Casey waited nervously as the intruder as the intruder made his way through, gathering up anything of value he could find. There was little else she could do, as she sat, tightly bound and gagged, and quite helpless, on her living room floor. She hoped her ordeal would be over soon…unfortunately, as he picked her up and carried to the van, she realised it was just beginning…


    Emma sat on the basement floor, waiting. There wasn’t much else she could do on account of the duct tape that held her prisoner; it bound her limbs, sealed her lips, and masked her eyes. Her earlier struggles hadn’t helped, and no one had answered her muffled cries, so whoever was pacing the floors above her was almost certainly keeping her against her will. Emma moaned through her gag, hating the tape blindfold. But as much as she wanted to see the place her abductor had taken her to, the young snoop knew she could still hear everything. That, she decided, would be how she’d escape.

    Had to post this scene on its own (Amanda Seyfried in Gone). It’s very short–these GIFs comprise nearly all of it–and she escapes her restraints almost instantly once she comes to (Hands in front! WHY?), but it’s all worth it just for how huge those beautiful blue eyes get when Amanda is rudely awakened with tape on her mouth, and her helpless, desperate panic just before she gets chloroformed. A shot of nothing but her face conveys SO much. Such a helpless predicament. She never had a chance.