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    โ€œYou want to suck it again for me?โ€ My dad asked.

    โ€œHell yeah!โ€ I was excited to do it again.

    โ€œSame rule as before, this is only between me and you,โ€ he reminded me.

    I got in front of my dad and went down to my knees. I grabbed his dick and held it in my hand. I like the way it felt, it was bigger than mine. I looked up at him and smiled. I opened my mouth and put him inside.

    โ€œOh god,โ€ he moaned.

    It made me excited to do this with him. The fact that I was making him feel good. I always looked up to him and of course thought he was attractive. I worked my mouth up and down him. He kept grunting and leaking in my mouth, it tasted so good.

    After a while of doing this for him he finally was getting close, I was going to swallow him again.

    โ€œIโ€™m gonna nut, fuck,โ€ he warned me.

    I went faster and harder, I couldnโ€™t wait to make him cum again. With in a few moments my dad was squirting my mouth. I gulped him down and kept sucking, it was so much cum. I kept going until he started going soft.

    โ€œThanks bud,โ€ he said as I wiped my mouth. โ€œYouโ€™re so good at that.โ€

    โ€œNo prob Dad, I like doing it. Let me know if you need my help again,โ€ I said turning to leave.

    โ€œWhere are you going?โ€ He grabbed my arm and stopped me.

    โ€œGotta take care of mine,โ€ I blushed and grabbed the front of my shorts.

    โ€œPull it out Son, I wanna watch,โ€ he said.

    I reluctantly unzipped my pants and pulled down my underwear. My dick was so hard, I grabbed hold of it and started jacking off as my Dad watched. He seemed proud as I stood there in front of him.

    โ€œNice dick,โ€ he said as he grabbed hold of it and give it a few tugs.

    โ€œThanks,โ€ I blushed again.

    I stood there with my dick in my hand and jacking off as my dad watched. I looked at his body and his cock laying on his leg as I worked my load close.

    โ€œYou gonna cum?โ€ He asked.

    โ€œYeah Dad Iโ€™m close,โ€ I replied.

    โ€œCum on me,โ€ he told me.

    Fuck that sounded so hot. He reached out and grabbed my hips and moved me in between his legs. He lifted up his shirt and waited for me.

    โ€œUgh!โ€ I yelled as I released.

    Cum flew out of my dick and hit my dad in his stomach and chest. It dribbled out all over his dick, I coated him with my load and he just sat there smiling. I have never done anything like that for somebody, I felt like I just put on a show. It felt so good doing that for him. He ran his hand through it, rubbing it into his skin. He grabbed my dick and squeezed some more out and brought it to his mouth tasting me, fuck he just tasted me.

    โ€œNice job Son,โ€ he said as he finish rubbing me into his skin. His dick had gone hard again.

    โ€œThanks Dad,โ€ I responded. โ€œYou ready for more?โ€ I asked.

    โ€œNaw, letโ€™s wait till tonight. Weโ€™re alone tonight and I was thinking you could sleep in my bed with me. How does that sound?โ€ He asked.

    โ€œFuck yes!โ€ I said sounding way to eager.