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    The good is always going to be rare. It just is. The good is rare. The valuable stones are rare stones. The valuable elements are rare. Really good comedy is always going to be in very short supply. It’s the way of it. And, when people get all upset that there’s 900 channels but there’s not much good on, I always think, what the fuck did you expect? Why, just because we, in the last 40 years, invented technology that enables everyone to constantly be entertained on 600 different platforms, did you think humanity was suddenly going to get 600 times funnier and more talented? No. This is what we have. Truly great movies are always going to be in short supply and look how now you have all of these movies available to you all the time, but I’m still going back and wanting to watch The Godfather and Godfather II. I’m still wanting to watch the few movies that really mean something or speak or me or the novels that you’ve read. How many really funny American books have there been? There’s so few…. That’s the nature of it.

    -Conan on the scarcity of good, on one of my favorite podcasts, By The Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin (via wearethedigitalkids)

    So true and how I like to see the stock market.


    Laurel | Next Time

    "He was having a go at producing a couple of my songs after I finished the day at college, we did a song called Next Time and uploaded it onto SoundCloud that day and somehow it got into the hands of London’s music industry. Two months later I was little Laurel lost in London with not a clue of what had just happened."

    This is why I wake up every morning.


    Listening to this at 30,000 feet as I fly across the U.S.. Perfect.

    At the close of last week's show at the Troubadour in LA, Little Green Cars hopped off the stage for their encore to perform the Consequences of Not Sleeping in the middle of the crowd ( I'm lurking in the shadows somewhere).   A perfect and memorable moment to end their seven week tour of the States.

    Love their harmonies.


    Allman Brothers Band - Into the Mystic (live March 13, 2013)

    Van Morrison cover, lovely and gentle and, well this is the ABB, so it also rages. Very nice cover of what, some days, I am pretty sure is the greatest song ever written.

    I am not the biggest ABB aficionado, but this version displays some pretty spectacular slide guitar playing by Derek Trucks. I find that most guitarists, when they use slide, use it as a tactic, a technique, to add some horizontal texture, some sustain, to a song or part thereof.

    Trucks is different, very much so. He utilizes slide not as a tactic but as a strategy, as if he has the confidence that he can add to any piece of music with the slide instrument. You can hear this at first with his intro playing behind the first verse, and then moreso later on as they jam out.


    Was fortunate to have been at the Beacon in NYC for this extraordinary show. If you haven't already, catch them while they're still's the end of an era for classic rock jam bands...feel blessed to have experienced them in person a few times.

    Life is moving forward and sometimes it means leaving things behind. Success is for those who understand that and embrace the future, love the present and remember the past and don’t dwell on it.

    Me telling a very young friend about the reality that is life. (via om)

    So true.  So hard to let go at times but so important in order to move on.

    In 2010, only 19,390 students in the United States out of some 14 million took the Computer Science Advanced Placement test. This number represents only 0.6% of all AP tests taken that year. This at a time when five of the top ten fastest growing jobs will be in a computer related field and two of the top three top bachelors salaries are in computer science and engineering.

    we must fix this


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