Draco asking his friends this question after he realized he’s in love with Harry

    Draco when his friends start a conversation:

    Pansy defending Draco every time after he does something to get Harry’s attention:

    What Pansy has to suffer every day in the Slytherin Dungeon:

    Pansy: Why do you keep taunting Harry if you hate him?


    Draco after Harry said “I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thanks” and rejected his friendship:

    Pansy: Did you really just climb a tree for Harry?


    Ships with “I’m stupid” + “I’m with stupid” dynamic:

    How Harry and Draco’s secret relationship is revealed:

    Everyone in Hogwarts whenever Harry and Draco get too close to each other:

    Harry and Draco’s relationship in a nutshell (part 4):

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