It´s so easy, when she want´s it, she just pulles up her skirt and I know what to do.


    HUSBAND- “WOW…he really fucked you good, didn’t he baby?”

    WIFE- “He fucked me Soooooooooo good! Soooo good!!! As soon as you’ve had your fill of his cum, I’m going to go fall into bed. I’m too tired to even take a shower after getting pounded by him for almost 2 hours straight. I hope you don’t mind that I’m so tired baby. I know you love to eat me and then fuck me after I’ve been a slutty wife. Can I give you a handjob tonight and make it up to you tomorrow? You can eat me again in the morning and I’ll still smell and taste like his cum by then. PLEASE???? “

    HUSBAND- “Yes babe…we can just wait till tomorrow. Maybe I’ll jerk off after you go to sleep. I’m really just eating to lick his cum up.”

    WIFE- “Thank you baby! You’re the best hubby ever!”