ohhh I hope you have fun! do you have any tips who to see in december/january? no one I listen to is touring at that time in europe but I desperately need to see some live shows because I know that pcd is going to hit hard after louis’s tour ends

    sorry for the late answer akdjdk I did have fun, such an amazing concert and definitely one of my favorite ones this year 🥺 and oof, the time from Christmas to February is always a dire time when it comes to concerts, but I am seeing Isaac and Hozier in December so I know they are definitely touring, but I don’t have anything for January yet, after Hozier my next thing is the otp tour in February

    You talk about your dad, he used to get so angry. He'd scare you and your brother 'til you felt you needed saving. I know I'd let you in on all my bad decisions, you'd make them feel less terrible the second that you'd listen. You say we share a brain, apologizing for it, but take it as a compliment. Send me every song that keeps you up from sleeping, I bet I could recite 'em all. I won't forget the feeling staying up with you, despite the space between us. I've never felt this close to someone, what if you're my weakness?