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    Have you ever had a bro who was uncut?

    Would you help your bro get a good circumcision? Maybe his parents never had him done when he was a baby, but he wants to get it done later in life to really join the team. 

    Yeah dude. So I wasn’t cut at birth either. Had it done in high school actually, so I’m a late convert to team cut. Never too late in my mind, but I really wished I had done it even earlier. I’d tell anyone that wants a nice clean cut cock, to grow a pair of balls and get it done. 

    Parenting board

    Moms and Dads share their experiences with circumcising their baby boys.

    My son was done with the gomco clamp its the best way to get all the skin off at once the brown circ ring is about 1 ½ inches behind the head and there is no moveable skin on his penis (just the way i like it to be)

    Hey there. My wife was reading through your post and suggested that I should reply - see things from a guy’s perspective. I’m Steven, a typical 33 year-old American guy. We had our son circumcised after he was born for a number of reasons. Like some of your commenters say - it is something we’re very used to. All the family and friends (and their sons) done and never been any problems; and we also we believed it was important for junior to be like dad. We thought it was also less maintenance and cleaner in the long run especially in a busy household. A friend of mine also indicated that the CDC has issued new information about studies in Africa that showed an overwhelming drop in the rate of HIV (and other sexually transmitted diseases) in those who were circumcised and that partners of circumcised guys are far less likely to contract cervical cancer. Pretty much enough evidence for me. Anyhow we did it just two days after junior was born - think it was done with a Gomco clamp from the sounds of it - vaseline to be put on for the first few days and a quick easy healing process. Excellent ObGyn who did the procedure made sure there was local anaesthetic and junior slept through it and fed well afterwards. Both of us pretty happy with the decision we took and would do it again if we had another son. Good luck in your decision in any case. And don’t let anyone try and tell you that if you did decide to do it you made a mistake. It’s still prett y popular here in the US - we’re in NJ and all the kids of friends have been done too.

    Its a personal choice. Or you can leave it up to your son. We chose to. Quick and easy, easy recovery…no problem. Glad we did it. Just do your research, you will get a lot of opinions.

    Its better to do it when they are born so they don’t remember it and its not as painful i am for sure getting it done hear its a quick easy recovery and i think its more sanitary and clean

    Both of my sons were circumcised and I don’t regret it… It’s a quick process and easy recovery. It’s really up to you though whether you want to do it now, or let him decided once he gets older.

    Not everyone does it now a days, it’s about 50/50 now. We got it done because it was what we preferred, along with a number of reasons. It was simple, he didn’t notice or have any pain because he was numb, and it healed perfectly.

    My fiance isn’t cut and we both agree that our son will be cut. Babies play with themselves and when they are uncircumsized they can get infections… i’d do it if i were you.. much cleaner and takes like a week to heal.

    We did it and I’m glad we did… quick and easy and i WATCHED it being done and it was NOTHING like the videos you’ll see on youtube… those are very outdated. they say it doesn’t even hurt when they do it that young… they’ll just come back to the room hungry, no matter when you last fed them. I fed my son, brought him up to get it done, and when they ever told me to feed him again I thought they were crazy, but he ate more in that feeding than ever before (he was 2-3 days old). My personal opinion is that its up to you and only you. You are growing that child, if you want it done, get it done, but dont watch the youtube videos because then you definitely won’t wanna get it done.

    Personally, both of my sons are. Their father is, his father and brothers are. So we did for the boys too. It’s really purely cosmetic, for the most part. You shouldn’t have to worry about the infection part if you don’t circ too much, I think you have to clean it (?), but I do know that when they are old (like senior citizens) and they aren’t able to clean it on their own, it can become infected and it can lead to having to have it done then. And when an older male has to get it done it is 100 times worse than a baby having it done.  It’s not a pleasant situation for a baby, but they are numbed, and for most, it hardly phases them at all.

    I’m getting my son circumcised when he gets here.

    I got Harper circumsized. I don’t regret it, he didn’t seem phased by it al all either. It healed in a few days, and I don’t have to worry about a weird stinky penis because it isn’t clean. I chose to because of cleanliness.

    Andrew is circumcised. I don’t regret it one bit.

    When we have a son, we are going to definitely circumcise him. My sister circumcised my nephew, they numbed him, and it healed perfectly and painless! It’s up to you, but it’s better to get it done when they are first born. My friend’s boyfriend got circumcised at the age of 19, and he said he really wished his mom would have did it when he was first born, b/c he was in alot of pain getting it done so late in life.

    All four of my sons have had the procedure. I watched two of my four sons get circumcised. there are many health benefits to getting it done and even though he is a year old if you want to get it done do it because he wont remember getting it done when he is 18. If the doc that does your son is anything like the docs that did my boys the area is numbed with local anesthesia first so they don’t feel a whole lot until after it wears off then you can give them pain meds to help with the pain management after that and they recover quicker the younger they are

    I actually did it when my son was two months old, I didn’t want to wait because i knew it might hurt more. i would still do it now and not wait until he gets older because it will hurt.

    Circumcise, its cleaner and later he’ll want one most likely any way for reasons. you’ll just save him a lot of humiliation and pain if you get it done.

    I got my son circumcised at birth, so he wouldn’t have to deal with it older if he made the choice. My fiance had it done at 18 because it didn’t find it hygenic but it was very painful and he had wished his parents got it done as a baby. We always agreed that if we had a boy we would get it done when he was little so he wouldn’t have to go thru the same thing.

    Like someone said earlier, it is a very personal choice! I circumcised both of my boys within a week of birth because I didn’t want them to have issues later on in life, especially if they join the military because they have to be out in the field, without a shower for days,even weeks on end and infections occur. I have had many, many guy friends have to go through circumcisions between the ages of 18 and 30. They said it was the worst experience ever.  Also it doesn’t matter how much you teach someone cleanliness, it’s a personal thing of keeping it up.

    I have 3 boys and all of them are circumcised, and i have no regrets. i’ve heard that they can get STD’s easier if they aren’t circumcised and also for hygiene reasons. they used a local anesthetic on all of my children and they only seemed uncomfortable for like a day, they didn’t seem to be in pain. this sounds bad , but i personally think an uncircumcised penis looks weird so i chose for vanity reasons as well.

    I have a six year old son and I had him circumcised. I am very happy I did…they did give him something so he wouldn’t feel it when they were doing it but yes it was red for a  couple a days but it gets better! but u don’t have to worry about him having infections later in life or anything…but its your choice…but if I have another boy I will have him circumcised again!!!!

    My son just turned a year old on Oct. 30 and we had him circumsized when he was 2 days old. When I was pregnant my husband and I decided to get our son circumsized. My husband is circumsized so I guess that is part of the reason we got it done but the other is because it is just easier to keep clean and not worry about it. Plus I didn’t want him to have to worry about it later on in life. The day the doctor did the procedure the nurse took my son and told me they would be right back. When she brought him back he was wrapped up in a blanket and was fine. They said he cried a bit while they did it but it was because they were holding him down. He was ok he didn’t cry about it or anything. If you do decide to get your son circumsized be sure to put lots of petroleum jelly on after every diaper change for awhile-it helps the healing process. We didn’t really have a reason for deciding to get it done we just went with what we felt was right. Just go with your heart and whatever decision you make will be the right one for you.

    I got my son circumcised because he’s daddy is and for hygenine purposes. Also, I don’t want him to get the unkind remarks in the locker room in high school that I heard about when I was in high school.  My little slept through his entire circumcision, didn’t cry once. The first few days I was nervous about keeping it clean and the blood that was still around it but in a week it was looking almost completely normal. Go with what the daddy thinks as well! :)

    I had my son circumcised when he was three weeks old. I went in the room and watched the doctor preform the procedure. YES it was hard to watch and my son screamed but only because he was strapped to the board. I put a numbing cream on the head about 30 minutes before we went in and the doctor injected a numbing agent which was similar to novocaine at the dentist. The procedure was short and as soon as i held him he was fine. There are risks involved of course but boys that are circumcised get less UTI’s and are at less risk for STDs. For me the benefits outweighed the minimal risks

    I am having my son circumcised tomorrow and he is 6 months old. For all you mothers who don’t know about circumcision, ask your child’s Pediatrician and not think you know the answer. It does become an issue later in a man’s life. Between cleanliness, infections due to the foreskin becoming tight within the laps and sexual intercourse. Many men curse their mothers later on in life and father’s prefer it because THEY KNOW BETTER. Do your son justice and get him circumcised. Don’t do it because you’re afraid for him. They will not remember.

    i would get it done for sure!!! we got our son done at 8 weeks old, they gave him a needle to numb him and he cried for about 5 secs…then they just cut the skin off and it was over within 60 secs he didn’t make a peep! once they are older you take them to hospital and they knock them out, you stay at hospital for ½ day until they are awake and pain free. i know this because my nephew is 2 yrs old and i researched it all for my brother in-aw. i highly recommend it….its only a few days/hours of pain compared to a life time! its much much cleaner and looks nicer too :) good luck


    Tom, a boy of 10 is chasing and teasing his slightly older sister through the lush winding growth of their grandmothers backyard garden. It’s a hot, muggy late Summer day. Wearing nothing but shorts, he teases his sister about having to wear a shirt. Barefoot and sun baked Julie swirled around putting up her hand just as it made contact with Toms bare chest, stopping him mid-step. She starts teasing him back “well tease me as much as you want, at least I’m not a boy and I don’t need to be fixed!!”

    “What do you mean I don’t need anything fixed, I’m perfect! grandma tell Julie to stop lying!”

    Their grandmother over by her roses simply asks the two to join her.

    “Grandma, tell her!”

    “Julie, you shouldn’t joke about this with Tommy, it’s a very sensitive thing boys need to go through.”

    Go through what? Tommy asked.

    Grandma sighed. Putting down her rose shears onto the rich, dark earth and picking up a garden knife.

    “You see Tommy, all boys need to be pruned, kind of like my flowers here. If these flowers could grow wild, then they wouldn’t do what I need them to do.

    Grandma pulled two mushrooms out of the ground. One was just an orb shape, the other a traditional mushroom with a flared head. With her garden knife she cut the orb mushroom in half and presented them to Tommy.

    “You see how the head on this one is flared and this other one is more like your penis Tommy, with everything seamless inside.” When you prune a boy’s penis before puberty it causes the head of the penis to flare out into a defined ridge like the second mushroom. But if we leave it covered it will never get that definition.” It will be overgrown, and it’s growth restricted like a tree choking by its own roots.

    Boys are special you see, if you prune them at the right age they grow up to be different, some would say better. It’s a surgery called circumcision where your foreskin is cut away. But it’s very important to cut as much of it away as possible that isn’t necessary for a penis’s main purpose.

    Tommy stood barefoot, legs set widely apart. His mouth open, slightly surprised, mushrooms in his dirt dusted hands. Nervous, doubting, but curious. To his right stood Julie with a mischievous grin creeping across her face.

    “And it will make your penis less sensitive!” Julie yelped out justified after an afternoon of teasing from her little brother.

    “Julie! That’s enough!!” Grandmother wondering if Julie had been too young to have the purpose and methods of circumcision be fully explained to her.

    Tommy’s mind went back to late night sessions where he pulled and twisted on his foreskin, and remember how good it felt.

    “But what if I like my foreskin!”

    “Tommy” grandma said warmly as she placed her hands on his bare chest to calm him.

    “If you were any plant in my garden, your purpose would be to flower brightly for our enjoyment. Wouldn’t you want to be the best plant you could be?” Don’t you want to become the best kind of man for society?

    Tommy looked up at a budding rose, it’s petals still twisted, spiraling inward, still light in hue. Nothing but the potential of what was to come. In its twisted rosy bud he was reminded of his own foreskin, and he felt this sudden yearning inside, to be able to see his penis bloom naturally like that rose will.

    “…and that is why you will be circumcised.” missing part of his grandmothers statements in his own thoughts.

    “I don’t want my penis to be less sensitive, I like the way it is.”

    “I know, I know” as she ushered him towards her roses. “Look how beautiful they are, look how strong they are. Do you think they like it when I cut their leaves?”

    Tommy shook his head slightly.

    “You may not understand this now, but your penis isn’t for you. Just as these flowers beauty isn’t for them. They go through the pain and mutilation of pruning so we can appreciate their beauty. They sacrifice what they are to serve a different purpose. If you are a male, it’s always been seen as your role, and duty for you to serve society before yourself.

    Tommy looked uncertain, so Grandma continued. Remember when you said last year you wanted to be a soldier for Halloween? Well men are made soldiers because it’s traditionally their role. But soldiers are made to do things they might not like, but they do it anyway because its honorable.

    What you are, what you want is secondary. Yes it’s true women’s roles use to be about serving men, but thankfully we are moving beyond that side of things now. But not all traditions should change I don’t believe.

    If your penis is less sensitive, and has a more flared head like those mushrooms you will make a girl very happy one day. These flowers are for you to appreciate their beauty, and your penis is for a woman’s pleasure, not yours. But that’s ok, when you are older you will understand why that’s important.”

    Julie had already run off to woods behind grandmothers property, restricted by her shirt but free from the worry Tommy faced. Tommy had turned around to follow, not sure how he felt about all this. But he stopped, and asked “So when will you take away my foreskin?” When will I be pruned?”

    The grandmother gave a soft laugh, “I don’t do that the doctor will. Don’t worry about when, just know it will happen when it’s time, and it will be for the best. She will cut you nice and tight and it will grow into a new shape. You will grow to like it very much, you will be proud of what it will do. But its also ok if you don’t like it too, just know its important to do no matter what. Try not to think about it, and go off and play in the wildflowers with your sister while you still can.”

    Wife Thanks husband

    I had to write this..

    My husband was uncircumcised when we met. It was painful for him to retract his foreskin. He was unable to clean it. We tried all the stretching etc that various doctors recommend. Nothing worked and sex for both of us sucked. I had climaxed several times in previous relationship, but frustrating I never did with my husband. I still loved him but sex was terrible.

    When we moved to Paris we had an impromptu fuck in the apartment stairs while moving in. He tore his foreskin. A few hours later he was tightly circumcised. OMFG after a month wtf I was climaxing everytime we fucked. Why are men not born this way. Women deserve more. Snip the tip

    The health and aesthetic benefits of circumcision are so obvious that there’s absolutely no reason for all men to have it done and I’ve always said that I would never, ever allow a son or even a nephew go uncut. Unfortunately, my sister wouldn’t listen to me when her son was born and refused to circumcise, even knowing all the benefits and even though her husband wanted it done. Last month, my sister and brother-in-law went on a cruise for two weeks and I offered to babysit the nephew. As soon as the ship pulled out, I made an appointment to have him circumcised and paid for it out of my own pocket. My sister was furious, but has started to come around now that she sees how much easier it is and my brother in law says he should be able to convince her to have any more sons cut. 

    ****** Well I wouldnt have suggested it, but now there’s no use crying over spilt milk or cut cocks. ;)


    :D. That’s great! You did a better job being that boys mom than his real mom. Every poor uncut boy deserves a circ mom like you or me ;)


    (interview with Nathalie)

    - 10,000 circumcisions! How do you feel?

    - I don’t feel anything. It’s just my job.

    - Your style has been described as, “ultra low and tight”, can you explain your personal technique?

    - Hmmm… For me it’s about aesthetics. As a surgeon, I think scars are ugly. As a woman, I appreciate the male form, so when I’m doing a circumcision I think the cut should be right in the sulcus. After circumcision the jutting, pronounced, coronal edge is so visually striking, I think you can professionally hide the scar in the dip.

    - And why so tight?

    - Look, any fold down there, can be a site for cheese. We all know boys aren’t exactly the cleanest of creatures. “Leave no wrinkle” is my philosophy for how tight I go! [Laughs]

    - You know, a lot of people say that a low and tight cut is quite sexually disabling in terms of sensation and sexuality?

    - Yes. I hear that. Honestly, as, i think, both as a surgeon, and as a woman, it really doesn’t bother me. I’ve had guys I’ve operated on complain about the loss of sensitivity afterwards, but I always say, “Can you still get off?” They always say yes. I honestly think that’s enough. If anything, I’m a feminist, you know, I mean how many rapists, mysogynists, and fucking murderers of women there are out there? I think the only sane society is one where women have absolute control of male sexuality.

    - Absolute?

    - Hah! Next time ask me about vasectomies and castration… You know, if you inject a castrated male with testosterone he can still fuck you right? It’s just totally on your terms, rather than these chastity devices people seem so into…

    (inspired by snippykins @ http://snippykins.tumblr.com )

    Men should be circumcised. Only lazy men would disagree

    <>Men should be circumcised. Only lazy men would disagree

    Read the whole thing before you comment

    Your penis is not a perfect, special snowflake. There are objective standards of beauty for men, just as there are for women. For the edification and enjoyment of your female partners, not to mention the quality of oral sex you’ll get throughout your life, you should get circumcised. And you should do it to your newborn sons, too, as early into their lives as possible.

    Circumcision is in the news again because two parents in Florida are disagreeing over whether to perform the procedure on their child. From what I can tell, it’s actually just a proxy war and the real issue is how much mom and dad absolutely and utterly hate each other. But plenty of people are getting excited about circumcision once more – particularly in the “manosphere,” where, to a certain breed of men’s rights activist, giving your little one the snip is something akin to rape or female genital mutilation.

    These “Intact America” types need to get a grip. Sorry to be a dick, but circumcision is just good grooming. Let’s start with the obvious one: women – and men – prefer it. Figures start at about fifty-fifty: 54 per cent of women say they prefer a circumcised penis, according to a survey of 1,000 women on AdamandEve.com. They go all the way up to four-in-five: 71-83 per cent of women in this Iowa survey said they preferred circumcised.

    This shouldn’t be a surprise to us. Circumcision isn’t a recent invention of misandrists, sadists or religious nuts: 15,000 years ago, men realised that making their wieners more attractive improved their chances of oral sex. Perhaps as a gay man I’m biased, but aesthetics matter. And let me tell you – sorry if this veers into “TMI” territory – that I’m infinitely more likely to make you happy down there if you’re cut.

    Then there’s the medical stuff. Getting circumcised reduces the risk of urinary tract infections, some sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and penile cancer and cervical cancer in female sex partners. It prevents a whole galaxy of hideous illnesses that come from having a turtleneck: balanitis, balanoposthitis, phimosis and paraphimosis. (I won’t spell them all out, but they’re all horrible and, more to the point, avoidable.)

    It drops the risk of heterosexual HIV acquisition by about 60 per cent. It drops the risk of HPV, herpes and other stuff by similar amounts. And the risk of urinary tract infection in the first year of life goes down by an astonishing 90 per cent. The Mayo Clinic and the NHS both list huge advantages, together with the obligatory, diplomatic disadvantage list.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics agree that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks, but the benefits are not great enough to recommend universal newborn circumcision. Fine, but that’s because it’s not the AAP’s job to consider the sexual or aesthetic benefits of getting it done. Take it from me: your penis is 200 per cent more attractive to a potential blowjob-giver if you have the snip.

    The Greeks thought small penises were attractive. So they were wrong about two things, because Michelangelo’s David is uncircumcised too, which just proves that even the supposed personification of male perfection can be improved upon.

    Yet the anti-circumcision lobby is powerful, and growing. In the US, fewer babies every year have the operation done. According to one “intactivist” website, the circumcision rate in the United States is now below 40 per cent, much lower in some parts of the country, down from 81 per cent in 1981. In other words, we’re losing the argument.

    At least some of the new squeamishness about it is driven by the men’s rights movement, which publishes lurid pictures of disastrous operations with words like RAPE in bold red print, and which occasionally dabbles in anti-semitic pseudo-history about the origins of the procedure. It’s a pity, because this hysteria drives away normal people, irrespective of the merits of their arguments.

    I’ve written at huge length in the past in support of journalists, academics, bloggers, YouTubers and authors who say that society is becoming hostile to men. I think they’re right about that. But these silly and hysterical rants about circumcision as “rape” or “mutilation” are absurd. Men get “raped,” if you like, in the courts over custody of children and alimony. I completely agree. But performing a minor bit of medical surgery that improves the life of both the dude and his sexual partners isn’t remotely the same thing.

    More to the point, I’m not sure it’s consistent with manosphere principles. If “game,” the system by which men on many of these forums say they live in order to attract more and better-looking women, consists of changing your body shape and changing your behaviour, why shouldn’t it include making the best of yourself through a tiny surgical procedure? You lift so your sexual market value goes up, right? You cut your hair for the same reason? Well, getting trimmed down there is just good game, bros.

    It’s not as if women don’t go under the knife to please men. And that’s before you even get to the 474 days over a woman’s lifetime she spends applying make-up. I’m not about to cry over how terrible it is that women have to wear high heels, but come on. And while we’re on the subject of sacrifices, let’s not get into that whole it-kills-the-sensitivity argument. Yes. It does. Lucky you!

    Most men can barely last twenty thrusts… but those with snipped Johnsons tend, in my experience, to have significantly better stamina than their raincoated colleagues. (The research backs me up on this one.) In what world is climaxing sooner a good thing? Getting the chop does indeed reduce sensitivity up top. In the process, it makes you better at sex, and reduces the chance of you passing on anything nasty. Men can get a pill to clear up the stinging or itching; women can be left infertile.

    The foreskin isn’t an aberration or a mistake but an essential part of male anatomy, say some men. Well, sure. But two things: one, we don’t say women’s bodies can’t be improved on with fake tits, makeup and vertiginous heels. And, two: why then does nature keep messing up, making so many foreskins the wrong size, length or shape? If you are so eager to experience the deep discomfort of Mother Nature’s hideous anatomical screw-ups, do the rest of society a favor and put a zip tie on the head of your penis, instead of kvetching about your lost inch of elephant trunk.

    It seems to me that, annoyed by the constant refrain from feminists and the far-Left about “consent,” men’s activists have gone out in search of a way in which men are acted upon without their consent so they can say: “Look, us too!” Understandably, they have fixated on circumcision. But in the process of whataboutery they seem to have overlooked one salient fact: getting rid of grandma’s vacuum cleaner is not performed as a demonstration of power over a helpless victim, as rape is, nor purposefully to rob a man of sensual pleasure, as FGM is.

    Rather, it’s done in good faith, for his own good. That’s why hysteria about it turns people off men’s rights. By all means, make your case. But you turn yourselves into an object of ridicule when you compare circumcision to rape or FGM. They’re just not even remotely the same and, if that’s your tent pole, you are destined to drive away moderates, who will then be less willing to hear you out on stuff that really matters.

    It’s easy to argue that the process can be painful, perhaps even traumatising, for an infant. Mostly because all men are touchy about their junk. But to make those arguments, you have to rely on lurid details from obscure religious ceremonies, or invoke horrific, oppressive tribal customs from the third world. Sure, those African tribesman may indeed have some PTSD, but it’s got more to do with not having any food and getting shot at on a weekly basis, I’m guessing, than anything done to their genitalia.

    It’s also easy to sketch out the religious history of circumcision to show that it has been used as a way of controlling people or instilling fear. Yeah, yeah, OK. Fine. But the fact is that we have it now, and it works, and it makes your life better. So why not hang on to it? We should think of it as the male facelift, except – thanks to the patriarchy! – we get it free, and at birth, so it doesn’t even cause us any discomfort or expense. None that we remember, anyway.

    Get the snip and you end up cleaner, sexier, better in bed and less prone to disease. What’s not to love? . Spare your kids the same conundrum. Women don’t want to hurt your feelings, so they say it’s fine and they don’t mind. But they do. Cut your kids

    This was originally posted by WHYTHEN123

    3 more submission stories

    All 3 are white and circumsized _______________________________________-The first is a young man who was cut at birth. His dad is uncut. In talking with family members he found out that mother’s side were all cut and that was the deciding factor. He didn’t want any other details revealed. _____________________________________ The next was a middle-aged man who is gay. He is cut and prefers cut man as partners, especially if they’re going to be long term. He was cut at birth and his father was cut also. He has only sisters. He saw his first uncut when he was nine years old fooling around with a neighbor boy. He did not think anything of it then it then. But then as a young teenager he had oral sex with an uncut dude. He did not like it as it had a “cheesy taste”. Since then he has found out the medical difference, and he is very happy that he is cut. He says he’s only had repeat sex with a guy who was uncut maybe three or four times and each time it was spotlessly clean and not a long one. He went to a very small high school and they were only 61 boys in his graduating class and he saw just about all of them between junior high and high school gym class showers. He did not give me the town/city but just said it was in the northwest somewhere. He graduated from high school in the late 80’s. So he said about 60% of the class were cut. And of the uncut, a lot were Latino. It was never up for discussion. ______________________________________ The third was also cut. He was unsure of his dad’s status as it seen it several times while peeing, and then his parents divorced, and never got to talk with him about it. He is gay also and he said he was cut at birth was born in Ohio and he estimates about 80% of his high school were also cut. He did not want to give any more details, but all his brothers were cut also. He did not give an age. _______________________

    Join us at r/circumsexual on Reddit

    Hello fellow circumsexual refugees from the great purge of 2018 I’m writing to you from the front lines with good news. We’re regrouping at reddit.com/r/circumsexual. It’s a private community for now so please message the mods to join. 

    Leave all your possessions behind—except the Gomcos, bring those—hold on to your bare knobs and flee for your lives boys. 

    Making the Cut

    Finally went thru with it. I went so far as to fly to Atlanta, something that I would never have done otherwise. I rented a hotel for two nights and went to the surgeon to get cut. Arriving there was alright, I wasn’t even thinking  on the surgery I distracted myself with everything else in Atlanta. I went to the World of Coca Cola, tried Tacomac and went back to the hotel. Took lots of pictures before the surgery that I was about to go thru…


    Then the day finally came. I was so nervous and a bit scared. I finally go there to the waiting room, they were already for me. They knew my name and everything was all set up in the operating room in the back all set for me. While I was waiting for my name to be called I was a ball of nerves. People from Reddit that knew I was getting this operation done knew what was going thru my mind and they were so lovely and helpful. It felt strange getting help from random strangers. A friend came with me and I’m extremely thankful for that, having someone physical there supporting you every step of the way is definitely better. The online people seemed to me to be something like it I felt like they were right there with me. They are going to go thru the same thing in a few months I want to be there for them as well.


    During the consultation I spoke to the surgeon and he was willing to hear me out, see pictures and didn’t judge me at all. After I thought I relayed my message in the most eloquent way I could, I was sent to the operating room. I was all prepped and sterilized with betadine solution and then the assistant was just there waiting for the surgeon to come in. I was dreading the initial injection; I’ve heard is the most painful part of the whole operation. I asked the assistant, who seemed to be about my age, he told me that it does hurt but that it goes out fairly quickly. The whole thing was weird because there I am laying in an operating table with a light shinning at my half naked body and having a total normal conversation with a guy I just met.


    The doctor finally came in and inspected my penis. He was handling it and asking me question about the placement of the scar and everything to make sure I got the best cosmetic result. I could not feel the whole handling of the doctor but my penis did react to it even though I didn’t feel a thing. So there is a doctor handling my half boner and asking me questions while I was just there trying to ignore the fact that I was getting a boner that I could not feel. The usual operation time is about 40 minutes but it took two to one and a half hours for me to finally finish. He had to take a couple of stitches out because they didn’t look right and in his words, he “was too picky and want[ed] this to be completely perfect” it came down to the frenulum and he in a way convinced me to cut it. In a very non bias way he in his own experience and based on my own anatomy said that it could go with or without the frenulum but that it would definitely look better without it because it was going to be a really smooth transition between my inner and outer foreskin so the frenulum absent will heal beautifully. He said there might not even be a scar at all given the fact that I  have “good skin.” In his opinion my skin was “good” because there was no scarring and there was a very define anatomy, he could see the veins and arteries before he cut them so he could move them where he needed them and he could cauterize any bleeding before it started. He said that I didn’t bleed at all, any of the blood that was there was the blood that was already in the skin as he was cutting so it made this operation a fairly easy to do. It only took long because he had to take off a couple sutures and had to re-stitch them to make sure everything was just perfect.  Also for some reason, and I’ve experienced this before when I had my wisdom teeth removed about 3 weeks before, I’m immune to the anesthetic. As he was trying to cauterize the frenulum my leg jumped and hit the tool tray at the operating table. This was caused because I completely felt the electrocautery-tool as it burned.  It was a really sharp electric pain but it quickly went away. The surgeon was very surprised at this so he added more anesthetic but again I could feel it. It took five tries for him to finally anesthetize the region; he said that there was probably a nerve running from the glans to the frenulum so he finally found it and anesthetized it. He then proceeded to cut the tension point in the frenulum. He asked for my opinion on the look of it, which I was stupidly pointing at it without my hands being sterile. He quickly told me to be careful and not touch anything but he did what I wanted exactly.


    After everything was all done I was wrapped in a really tight bandage that I’m supposed to keep for about 10 days and make sure I keep it dry with some dry un-lubricated condoms that he provided.  The surgeon left the room and the assistant handed me some baby wipes to help me clean up all the betadine out of my legs balls and pelvis. He told me that I could dress now and before I left I asked him if it was ok to take a picture. He non-shallantly said “whatever makes you happy man, some people take it with them” I laughed and told him “I highly doubt this is TSA approved.” I then went to the pharmacy to get the antibiotics they gave me and the percoset I was prescribed. To be completely honest I didn’t need the pain killers. The pain was from 1-10 it was a 1 to sometimes a 2, a bit uncomfortable but not at all super painful. We decided to go to the Atlanta Aquarium afterwards and we took advantage of the fact that I had the doctor’s paper to get a wheel chair. My friend rolled me around the aquarium and we got priority to everything because of the handicap signs. While in the aquarium I could see other guys and for once in my life, after many many years I was not concerned on whether or not they were uncut or cut. That has been the whole reason why I went to get this surgery. This surgery was such an obsession that it didn’t allow me to continue with my life without me spending time looking, researching, wondering about each guys circumcision status and dreading mine. I needed this surgery for my own mental stability. Now I’m here at home recuperating and I have to go back to work but to be honest it seems that I am “cured” I can now focus on other things and aspects of my life. It still weird to say “I am circumcised” but I can finally say yes I am so what? I’m quite happy this is becoming a thing of the past now and I can focus more energy into other more fulfilling things in my life. This doesn’t run my life … anymore.

    Nice to hear he was detailed and took the frenulum


    Too bad he couldn’t feed his foreskin to the fishes.

    This is why RIC is best so a guy never has to stress over doing it later.

    The choice to circumcise when it wasn’t popular.

    I was so anxious about the idea of circumcision that I actually hoped for a girl. I didn’t get a girl. I got two beautiful boys instead, and therefore had to make the decision twice. Though our sons were born four years apart, my partner Abbie and I gave equal consideration to the question of whether of not to circumcise with each one.

    With our first son, Tommy, I had nightmares that if we chose circumcision, the doctor would make a mistake. I knew the statistics were low, but that rarely soothes an anxious mom-to-be. I worried the procedure was obsolete. When I looked around the room at my friends’ sons, many if not most were uncircumcised.

    About a month before Abbie was due to give birth to Tommy, we visited my parents out on Long Island. At dinner, we talked about interviewing pediatricians in our Brooklyn neighborhood of Cobble Hill. We were looking for a doctor who struck a balance between holistic and traditional Western approaches to medicine and childcare.

    We had a few things down. Abbie planned to breastfeed—or at least to try. We understood that antibiotics were at times necessary to treat ear infections. We believed in and felt adamant about vaccinating our child.

    But the one place where we were both still unsure was on the topic of circumcision. Abbie and I didn’t yet know the sex of our child, but admitting that we were even questioning whether or not to circumcise our son set off a slew of opinions at the table that evening.

    “You have to circumcise him!” said my sister Melanie, an emergency room doctor who has seen her fair share of infected uncircumcised penises and urinary tract infections, and whom I trust immensely.

    My other sister, Meredith, an amazing mother of three boys who were all circumcised, agreed. “It’s unsanitary,” she said. “I can barely get my kids to brush their teeth at night. And imagine him in the locker room when he’s a teenager.”

    Our best friend and sperm donor, Tim, who is circumcised, was more aligned with Abbie and me. He questioned, like me, if the procedure was outdated and based more on social customs than medical necessity. And, like Abbie, he wondered whether the benefits outweighed the trauma.

    Health! Melanie reinforced. Hygiene! Meredith repeated. Is it really necessary? Tim asked honestly.

    All of the impassioned arguments and questions raised during this discussion gave us plenty to consider. To be honest, as lesbians, neither Abbie nor I had spent a tremendous amount of time thinking about circumcision in the first place. But it was clear that as soon-to-be parents, we had a lot to learn.

    And so we began our research. Prior to this conversation, we’d been leaning toward not circumcising our child if he was a boy. We trusted that Tim could teach him how to be sanitary and avoid infections. We didn’t care about the aesthetics. As two women and a gay man raising children together, we did not feel particularly bound to social custom or tradition. We researched the varied perspectives and we considered the ethics and our child’s individual rights over his body. We knew that this was a big decision—one of many—and we took our responsibility seriously.

    We respected both sides of the argument, but the medical evidence supporting the use of circumcision to prevent STDs and penile cancer, and to reduce UTIs compelled us. We were finally persuaded when the World Health Organization and UNAIDS issued a joint statement in 2007 supporting the link between male circumcision and HIV prevention. Suddenly we felt that we were making a decision that could not only protect the health of our child, but could save his life. We spoke with the pediatrician we’d chosen and our OB/GYN, who would be performing the surgery, and both agreed with our position.

    That said, when our OB/GYN first held up our newborn and announced that it was a boy, I soon returned to my earlier fear that something would go wrong during the circumcision procedure. I felt confident in our decision, but I was more terrified that our doctor would make a mistake during this operation than I was when she performed Abbie’s C-section.

    The next day, I decided to go with Tommy for the operation. I didn’t want to send him alone. He was given anesthesia and I pressed my face to his and I held his hand. All in all, the procedure did not take more than five minutes and was a success.

    Was it an easy decision to make? No. Do I think we made the right decision? Yes. Do I know that Abbie and I investigated, explored and considered all of our options and with the help of professionals and our own reflection decided on what was best for our child? Absolutely. Hearing that the American Academy of Pediatrics now also feels the benefits outweigh the risk only reinforces our decision.

    Before our second son, Teo, was born, we continued to educate ourselves on the procedure. Both Abbie and I were open to the idea that the evidence may have changed. We did not just assume that we’d follow the same path with our second child to make sure he shared this trait with his older brother. We approached the decision in much the same way and, again, in the end, we found the medical evidence to be the most persuasive factor.

    Just as I had with Tommy, I stayed with Teo during his procedure. I pressed my face to his face. I held his hand. I knew I’d made this decision with care and thought and I felt, and still feel, that it is one that will benefit him.

    I don’t expect everyone to understand or agree with the choice that Abbie and I made for our sons. When Tommy and Teo are naked at the beach with friends, often they are in the minority because they are circumcised. And that’s okay. For us it was never about fitting in or following customs. We made our decision based on the information that we had and trusted, and our own expectations and fears and hopes for our children’s future.

    What do you say?

    A = I am circumcised

    B = I was circumcised

    C = I have been circumcised

    D = My cock is circumcised

    E = My cock was circumcised

    F = My cock has been circumcised

    For me it is definitely A; being circumcised at birth wasn’t just about cutting my foreskin off (even though I had no say in the matter, I am very happy that it was done).  Being circumcised is all about self-sacrifice for the enjoyment of the other person I am also enjoying.  Men with foreskins orgasm too quickly; men with the foreskin removed are able to sustain themselves better and longer.  They give greater pleasure to others and receive greater pleasure themselves. The foreskin evolved because the male imperative is to plant his seed and run (during the coital act the couple are vulnerable to attack - talking back in the African Savannah days here).  As humans evolved socially into societies family groups became the norm, and the male was expected to stay and raise the kids.  Some socially evolved early societies discovered that by routine removal of the foreskin the man’s ability to satisfy the woman increased, the bonds between the couple grew and deepened, and a better chance was offered the kids to reach adulthood themselves.  Some societies (actually many) began to see foreskin removal as initiation into that adulthood, and a prerequisite for marriage.  Today infant removal of the foreskin is considered primarily a religious act, but many non religious people are seeing it as a mark of social evolution.  Many men from societies where such norms (infant removal of foreskins, or adolescent rites of passage) are not practiced are also coming to value the aesthetics and function of the foreskinless penis, and seeking at all ages to have theirs removed.  Circumcision is I believe the future for a healthy society.

    Excerpt from my book

    She nodded, and fell quiet for a moment. “So, does it bother you that he’s not circumcised?” I asked. She thought about this for a minute. “I mean, I’m okay with it, I guess. It’s just he was the first uncut guy I’d ever been with. Everyone before him was circumcised, so that’s what I got used to. It still feels good when we have sex, it just…. feels different.““I’d always wondered how it was from a girl’s point of view,” I said. “Some told me they could feel a difference, but most said it they couldn’t.” “I mean, I love him, and it isn’t going to bother me to be with an uncircumcised guy the rest of my life, but I just wasn’t expecting that when we first hooked up. Honestly… I kind of miss the circumcised ones.” “Oh, really?” “Yeah. Honestly… I’d like to be with a circumcised one at least one more time before I give them up for good.”I looked for a place to pull over, and guided the car into an old country cemetery set a way back from the highway. There were no houses around for miles, and any traffic out on the highway couldn’t see us. I parked. She smiled. “I’ve never know anyone who got circumcised when they were grown up. I’m kind of curious if it looks different from getting it done as a baby.” I unbuckled my seat belt and leaned the seat back. I unzipped my pants and fished my soft cock out through the fly in my boxers. “Hmm,” she said.“Does it look different?” I asked. “I told the doctor when I got it done that I wanted it to look like a normal circumcision.” She studied my cock for a moment. She reached out and grasped it with thumb and forefinger, inspected the underside. “It looks really smooth,” she finally said. “The guys I was with before usually had a little ridge of leftover skin kind of bunched up under the head. They looked a lot like when Brad pulls his skin back. But yours is really smooth, and the scar is really visible.” She traced the brown scar line with her fingertip. “There’s no mistaking that you’re circumcised.”“Yeah, I told the doctor to make sure it was high and tight.” She smiled, and swept her thumb over my dry glans. I could feel the tension in my cock as the shaft skin began to tighten with an erection. “Do you have to use lube to jack off?” she asked.
    “I don’t have to, but it sure feels better.”“I’ll bet,” she murmured quietly as her fingers tugged my shaft just under the scar. I was soon fully erect, and she wrapped her fist around it. She tugged at my skin. “Wow, you can’t pull any skin over the head, huh?” “No,” I said. “That was another thing I told the doctor to make sure of.” “That’s hot,” she said. “Other circumcised guys usually have more skin to move. Some of them can pull it over the head even when they’re hard. But I like how tight yours is.” “Oh god,” I said, as the pleasure began to build. “Feel good?” “Great. What about when you give your boyfriend oral?”“I always make him wash first, and then I hold his foreskin back out of the way. I can’t stand that feeling of the skin in my mouth.” She smiled. “I guess I don’t have to worry about that now, hmm?” She leaned down and began to lick my exposed glans with her tongue. I moaned as she moved her tongue over the inch of sensitive inner skin under the head. With the tip of her tongue she traced my circ scar, then finally took the entire length of my cock into her mouth.  I groaned in pleasure as the slick warmth of her mouth traveled slowly up and down my tightly stretched cock shaft.She came up for air. “That tastes so good. I missed that.” “I want to fuck you with this cut cock,” I said. She laid her seat back and pushed her pants down as I climbed over on top of her. The soft carpet of hair around her pussy was the same reddish brown as the hair on her head. She unbuttoned her blouse and let her breasts hang out while I rubbed my circumcised cock head against her clit. She writhed with the pleasure. “Please, just put it in me,” she begged. I began to work the head into her slick entrance. “No skin to pull back,” she said.  “I like that.“Her pussy was so wet that I felt no resistance as I slid my entire cock deep inside her. I started to pump away like a piston until I fell into a steady rhythm. She moaned. “I’ve really missed the friction of a circumcised cock in my pussy.” “Oh my god,” I said, trying to hold back. “I’m gonna cum too soon if you don’t stop talking about it.” “It’s okay, I’m on the pill. You can cum inside me.” “Mmmm. Does it feel good for you?”“Fuck yes. I can feel how tight your circumcised cock is inside me.” She spoke in snatches, between ragged breaths. “Uncut feels… slidey. Too smooth, to be honest. But a circumcised one… oh god, I can feel the head hit my g-spot. I can feel the tight shaft… scraping against the inside of my pussy. Such good friction… oh god!” “You wish your boyfriend was circumcised, don’t you?” “Yes… Oh fuck, yes.” “You wish he would get it done?”“Yeah. Yeah, I wish he would get his cock circumcised just like yours. I love how tight your cock skin is.”

    Excerpt from the first A Cut Above