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    “Marvel’s Flag-Smashers are an increasingly familiar type of Hollywood villain: terrorists whose goals seem objectively positive (equality; anti-fascist rebellion), but are demonized by their violent methods. Meanwhile, the heroes stand for a vague and politically neutral brand of “peace” and “justice,” which they support by, uh… violent methods. But it’s fine when they do it, because they’re the good guys.”

    What do the Falcon and the Winter Soldier actually stand for?

    I am respectfully asking goyim to stop saying “well what about this innocent explanation?” when they ask me to explain an antisemitic dogwhistle.

    Yes, that person COULD have been born in 1988.

    Yes, that person COULD be saying that it was specifically corrupt “religious people” who crucified Jesus.

    Yes, that person COULD be honestly confused about how dual citizenship works.

    Yes, that person COULD think that (((these brackets))) are just another silly internet joke.

    You aren’t the first to bring it up, and you won’t be the last. But “I can’t hear anything” doesn’t mean the dogwhistle isn’t making any sound. It just means you’re not a dog.

    interrupting the bday celebrations to say st. vincent's volcano la soufriere on their largest island chain just erupted and the smoke rose to 10km in the air, and ash is falling heavily.

    st. vincent is a very small island in the caribbean - much smaller than that of my own country and my country is like a dot on the world map - of only 100k+ citizens and at least 7,000 people were told to evacuate. this is the first eruption since 1979. st. vincent is a predominantly black country, and as of now i haven't seen any docs detailing how to help as yet from the people. all i can do is hope that we can boost this and send them our love and support.

    (bonus video showing how high the smoke is in the air)

    (credit to Jamaican Observer on twitter)


    a layer of volcanic ash has already started to cover the skies of barbados this morning, (10/04/2021), please boost!

    here is a link for how to deal with ashfall for svg citizens and those in neighbouring caribbean countries, especially those in st. lucia, barbados, grenada, venezuela and my own country trinidad and tobago.