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    What is Linux?

    Linux is actually a kernel and not an operating system. That said a kernel is a part of an operating system and arguably the most important part. The kernel is what allows hardware and software to communicate with one another.

    The brilliant kernel that is Linux was developed in the mind of Linus Torvalds in 1991.

    There are many different kinds of Linux systems we can use and these are referred to as distributions.

    For example I myself use Kali Linux which is a Debian-based distribution used in penetration testing (ethical hacking).

    (these are photos from an older version but it’s the only photos I had in the phone I’m using lol. Login screen & creating a user via the terminal)

    The coolest thing about Linux is that it is open source meaning you can create your own distribution if you wanted to or hop on a distribution project with others and see what you can create.


    Linux is a kernel created by Linus Torvalds in 1991 that was made to be open-source and as a result now has many distributions that serve users and their individual needs.

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