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    Alternative Faker Blogs Links

    <>As you probably know, Tumblr is getting rid of all NSFW Content including fakes so i’ve gathered here some alternative links on where else you can find some of us fakers. If you would like to be added on the list please PM Your links. Please reblog and spread the word!!



    Ltwood-fakes:https://ltwoodfakes.livejournal.com || @ltwoodfakes (Twitter)



    Jurassicfakes:https://jurassicfakes.livejournal.com/ || @JurassicFakes (Twitter)


    Justnialfakes:https://justniallfakes.livejournal.com/ || @justniallfakes (Twitter)




    Darrencfakes :https://darrencfakes.livejournal.com

    Mintgayfakes:https://mintgayfakes.livejournal.com/ || @Mintgayfakes (Twitter)



    Fetishistliam: https://twitter.com/FetishistLiam?s=09

    Original Post For Updates:https://bit.ly/2KRaCyj

    When Ben emerged from the lake Mal realized her spell had been broken. There was no time for a love spell so she cast the closest thing, a lust spell. Unfortunetly for her Ben’s little secret came out. With lust filling him he craved dick. He wanted to be tied up and fucked. He wanted to moan as he was used by hot muscular men. Mal knew if she let the prince out into public like this everything would be ruined so she cast a spell to tie him up and left to find a solution. But ben’s lust was too much and he struggle till his pants were down at his anckles and his dick was sticking out. He hoped that when mall came back she brought with her hot villian friends Carlos and Jay.

    Zach Mitchell (Nick Robinson) is the older nephew of the Park Operations Manager of Jurassic World. After the incident Zach had his mind changed about the park and the dinosaurs, liking them both as long as the carnivores don’t try to eat him.

    Zach: What a shame, River Adventure is closed. What about we sneak in and you ride me instead?

    Fakelover72 Moving (Se Muda)

    Since all adult content will be removed from here I decided to move my fakes to Blogspot. If you want to request a fake you can still do it here but I will post on blogspot. If you guys have a blogspot you can follow me and never miss a post. thanks to all those who liked my work and supported me in this short period of time. Please reblog this message so everyone knows where i will be now. 

    Ya que todo el contenido de adulto va ser removido decidi moverme a blogspot. Si tienes un pedido me lo puedes hacer por aqui y cuando lo suba sera alla en blogspot. Si ustedes tienen blogspot me pueden seguir y asi no perderse un fake. Gracias a todos los que les gusto mi trabajo y me apoyaron en este poco tiempo. Por favor compartan este mensaje asi todos sabran a donde me voy ahora


    <>Nick Harris (Joe Keery) is a Velociraptor trainer. He’s the alpha of a pack of 4 Raptors: Tango, Bravo, Lucy and Zulu, the beta. You run into him late at night in front of the Visitor Center.

    Nick: Oh, hi! I’ve never seen you before. Welcome to Jurassic Park! My name is Nick Harris.

    You: Hi! I’m (your name).

    Nick: You know, it’s pretty late and dangerous to roam around at night at the park. You’re lucky that I ran into you.

    You: Uh… Nick…

    You trick Nick pointing at something behind him.

    Nick: What? There’s something behind me?

    You try to take Nick’s clothes off while he’s distracted.

    Nick: Hey! What you’re doing?! Trying to get me naked?

    You: Hmm… yeah.

    Nick: You should’ve told me, I’m so in the mood for sex. Now get on your knees! if you want it you have to earn it!