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The best of circumcised cock, with particular emphasis on those cut high and tight with a two-tone effect. Xtube: cutmikec

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    Does your wife still tease you about your circumcision? What were your first few times together like after you'd healed?

    Definitely. I’m mentioned this many times before. My circumcision, my lack of a foreskin, my loss of sensitivity, my scar, my permanent exposure to her gaze, my dependence on her for real satisfaction – they’ve all become permanent fixtures in our sexual dialogue.

    Just the other night we were in bed leading up to sex and I whispered in her ear to “grab onto what’s left of my foreskin.” She giggled, wrapped her little hand around my tight shaft, and pulled the immovably tight skin so hard I thought it was going to tear away from the glans. Seeing me writhe with the painful pleasure she whispered back in my ear, “see, much better without all that loose skin, isn’t it?”

    Another recent occasion where it came up was when I was in the shower and she was in the bathroom talking. She randomly paused, finally breaking her silence with, “you know, I really do like you better this way…”

    Without looking over at her, “what way is that?”


    I smiled, still not looking over at her.

    “It’s just… better this way. I like the way the water runs over the head. I like that I can see all of it all the time. It’s just… mine.”

    “It sure is babe, it sure is…”

    We waited quite a while after my foreskin was removed before having sex again; a few months at least. It was important to both of us that I be completely healed and our first time be a demonstration of just how great sex with a circumcised penis truly is. That was the whole point of having me circumcised, after all.

    The first few times were great. There was huge build up and excitement on both of our parts. She was like a kid playing with a new toy on Christmas, I felt desirable like never before. We fucked intensely, she ground herself up against me relentlessly, and I came buckets into her every time. The biggest surprise for me was that I was actually more sensitive immediately after having my foreskin removed than before and had to work very hard to control myself. This settled down over the next year or two but when your glans has been sheltered your whole life it takes time for it to toughen up into the masculine organ it ought to be. Of course, it didn’t help that she was merciless with her talk and teasing during those first few times, telling me what a good boy I was for getting it cut off for her, how much better she likes me now that I’m not intact, asking me if I wished I could have it back and then taunting me that I never would, asking me if I could even feel her anymore, and so on….

    Have you ever had a bro who was uncut?

    Would you help your bro get a good circumcision? Maybe his parents never had him done when he was a baby, but he wants to get it done later in life to really join the team. 

    Yeah dude. So I wasn’t cut at birth either. Had it done in high school actually, so I’m a late convert to team cut. Never too late in my mind, but I really wished I had done it even earlier. I’d tell anyone that wants a nice clean cut cock, to grow a pair of balls and get it done. 

    The researchers said: “The study confirmed men’s long-term satisfaction with the outcome of their voluntary medical male circumcision.

    “It improved sexual pleasure and function for most men and significantly decreased coital injuries.”

    Of the 362 circumcised men taking part, 98 per cent reported being happy with their op. Most, 95 per cent, told researchers their female partners were satisfied after the procedure.

    VCL—Visible circumcision/cut line. Definitely one of my favorite things about the visual experience of circumcised cocks. 

    A cockhead ridge sharp enough to cut completely visible through thin, synthetic fabric. 

    A common sight in circ city. 

    When a guys not wearing Tighty Whities, he’s going commando. 

    His glans rubbin on his shorts always tends to get him hard making for a good showing of his barehead.