Bondage Hotties
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2022-09-23 20:57:16

    During the enslaving process, and newly captured slave will be gagged most of the time. But on the rare occasions the gag is out, one of the most common questions we hear is “why me?”

    The answer, most of the time is simple. Because you are hot and we can sell you for a ton of money.

    At some point, your looks caught the eye of a slaver. It could have been at work, while grocery shopping or just walking down the street. It doesn’t really matter when or how, only that you were noticed by someone who makes a living selling lovely ladies. From that moment on, your life as a free person was living on borrowed time.

    You might have days left or seconds, but the results will be the same. Just like Vicky here, you will be captured, tied up and sold off into slavery. Why you? Why not?