Do you love him more than you crave a true dom?

    I do. I would regret leaving him for a reason like this, and I care about him. But, this issue has only gotten worse and worse and I’m worried it won’t go away.

    Tumblr what do I do?!


    Does he have any idea of what you crave? Could you show him some posts you like and see what he thinks?

    he knows, but usually doesn’t have the time/energy...or doesn’t want the responsibility for how much I need. 


    What thoughts are you having all the time?

    I struggle to even put it to words. About kinky sex, being put through trials of pain, being tied up and restrained for extended periods of time...but especially being dominated mentally, by a man’s commanding depth of presence. I miss the feeling of fear mixed with arousal. There are days where all I can think of are these things, days when I feel like my purpose is to submit. I don’t know what to do with those feelings. 

    “Hold My crop, right there. Do not let it fall. If you do, I will punish you.”

    Imagine hearing those words as you are bound over a table, blindfolded, and gagged. 

    Of course you clench your ass cheeks together tightly, gripping the crop as though your life depends on it. 

    How long can you hold it like that? How long does He expect you to hold it?

    What happens if it falls? Is He going to beat you with it? What if…

    Did you let your mind wander? Did you lose your focus, and let your ass cheeks relax?

    Do you feel it slipping now? With no way to get it back?

    The sound of the crop hitting the floor seems to echo through your mind. 

    It is the most terrifying sound you could imagine. 

    Is it because you disobeyed?

    Is it because you will be punished? 

    Is it because you let Him down?

    Don’t you worry… He will forgive you… 

    After He punishes you of course. ;-) 


    i wish you posted more often! what keeps you from doing so?

    i’ve been posting a little more regularly lately, but you’ll likely never see more than a couple of posts a day from me. I work and go to uni...and looking at too much of this stuff makes it hard to be disciplined. everything in moderation ;)