“Hold My crop, right there. Do not let it fall. If you do, I will punish you.”

Imagine hearing those words as you are bound over a table, blindfolded, and gagged. 

Of course you clench your ass cheeks together tightly, gripping the crop as though your life depends on it. 

How long can you hold it like that? How long does He expect you to hold it?

What happens if it falls? Is He going to beat you with it? What if…

Did you let your mind wander? Did you lose your focus, and let your ass cheeks relax?

Do you feel it slipping now? With no way to get it back?

The sound of the crop hitting the floor seems to echo through your mind. 

It is the most terrifying sound you could imagine. 

Is it because you disobeyed?

Is it because you will be punished? 

Is it because you let Him down?

Don’t you worry… He will forgive you… 

After He punishes you of course. ;-)