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    Hi! Could you pls elaborate about how Hamilton influenced actual politics?

    aside from all of this, look at the optics. hamilton is a neoliberal wet dream and a postcolonial nightmare. there’s the fact that jefferson is portrayed as a goofy caricature, washington is a stern and noble father figure, hamilton is a scrappy immigrant despite him literally being a colonizer in the caribbean. sally hemings is a throwaway line and hamiltion’s abolitionist efforts are hysterically exaggerated because lin is in love with this dead white creep

    there’s the fact that the whole musical thrives on the politics of american values and american freedom while using counter-culture music and aesthetics from the mouths of colonizers and slaveowners, effectively stripping the original art form of its political significance

    it’s the fact that mike pence was in attendance BECAUSE of the musical’s role in us civil religion. hamilton is no functionally separate from reciting the pledge or cosplaying as the washingtons for the fourth of july. it’s the fact that people quote hamilton lyrics at pence and trump despite the fact the characters in question were no better than them because they owned human fucking cargo 

    liberals, centrists, and conservatives all love hamilton because despite whatever intentions is Originally had, it is essentially a tool to numb potential radicals through art. it affirms something that they already assumed, america the beautiful, america the great, american greatness is in its mythos and the lie of the american dream. america works and has potential for exceptionalism! the foundations work! that’s why we can’t make fundamental changes to said foundations! because they work! and if you work hard enough to weave yourself into the narrative of the united states then that should be enough! who tells your american story? you do. this is your america! america is yours!

    this is fair and I agree with this. However, I think people should be able to like Hamilton for its music still. It’s okay to like Hamilton for its music. It’s good fucking music. I just hope you are also aware of the post above me.

    while you can like what you want or whatever, please re-read the second paragraph of my response re: the music/use of rap and hip-hop and black aesthetics. the music is part of the political problem

    okay but “doesn’t portray history accurately” and “actively participates in racist historical revisionism while using an art form invented by the people the musical’s very narrative ignores even if the physical makeup of the play’s cast is black and brown” are two different things and hamilton does the latter


    <>1. Get a surgeon that knows the workaround for top surgery and is respected and well known by insurance

    My first surgeon was new to mastectomies and didn’t know exactly what to do, he botched 2 weeks of time bc he faxed it to the wrong number and then botched the peer to peer review. 

    Yes, you need a surgeon that works specifically with trans people a lot. this is because it’ll give you a chance for a better surgery AND the insurance will get back to you faster because they know the surgeon.

    <>2. Get a letter of dysphoria (preferably more than one)

    this is advice for people OUTSIDE of blue cross blue shield, 6 months ago they demolished the need for it and tbh good for us.

    In the letter, you need to talk to your therapist about EXACTLY what you need, to the letter. get a short term therapist if you need to (one appointment, some therapists are there for literally only the letter of dysphoria), 

    if they don’t get you what you need down to the letter, correct them and make them rewrite it.

    appeals take 30 days, DON’T DO IT. get a new surgeon if you have to bc then the claim will take less time.

    <>3. <>Bother your insurance daily.

    COVID and 4th of July makes everyone lazy, so I personally call my insurance daily and ask what the status of my claim is. this is IMPORTANT because they will slack off if you don’t and tell you days after they confirm or deny it.

    <>4. *kisses you* good luck!

    I saw a post a week or so ago that said it would put a gay love note in the askbox of everyone who reblogged it, but it didn't actually work. So Here Is My Pledge, I will put a medieval gay love letter in the askbox of everyone who reblogs this. Everyone. I don't care if this gets 5,000 notes,(even though it won't) everyone's getting a love letter. Have fun with your gay love letters friends.

    What annoys me most about hamilton is how revisionist it is about history in general, hamilton itself has gotten news publishers to write articles that directly paint all these real life slave owners as good or progressive people when they were not, hamilton created a boom in blatant misinformation and leaving out important details in favor of telling a “heroic” story about a racist white man

    like for example how many people think hamilton was a strong abolitionist and never took part in any slave owning / selling which is false, or how hamilton was an “upstanding” man who wanted to help the poor and lower class, or how hamilton was incredibly ‘woke’ and didn’t have a racist bone in his body despite believing black people were subhuman unless heavily “educated”, when a play like this convinces thousands of people of its retelling of history it is an issue, not just a flaw, a giant issue