Some of the things I like

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    A family vacation wasn’t my idea of fun. Especially a cruise. When the idea was first mentioned, my older brother in law saw my displeasure...wrapped his arms around me and said “It’ll be fun, you’ll see”...his dropped and his hand landing on my ass which he gave a squeeze and winked at me. He was always like this...but this time it felt different. My other brother in law joined him amd said “We’re gonna have a great time...really connect”...which I thought was odd.

    Fast forward to the cruise, first day I decided to have a day to myself and headed to the pool. My brother-in-law’s were there, shirts off...and clearly freeballing...which they do most of the time. They noticed me, waved, and I could see chatting to each other but staring at me. If only I knew what they were saying...

    Todd Brown shorts : Faaark me...look at that ass. That’s good enough to eat!

    Jacob Blue shorts : Jesus...that kid has filled out.

    Todd : I know where I’ll be for the rest of the trip. Jenny has gone all cold on me. I ain’t had good pussy in months

    Jacob : Susan is pregnant so I hear ya. My shorts match the colour of my nuts

    Todd : Shit, I’m chubbing up. I gotta take a seat.

    They headed over, both clearly trying to hide to their inflating cocks. Todd takes a seat whilst staring at my body before eating his eyes on my ass. Jacob standing, no one can see his thickening cock snaking down his shorts. ‘What’s up fellas?’ ‘Not much’ says Todd. No one spoke, there was some tension and I was confused why. ‘What’s up with you 2. You’re acting weird’. Todd leaned over...‘I’m gonna be straight with you. We’re both gonna take turns eating your pussy, fucking your pussy and breeding your pussy. You got that?’. I looked at Jacob, he just nodded.

    This is what I’d been waiting for for years. I looked them both in the eye and said...’Who’s gonna knock me up first?’

    Both brothers said in unison ‘Fuckin A’