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    open rp

    any sluts out here want some tea? a fucking biscuit?


    ‘Tis I, Matthew Hopkins, infamous English witch-hunter, responsible for the deaths of between 230 and 400 people in the 17th century.

    Excuse me, miss.  Are you, by chance… a witch?


    a witch yeah yeah, anyway shit this tea has NO sugar and i forgot sugarcubes is that cool with you


    Matthew Hopkins recoils in fear and disgust, for this is truly


    Y-yes, that will be fine.  As a Puritan, if I take tea at all, it is without sugar…

    Seeming to have not alerted the witch, he chooses to take a subtle approach and coax the damning information out of her.

    Now, pardon me for asking, but do you regularly hold council with imps and other such demons, perhaps meeting for tea and to blaspheme God?


    look dude do you want a biscuit or not


    Matthew Hopkins’ eyes darken in fear, and his face goes ghastly white.  The Witchfinder General has found a witch for whom he is no match.  She evades even his most cunning inquiries with ease, and the brazen air with which she admits her heresy shows she fears neither man nor God.  He cannot win, and defeated, he relents.

    A biscuit would be lovely… Thank you.


    meanwhile on twitter


    It really is just tumblr circa 2014 huh


    Where is that tweet thats all “if anyone is tweeting in Cyrillic they’re most likely a Russian bot because only about 10 people who use Cyrillic have access to the internet” or some shit?


    As someone who lives in the Balkans I can confirm. We have Internet only thanks to our Donkey, Dimitri, who runs in a treadmill which generates electricity.


    Reblogging to thank Dimitri for his service