*loud yelling from the Avengers compound's corridor*

    y/n: For gods' love, Thor!

    Thor: Yes, lady y/n?

    *y/n enters the living room where everybody is sitting, loudly yawing as she's just woken up and too sleepy to realize anything*

    y/n: Could you stop leaving your stuff wherever you can? *puts Mjølnir on Thor's lap and leaves the room*

    Thor: *speechless*

    Tony: *underneath his breath* What the fuck?


    Loki: *thinking* y/n looks so pretty half-asleep.

    Wanda: *reading Loki's mind* WHAT THE FUCK!?


    97: I don't need a hero. I need a husband.

    With anyone you prefer 🥰

    “I’m so done with dating…” You yelled annoyedly walking in the conference room not giving a fuck that a meeting was going.

    “Y/N…we are here middle of something important …” Tony said to you.

    “ Well this is important too…I am sick and tired of Dating…” you huffed sitting down in one of the chairs.

    “Y/N…you need to calm down…” Nat said you.

    “I NEED A HUSBAND…NOT TO CALM DOWN…” you huffed.

    “I volunteer…” Both Loki and Bucky said at the same time making everyone surprise, including you.

    “Back off Mischief…” Bucky yelled annoyedly.

    “Shut up Barnes…I said it first…” Loki immediately said and a argument started between them ruining the whole meeting.

    “Well this is interesting…” You giggled softly looking at them.

    “Great…Send me an invitation when you get married…” Tony huffed to you before leaving the room.


    Lmao I changed the prompt little bit😝 send me a no.


    A dream just come true....


    the boys doing something special for y/n??

    Zemo: * is hugging y/n*

    Bucky: Hey! It's my turn to hug y/n!

    Bucky: *grabs y/n*

    Sam: *kicking down the door* What do you mean, "YOUR tUrN"? We agreed now is my time slot!

    Zemo: No, It's still my turn!

    Y/N: * suffocating* Guys, I love you, but just because I'm the smallest doesn't mean you can be hugging me constantly!

    Sam: But we need the moral support!

    Bucky: If I don't hug you right now I think the depression will kick in and my body will stop functioning.

    Zemo: And you're small! Which is cute!

    Y/N: * close to tears* I don’t know what I did to deserve you guys.



    I just ... I just can't function after this.


    Y/n: *looks into the snack machine* Oh...We ran out of chocolate bars.

    Kid Loki: *spits his drink out* LOKIS! Y/N RAN OUT OF THEIR FAVORITE SNACK!


    Y/n: G-guys, you don't ha--

    Alligator Loki: *makes alligator noises in agreement with Classic Loki*


    Y/n: GUYS IT'S FI--

    Kid Loki: Don't worry, Y/n. We'll find more. Even if we must take them from that damn President Loki, if he has any... *gives a serious gaze at that thought*

    Y/n: W-what?! NO! I SAID IT'S--

    Kid Loki: READY LOKIS?

    Classic Loki: YES!

    Boastful Loki: ALWAYS!

    Alligator Loki: *in alligator tongue "YES!"*

    Y/n: *face palms and sighs out loudly*


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    I just... I just imagined this. And I think my life is complete.



    I had no idea how to named that. Too many Lokis at the same time… My head hurts. I hope it won’t be a nightmare to read it, but I had to write it. I couldn’t even wait so I translated and post right now. 

    I did a first real Loki x Agent Y/N story, I’m happy ! 

    Sorry @diary-of-deadweight2​ I said I would do it, but… I did… But I’ll love to see your version of it, please ! And look @batcat-rants​ I did it ! I hope it’s not too bad. 

    Warning : TV Spoilers !! (even if most events are not accurate) 

    When Mobius and Agent Y/N landed in the Void, she thought it was the end.

    She had already thought this when the TVA came to arrest her with Loki as she pursued him through the desert to bring him back to New York where he would be judged. Then when he had disappeared following another variant.

    For a few moments, Y/N had thought there was still a chance. Mobius had come to tell her that they had found her Loki, that he had discovered important information, that there was perhaps a way for them to return to their timeline.

    It was all that Agent Y/N wanted. Collect Loki and send him to jail. It was her mission.

    But nothing had gone as planned. In wanting to protect Mobius, she had been zapped, and had landed in this new deadly prison, quickly followed by the TVA agent.

               "We have to find Loki !“ she cried, standing up.

               "Which one ?”

               "Very funny. They will certainly send him here too. We have to get him back and find a way out.“

               "It’s cute, you’re finally starting to think of him as a friend.” Mobius smirked.

               "No, he’s my responsibility, I have to bring him back alive.“

               "I don’t know what to say to you anymore.”

    Ever since they had started working together, Mobius kept saying that she and Loki were meant to be together. He had shown her their story. But it hadn’t happened, it might never happen, and Y/N wasn’t going to pretend to have feelings for a man, sorry a god, that she barely knew, and who was her prisoner. Because he had destroyed half of New York and killed hundreds of people !

    Luckily, they found a working car to drive through the empty spaces, looking for the right Loki. Because Mobius explained to her that all the variants found guilty were sent here, and that even if some of them were undoubtedly dead, the others had to be holed up somewhere. They were Lokis after all.

    As they had been driving for almost an hour, Mobius stopped the car, pointing at a black cloud with his finger, which appeared to have red eyes. Y/N thought he was going to turn around then, far away from it, but he headed straight for the thing.

               "What are you doing ?!“

               "I saw Sylvie ! We must help her !”

               "Who ?!“

               "A friend of Loki !”

    Looking better, Y/N then saw a woman running towards them, and who quickly entered the car to take cover. She started talking to Mobius, before jumping as she turned to her, gasping, staring at her like she was something scary.

               "What ?“ Y/N asked.

               "No, Sylvie. Sorry dear. It’s not her.”

               "Her who ? What’s going on ?“

               "I told you all Lokis have a Y/N. I guess it’s weird to see you while being unprepared for it.”

               "But you called her Sylvie, she’s not… She… No. You don’t look like that idiot at all.“

               "Thank you.” the woman purred, smiling sincerely.

    To escape the ghostly monster, they took refuge in the ruins of a city, where the car stopped working. It was necessary to continue on foot, which did not please any of them. There were certainly other dangers, which were likely to fall on them.

    It happened very quickly, as a group of Loki surrounded them as they tried to find their way out. Well, a group. Mostly Lokis side by side, who quarrelled very quickly, every one of them claiming to be the leader and so the one able to give orders. Mostly a tall black man with a hammer, who Y/N thought was a variant of Thor because of it for a second, and one with only one hand that looked like her Loki, but with a badge that demanded to be elected president.

               "Reassure me.“ she whispered to Mobius as the Lokis paid no attention to them. "This is not mine.”

               "No. Or so he’s gone mad.“

               "It doesn’t reassure me, because it’s entirely possible.”

               "He would have recognized us. He likes Sylvie, he… tolerates me, I think. And you run after him to lock him up. He would have said something about that.“

               "Y/N !”

    It was another Loki who had screamed, pointing at her. He didn’t have the same face as hers, although it was hard to be sure with his helmet and makeup, but since Mobius had said they were all Lokis, then he had to be one. All the others then stopped their stupid fight to look at her, as Sylvie did in the car.

    It was very embarrassing.

               "You…“ President Loki hissed, almost sadly. "It’s really you.”

               "Wait a minute, big guy.“ Mobius intervened, putting himself in front of her, while Sylvie got into position to fight. "It’s a Y/N, yes. But not yours.”

               "Unless this one hit his head and decided to become president.“

               "Correct !”

               "Oh. So he looks like me then.“

               "Still correct.”

               "We know where he is, we ran into him. It was during this meeting that I lost my hand.“

               "Shut up, don’t try to coax her into preferring you !” shouted a Loki.

               "Yeah, she’s not yours ! She wants to find her Loki !“ another said.

               "Follow us.” declared the Loki with the hammer.

    It took a little while to convince Mobius and Sylvie, who were suspicious of all these Lokis, but they swore that they would do anything to help Y/N, even if she was not theirs. Maybe they were lying, it was their specialty after all, but what other choice was there ?

    A long journey then began, all the Lokis fighting to walk a bit beside Y/N. They also took this opportunity to talk to her, especially about the version of her that they knew, how they had lost her, and all the things they wanted her to forgive them.

    It wasn’t just embarrassing anymore, it was pretty sad.

    So it was a relief when they saw her Loki in the distance, along with two other people. New Lokis, probably, who panicked and tried to flee, before Mobius screamed and the real Loki came up to them, obviously relieved.

               "You are alive ! You… Be careful ! Behind you, they are dangerous.“

               "No, it’s okay. We have some kind of catnip that makes them cool.” said Mobius.

               "What ?“

               "Y/N ?!”

    Everyone turned to the person who had called out her name, again, and Y/N was shocked to find a child. She hadn’t noticed he was so young when she saw him from a distance. Nor that he was wearing an alligator. He seemed to have difficulty breathing, but he suddenly ran towards her, landing in her arms and starting to cry.

    Not knowing how to react, Agent Y/N did the only thing she thought was right, she stroked his hair and patted his back, waiting for him to calm down. Between them, the alligator made a small squeal that she couldn’t translate, but it didn’t bite, so it mustn’t be angry.

               "He’s a child.“ she noted looking at Mobius. "You are kidnapping children ?”


               "It’s monstrous.”

               "I love you.“ Sylvie sighed, but she couldn’t get closer because the other Lokis prevented her after her declaration.

    When the little Loki felt better, timidly apologizing for pouncing on her, it was time to come up with a plan to escape the Void. Before that, Mobius wanted to be sure that no Loki was going to try to betray them, or take Y/N to run and hide somewhere. The older one reassured him.

    They would never do such a thing to Y/N. They had a lot of flaws, they could be very selfish, but they all cared for her, they wanted her to be happy, let alone be safe. It was not possible here. They had had their chance. She had to go back to her timeline, with her Loki.

               "He just has to promise to watch over her !” Boastful Loki ordered.

               "That’s right, promise on the Bible !“ added President Loki.

               "But, but…”

               "I’m here to stop him and take him to jail.“ Y/N then announced, to try to save the poor God of Mischief who was threatened by several versions of himself.

    There was a long silence, during which Mobius was a little afraid that the Lokis would attack them, or that they would think it was a signal to say ‘I don’t want this Loki, take me’, but they all started to laugh.

               "You can do whatever you want with him, my Lady.” Kid Loki said. “It’s none of our business. We just want to know you’ll be protected, so he has to promise.”

               "I would make him do it until they got back to their timeline.“ Sylvie announced.

               "Grrr” approved the alligator, which Y/N decided to call Croki in her head.

    To reassure everyone, the former TVA agent explained all the same that they were supposed to become friends, then lovers. The problem was, this was the beginning of their story, the very beginning, and so they didn’t know each other well enough yet. It didn’t seem to interest the Lokis. Mobius then used his Tempad to go and destroy the agency from inside, but not before hugging them.

    They did not go immediately to face the smoke monster, which was called Alioth, in order to find out who was behind the TVA. Before that, the last Lokis she had met did the same as the others, telling her everything they hadn’t had a chance to confess to their Y N.

    Loki seemed to listen to them intently, scrutinizing the Agent’s reactions, who accepted all their sadness and remorse with great patience and kindness.

    For the first time then, it seemed to him that he could actually love her. And if he was a bit like every variants that had spoken to her, then Y N was thinking the same.


    Kid Loki : “May I… May I have a hug please ?” 

    Y/N : “Of course !” 

    Croki : *purrs*

    Y/N : “You too ? Come here.” 

    Classic Loki : “I… Thank you for being so nice with us my lady.” 

    Y/N : “I’ll hug you too silly man. You deserve it.” 

    Sylvie : “…” 

    Y/N : “Join us sweet girl.” 

    Loki, President Loki, Boastful Loki and all the others Loki’s : “And…” 

    Y/N : “No. Not you. You are grounded.” 

    Loki : “What ? Why ?! Them, okay, but what did I do ?!” 

    Y/N : “New York was last week.” 

    Loki : “… Still !” 

    President Loki : “I just lost my hand, I really can’t have at least a magic kiss ?”


    I really have a full mental breakdown because of the Lokis. But I love all of them.


    A Purrfect love


    The life of Sam and Bucky as told through the Alpine's eyes.

    🌈 Happy Pride month ! 🌈

    To celebrate, 1 day, 1 story.

    Be ready for smiles, laugh, fluff, tooth rotthing fluff, positive vibes and a lot of love!


    1185 words - Rating G

    Alpine awoke to the familiar sound of the kitchen cupboard doors opening and closing.

    She quietly stood up, stretched her front legs, her back legs, arched her back and then walked to the kitchen.

    She passed the door and purring went to rub the legs of her master.

    "Haha, there you are, little rascal."

    Her master bent down to her and scratched her behind the ears.

    He whispered, "We mustn't make any noise, Sam is tired so we'll let him sleep a little longer ok?"

    She gave a little meow.

    Her master stood up while talking, he was talking to himself or to her, she didn't know and even though she couldn't answer she liked the sound of his voice.

    She liked the sound because it was different now. Her master sounded happy all the time.

    She remembered when they were in the other house, he almost never smiled.

    "No... no..."

    It was another one of those nights.

    Without opening her eyes, Alpine already knew that she would be alone in her master's bed.

    She also knew not to approach him because he wouldn't notice her, and once he had almost dropped her.

    So since then, when Alpine heard her master screaming, she would wait for him to wake up, sitting wisely on the doorstep of the living room.

    When her instincts told her that it was okay, she would slowly move towards him.

    She'd give him a little nudge with her head, meaning 'hey I'm here'.

    Usually, her master would scratch her between the ears before taking her in his arms.

    They would stay together like that until his shaking stopped.

    Then he would take her into the bedroom and gently lay her on the bed before going to bed.

    Once he was comfortable, Alpine would lie against him on the covers and purr softly until she felt his breathing become regular again.

    Thankfully, those nights were now a bad memory.

    She hopped onto a seat next to the kitchen counter where her master was cooking.

    "Wait a little bit chipie ok? I'll make breakfast for Sam and then I'll give you your favorite food."

    Since he had moved to a new home, his master had been smiling almost all the time.

    Though the smile he had right now was special, it was the smile he had whenever his master's companion walked into the room, or whenever he thought about him like now.

    Alpine loved her new home, she was allowed to go out whenever she wanted, her master's companion had even built her a special little door, on the door of their home for that.

    People were nice around their new home.

    There was always someone to pet her, children to play with her, dockworkers to give her fish.

    People commented on her passing and had made her realize how much her owners were loved.

    "Oh that's Alpine, she's Bucky and Sam's cat."

    "Awww, she's sweet. You know you are lucky Alpine. Sam and Bucky are the best owners you could have had."

    "But I hear she was Bucky's cat before he came to live here."

    "Hihihi you mean before he came to move in with Sam. They are so cute those two. Bucky who is getting hearts in his eyes whenever we talk about Sam, Sam who can't help touching him when they're in the same place."

    "You're right, I'm sure the whole neighborhood knew they were in love before they knew it themselves. Hahaha!"

    "Anyway I'm glad Sam has someone to lean on. They're both good guys."

    Oh that, Alpine knew.

    Even when he was alone before, his master had always taken good care of her, even when he was too tired or hurt, he always had a pat, a kind word for her or her favorite snack.

    Since they had come here, she had seen that her master's companion was also a good person.

    In addition to his little door, he had prepared a cozy basket for her in the corner of the living room. He had put a soft blue blanket in the bottom of the basket and said, "You see baby girl, this blanket was Bucky's, so as now, he does not need it anymore, I put it here, so you will have something familiar in this new house.

    So yes, Alpine knew that these two masters were good people.

    Her master had just served her some food and some fresh water.

    "Here you go sweetie. Now I'm going to bring Sam his breakfast."

    Alpine quietly enjoyed her own breakfast. Then she took a few sips of water before heading to the living room.

    Something she also liked about their new home was the light, it was always warm and bright. She climbed onto the couch to lie down in the exact spot where the sun was shining. She enjoyed the warmth and took a nap.

    When she woke up a little later, seeing that her masters were still not up, she jumped off the couch and headed for their room. As she approached, she heard voices that became more and more distinct.

    It was the voice of her master's companion who was saying, "Bucky, you always get up to make me breakfast when I'm off duty, but you know you don't have to."

    "I know that babe, but let me take care of you a little. Besides I like it. You wouldn't want to deprive me of my little pleasure would you?"

    "Who knew my future husband was so sweet."


    Her master's shout made Alpine stop in the doorway of the two men's room.

    She heard her master's voice again, "Sam, don't joke about this."

    "You think I'm joking?"

    Alpine moved forward a little and jumped onto the foot of the bed.

    Her master's companion made a small sign towards her, "Alpine, just in time you are going to be my best man, wait my best woman in fact."

    Alpine didn't quite understand the meaning of these words, but she approached her master's companion. He turned, rummaged in his bedside table and pulled out a small red box which he opened and raised in front of his master.

    "Will you marry me?"

    The little box fell in front of Alpine, and a small, shiny, golden ring fell out of it as his master threw himself in his companion's arms and said, "Yes, doll, of course I will!"

    Alpine gazed at the little box for a moment and pushed the little ring to her master with the tip of her muzzle. Then she gave two little meows to make herself noticed.

    "Oh Alpine…you are such a good girl."

    Her master took the ring with his metal hand and put it on one finger of his other hand before picking up Alpine, placing her on his lap.

    He stroked her head a few times before putting his own head on the shoulder of his companion who was watching them with a gentle smile.

    She settled comfortably under their two joined hands.

    The last thing she saw before falling asleep was the special smile of her beloved master.


    Not beta'd I hope you enjoyed it 🥰


    The second time I can finally reblogged this. (My blind ass reblogged something else.) I want more fic like that. It's just give me happy vibes.


    Peter Parker acting like an actual spider

    Is this inspired by the spider that scared me in the shower today???? Yes.

    Tony: *walks into the room*

    Peter: *sitting upsidedown in the corner of the ceiling*

    Tony: *looks away for 2 seconds*

    Peter: *sitting in the same pose on the opposite corner of the ceiling*


    Peter: I could totally win against you

    Bucky: no you couldn't kid

    Peter: sure I could

    Sam: you really think you could win against a super soldier, with assassin training, and who can throw a bus off a cliff?

    Peter: yeah

    Sam: and how do you plan on doing that?

    Peter, shrugging: I'd get him when he's vulnerable

    Bucky: I'm never vulnerable

    Peter: everyone has to get shampoo in their eyes at some point


    Peter: *hanging suspended from the ceiling in the same pose for 4 hours*

    Bruce: *whispering in the furthest point of the room from Peter* is he dead? I think he's dead

    Tony: *walks underneath Peter holding a burrito* nope not dead

    Peter: *grabs burrito and scampers back up the web to the ceiling & over to the corner*

    Bruce: what was that for?

    Tony, nonplussed: oh he does that when he's hungry


    Peter: *crouching upsidedown on the ceiling but looks like he's a breath away from falling off*

    Sam: *sidesteps to avoid being in the potential fall area*

    Peter: *scampers across the ceiling until he's above Sam*

    Sam: *sidesteps again*

    Peter: *scampers back to original place*

    Sam: *steps back*

    Peter: *scampers forward*

    Sam: *steps forward quickly*

    Peter: *scampers backwards quickly*


    Bucky, in the shower: *eyes Peter sleeping on the ceiling*

    Peter: *totally still*

    Bucky: *starts getting washed but keeps an eye on Peter*

    Peter: *starts sliding down the web in the exact same pose until he's suspended at shoulder height on bucky*

    Bucky: fuck this *sprays Peter with the showerhead*

    Peter: *flounders & falls on the floor then freezes*

    Bucky: *takes a step forward*

    Peter: *tries to climb up the fucking curtain*


    Tony: kid get out the bath

    Peter: no

    Tony: now

    Peter: no

    Tony: *turns the tap on*

    Peter: *shrieks & army crawls up the wall tiles*


    I can't. This is just fantastic.


    - Fortune is a river -

    FAWS + ACB xover:

    Zemo as Niccolò Machiavelli Bucky as Leonardo da Vinci Sam as Ezio with the flying machine

    inspired by Zemo’s favorite book in prison “Fortune is a river”

    this xover came into my mind when i noticed then digged in Zemo’s book about Machiavalli.

    its not written by Machiavalli himself but by Roger D. Masters titled “Fortune is a river” telling history about Machiavalli (Zemo) and Leonardo da Vinci (Bucky)’s majestic but evetually failed plan of diverging the course of river Arno to cut the enemy’s supply then end the war with Pisa (flag smashers).

    But during time Leonardo strayed away to his other projects including the legendary flying machine (Sam/Falcon/Cap).

    this easter egg caught my heart because the whole plot of FAWS could almost perfectly fit in this Renaissance history. and i loved Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood so much, so i have to make this xover :D


    I just got a f*cking heart attack when I see this masterpiece. It's just... Breathtaking...

    Sam’s camera roll because he loves scrolling during meetings and seeing Bucky’s happy (most of the time) face. To this day he does not know why Bucky had the blood on his face or zemos picture in the background. He thinks it’s cute that aj and cass made Bucky buy AirPods even though he’s sure no music is playing out of them