarrassed boys:

    It was a pretty dumb dare, in hindsight, but drunk boys do dumb things when they think they can settle a dumb bet.

    “I bet you can’t do a lap of the car starkers before I can start the car and drive off!”

    That was the ridiculous claim, and any sensible person would have agreed it was a stupid wager and that would be that. Of course, in the world of embarrassed boys that didn’t happen, and so our rapidly sobering protagonist saw his chances of winning the bet rapidly dwindling as the car pulled away out of the parking lot, leaving him exposed and vulnerable in the notorious cruising grounds of the city limits.

    Imagine the poor boy’s confusion then when his buddy’s van pulled up and stopped at the entrance.

    “Well, are you staying there all night or are you wanting a ride?”

    He blushed at his tipsy brain for not realizing it had just been a prank and his friend wasn’t really going to leave him there like this. Shyly he made his way over to the vehicle, relieved that this embarrassing anecdote would soon be nothing more than a hazy memory they could laugh about in years to come.

    Only his supposed friend hadn’t quite finished toying with him… as he drew closer the car slowly started to move, pulling out onto the main road…every time he got closer his friend would increase the speed so the safety of the passenger seat was just out of reach… his blood ran cold as his friend leaned out the driver’s window again and yelled:

    “Hey buddy - feel like you’re being taken for a ride yet?”

    Scene courtesy of series Cites (Ep. Elena - Gerard i Àngels - Francesc, 2016)

    “Yeah, boy.  It’s obvious that you spend a lot of time working out.  Now why don’t you lose the panties and let me see the rest of you.  It doesn’t look like you’re packing much meat, but then again it’s not your cock that I’m interested in.  But either way, things will move a lot faster once your buck naked.”

    “Are you crazy?  There’s no fucking way I’m stripping down right here, in my own backyard.  Fuck, dude, my wife’s in the house.  And my kid, too.  You can forget that shit.”

    “Do you think I give a flying fuck about your wife and kid?  Though, if your wife’s as pretty as you are, maybe I’ll give her a tumble after I’m finished with you.  And as far as your brat’s concerned, I don’t mind an audience when I’m pounding pussy, male or female.  Now you do what you’ve been told, boy, and take off your panties.”

    “No fucking way.”

    “Fine.  Then I’ll just head off to the CO’s office and hand in my audit report.  He’s gonna explode like an IED when I tell him there’s half a million dollars missing from the special accounts fund, the special accounts fund that you were in charge of, boy.”

    “I told you, dude.  I don’t have any idea what happened to that money.  I didn’t take it.  I didn’t do anything with it.  I have no idea where the money went.”

    “Yeah, boy, you can tell that to the court-martial.  I’m sure they’ll find it as convincing as I did.  Boy, face facts.  I turn in my report the way it’s written right now and you’re facing ten, maybe twenty years in Leavenworth.  But, if you play ball with me - or more precisely play pussy to my stud - I can pretty much fudge up the figures and your Army career won’t end with you spending the next decade or two in the slammer.”

    “But I didn’t do anything.  I didn’t have anything to do with the missing money.”

    Boy, you’ve been in the military long enough to know that, in this Man’s Army, shit rolls downhill.  And you, boy, are at the bottom of that hill.   You can bet your sweet ass - and it does look sweet, boy - that the CO isn’t gonna take the fall for this - you are.  And you will, too, unless you play ball with me.”

    “Jesus, man.  I told you.  I’m not into other dudes.  Not at all.”

    “And I told you, boy, that I didn’t give a fuck what you were into.  I don’t care if you like fucking bitches, dudes, or ponies.  I like fucking boy-ass and that’s all that matters.  And I’m either gonna be fucking your boy-ass in the next half hour or my audit reports lands on the CO’s desk pointing the finger clearly at you.” 

    “Motherfuck!  This is really fucked up….Okay, dude.  I’ll do it.  I’ll let you….fuck me.  But does it have to be here, outside, in my own backyard?”

    “Yeah, it does, boy.  And you’d better get used to it, too.  My favorite meal is boypussy al fresco.  I’m gonna be fucking your muscled ass out here all the time from now on.  So get used to it.  But you might want to stick your head inside your house and tell your wife to ignore any screams and shouts she hears over the next half-hour.  I’ve got myself some major meat, boy, and you’re definitely gonna be feeling it by the time I’m finished popping your cherry.  So you just drop your panties and go warn your wife.  And then we can get down to business.”

    “You’re sick, dude.  You’re a really sick motherfucker.”

    “You know, you’re probably right, boy.  You’re probably right.  I am a sick motherfucker.  But just remember, boy, you’re about to become that sick motherfucker’s fuck-bitch.  So what does that say about you, boy?  What does that say about you?  But enough jawing, boy.  Take those fucking panties off or I’m outta here and you’re headed to Ft. Leavenworth.”


    “Well, I guess I was right, boy, your dick is pretty puny. No need to blush, soldier. I told you I wasn’t interested in your cock. Besides, as you’re about to find out, I’ve got more than enough dick for the both of us. I just hope for your sake that your wife doesn’t know any better and she doesn’t realize how much you were shorted in the meat department. Now, why don’t you just turn around and let me see your ass? After all, that’s what I’m interested in…Nice, boy.  Nice.  Now reach back and show me your pussy.  Yeah, that’s it, spread those cheeks apart so I can see your little fuck-hole.…Oh, it looks super, boy.  All perky and tight, just waiting for a nice hard dick to bust on in and make itself at home.  And if feels tight, too.  Real tight….Easy, boy.  Easy,  That’s just my finger.  I’m gonna loosen you up a little, get you ready for the main event.  Fuck, you’re tight, boy.  Well, you better relax, you better relax that hole cause it’s about to get fucked.  Oh, yeah…oh, yeah,   OH, YEAH!”



    “Honey, you okay?  What’s going on?  What are you doing?”

    “Go back in the house, Melanie.  Go back in the house.  I’ll explain later.  Ow.   Ow.  Just go back in the house, please.  Please, Melanie, just go back in.  Oh, fuck.  Yeah, just go back inside,  I’ll explain.  I’ll explain later.  Oh, fuck.“  


    “Goddamnit, you’re killing me.   It hurts so fucking bad.”

    “You fucking straight types are all the same.  God, you’re all such pussies.  But don’t worry, boy, you’ll get used to it.  Of course, you’re not gonna have any choice but, trust me, you will get used to it.  But I gotta say, if you don’t maybe your wife will.  She is a pretty bitch.   Maybe she’d enjoy getting fucked by a Real Man for a change.”

    “Dude, that’s not part of the deal.  You get to fuck me, not my wife.  That’s what we agreed to.”

    “Yes, we did, boy.  We agreed that you’d let me fuck you - whenever I wanted.  And I’m gonna want it a lot.  Maybe more even than you can take it.  And if the time comes when you’re just not up for it, when your boytwat is just too sore to take another dicking, well then I’ll just have to see if your wife’s pussy is up to it.”

    “Dude, I told you I’d let you fuck me whenever you wanted.  You just leave my wife out of this.  I’ll let you fuck my ass whenever you want, no matter how sore it is  I promise you that.  No matter how sore it is, no matter how much it hurts.”

    “We’ll just see about that, boy.  We’ll just see.”

    “Ow!  Ow!  Fuck, dude.  Do you have to fuck me so hard.  Ow!  Jesus Christ!  You’re really hurting me, here.  Really.  Oh, fuck!!”

    “Well, if you can’t handle it, boy, there’s always your wife.”

    “Oh, you’re a sick motherfucker.  You’re really a sick motherfucker.”

    “That I am, boy.  That I am.”


    Yes, Nate was the one that I met at the bar last night. He wanted to be double penetrated, so the idea was that his boyfriend, Tom, and I would both be fucking him. When we got back to their place and I met Tom, there was no way I was going to waste my time on Nate’s ass. They both insisted Tom was a top, but it was obvious to me he had never really been with a real man. Nate slept on the couch as I taught Tom what he really needed.

    I woke up that morning with Tom’s mouth on my cock, but I quickly flipped him around. He screamed as I pounded his abused ass. I guess we woke up Nate, because before long we heard noises coming from the kitchen and smelled coffee. Nate made us breakfast and then cleaned up while I took Tom back to their bedroom.

    Nate was still cleaning up as I was leaving. “Thank you, Sir,” he said.

    “I thought you would be mad at me,” I said, walking closer to him. “I though you wanted to be the one to get fucked.”

    “I do, but what Tom wants is more important,” he said. “If your cock is what he wants, l’ll do anything to get it for him. Even if it means I never get fucked again.”