Let me suck your cock while you’re doing some normal shit like watching tv or reading. You’re not going to cum right away, I just want to feel your weight in my mouth, your tip against my lips, my spit covering you. Let it touch the back of my throat gently. I’ll run my tongue all over your balls and pull them into my mouth for a bit. I’ll be the happiest girl in the world getting to taste you.

    I just wanna appreciate how pretty you are. ☺️


    Daddy took off my clothes and pulled me into his lap so gently, i was already ready to follow his every command. Daddy knows what gentle touches do to me, stroking my hair, giving me soft kisses. Exposed and getting his care, i couldn’t help but blush. Daddy had me right where we wanted me. He turned me so my back was pressed against his chest and it was only then i noticed Daddy had put a mirror in front of him. He pushed my legs open and kept his other hand around my throat before he started gently playing with me. i couldn’t help but look away, and that’s when Daddy’s voice got very stern with me and he started to rub me faster.

    “Do not look away from this mirror. Daddy wants you to see what a little slut you are for him. You love feeling Daddy touch you and use you, I know you do. Keep looking in the mirror. That’s Daddy’s fuckdoll. Do you see her? You’re Daddy’s fuck doll.”


    Daddy loves to watch you and see all of you when we’re playing. That’s why I love mirrors so much. The other reason is even better. I love to make you watch yourself being used by me. I want you to look at that innocent girl, look her in the eyes and watch as the innocence leaves her soul. Watch her as she starts to drift off and her mind melts away. The innocence fades and it is replaced with corruption. Let it all go and let Daddy take over you. Become my fuck doll, become my little toy, give yourself to me and you’ll become whole. But most of all, keep your eyes on that girl and watch every second of it happening


    Sexualizing my race and skin color isn’t cute, it’s racist and disgusting. Stop sending me these “compliments” or I’ll block you. 

    Ex. “I’d fuck your sexy chocolate ass” or whatever is blocked 😷😷😷

    A better ex. “You’re cute and I’d fuck you so hard” or whatever is way more appealing. 

    It’s like you never talked to a Black woman before.

    It’s 2020 and I shouldn’t have to say this! Learn to compliment Black women/men and other people of color without fetishizing our race.


    Non-Black ppl reblog this too!!!

    Goodnight to:

    -people with parental issues

    -friends who know  what grass feels like

    -writers who also hate english class

    -shippers of rare pairs

    -authors who don’t get comments or kudos/votes :,(

    -people with wr*ters b*ock

    -people who censor wr*ters b*ck

    -the therapy friends

    -people who own stuffed animals they can’t part with

    -those who read depressing sh*t for fun

    and last but not least:

    -those who are aware that millions of Uighur Muslims are being killed in China in a fashion similar to the Holocaust, and those who know that on Thanksgiving a 19 year old Black man named Aidan Ellison was fatally shot by Robert Keegan in Oregon for ‘playing music too loud’ and protest should start now so the justice system is pressured into actually punishing him.


    Putting ginger root in your pussy or more commonly ass is called figging. It’s safe long as you wash and cut the ginger properly. I’m not sure whether it’s worse than hot sauce. The point of figging is that clenching makes it worse. Master sometimes uses it while spanking me and let me tell you it fucking burns 🥵 Putting a ginger in my ass and a small piece on my clit can make me come especially with a spanking.

    Ooooh yes using it like that during a spanking would absolutely work on me too! I’d always heard that while it definitely burns it’s not the worst burn in the world, but I suppose everyone is different. Maybe I’ll have to try it for myself and find out!


    Kinky Would You Rathers

  • Would you rather be given an enema or have a urethral sound used on you?
  • Would you rather give oral while being fucked or receive oral while being whipped?
  • (Female) Would you rather sleep with a vibrator in both holes or with nipple clamps suspended the the ceiling so you can’t roll over?
  • (Male) Would you rather sleep with a vibrator in your ass and a vibrating cock ring on or with nipple clamps suspended the the ceiling so you can’t roll over?
  • Would you rather be bent over and fucked or pushed against a wall and fucked?
  • Would you rather be fucked by five people continually all night or be denied any sexual action for a month?
  • (Female) Would you rather use a dildo or your fingers to give yourself an orgasm?
  • (Male) Would you rather use a pocket pussy or your hands to make yourself cum?
  • Would you rather wear a diaper or have to ask to go to the bathroom every time?
  • Would you rather have anal beads or nipple clamps used on you?
  • Have your partner tease you all over your body with hot wax or ice cubes?
  • Would you rather only ever have sex in a bed or only be able to have sex anywhere but a bed?
  • Would you rather sleep in a cage or chained to the side of a bed.
  • Would you rather never give oral again or never receive oral again?
  • Would you rather spend a day sat on a fat dildo or a day in suspension?
  • Would you rather be blindfolded or gagged?
  • Would you rather wear nipple clamps or clamps on the tip of your cock? 
  • Would you rather wear nipple clamps or a clamp on your clit?
  • Would you rather be hit a few times with a cane or lots of times with a paddle?
  • Would you rather be put in predicament bondage for an hour or light bondage for 5?
  • Would you rather be edged ten times or have two ruined orgasms?
  • Would you rather spend the day with a large almost painful plug in your ass or two with a small one that you have to edge yourself with every time you use the restroom?
  • (Males) Would you rather be led around on a leash connected to a locking butt-plug or to a cock and ball ring?
  • (Females) Would you rather be led around on a leash connected to a locking butt-plug or to a clover clamp on your clit
  • Would you rather have two cocks up your ass or one in your ass and one in your mouth?
  • Would you rather be milked dry then given a dry orgasm or be allowed two ruined ones? 
  • Would you rather be denied an orgasm or be given so many it hurts?
  • (Male) Would you rather wear a cock ring and a vibrating buttplug for an hour without being allowed to cum, or a cock ring and large, long buttplug that stroked your prostate for an hour without being allowed to cum?
  • (Female) Would you rather have a butt plug and a dildo inserted for a 3 hours without being able to cum or vibrating ones in for an hour without being able to cum?
  • Would you rather wear a breast harness or a crotch rope?
  • Would you rather have a small soapy enema or a large plain one?
  • Would you rather have ginger placed in your ass or tiger balm on your gentiles?
  • (Female) Would you rather be hit on your anus or your clit?
  • Would you rather be zapped with a wand or touched with stinging nettles?
  • Would you rather spit or swallow cum?
  • (Male) Would you rather have your balls stretched or crushed?
  • Would you rather be made to wear ballet heels all the time or to crawl all the time?
  • pretty-little-playtoy

    Send me these to answer tomorrow so I don’t have a nervous breakdown during election stress 🥰


    Dom phrases that make my heart flutter and stomach clench:

    “Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

    “You can either obey now or obey a few minutes later with a sore butt. It makes no difference to me.”

    “You’re not tired yet? I can take care of that.”

    “Did I tell you that you were allowed to put your panties back on?”

    “When I get home I want you waiting for me and in position. You know what position.”

    “You want to cum? That’s unfortunate...for you at least.”

    “Lay down and spread your legs. Are you going to be a good girl or do I need to handcuff you?”

    “It’s hurts? Well yeah baby, spankings are supposed to hurt.”

    “I want you fully naked and on your knees.”

    “You’re worried the neighbors can hear? You better quiet down then.”

    “Don’t try to hide the fact that you were humping my leg. Keep going, I’ll tell you when you can stop.”

    “What’s that? You’re embarrassed? That makes no difference to me, do it anyways.”