Early Signs of Covid-19

    From Ministry of Health Singapore - A Brief


    DAY 1-3

    1. Symptoms similar to colds

    2. Mild throat pains

    3. No fever, not tired; still consume food and drink as normal

    DAY 4

    1. Throat a little bit painful; body feels like drunk

    2. Voice becoming hoarse

    3. Body temperature around 36.5°

    4. Beginning of disturbance in eating habits;

    5.Mild headaches

    6. Mild diarrhea

    DAY 5

    1. Throat pain and hoarse voice

    2. Mild body heat. Body temperature between 36.5°-36.7°

    3. Weak body; feeling joint pains

    DAY 6

    1. Beginning of mild fever with temperature around 37°

    2. Dry cough

    3. Throat pains while eating, swallowing food, or talking.

    4. Exhausted and nauseous

    5. Occasional difficulty in breathing

    6. Fingers feeling pain

    7. Diarrhea and vommitting

    DAY 7

    1. Higher fever from 37.4°-37.8°

    2. Coughing incessantly with phlegm

    3. Body pains and headache

    4. Worsening diarrhea

    5. Vomitting

    DAY 8

    1.Fever around 38° or above 38°

    2. Breathing difficulties; heavy feeling in the chest when breathing

    3. Incessant coughs

    4. Headaches, joints becoming lame; buttocks pain.

    DAY 9.

    1. Symptoms remain unchanged but becoming worse

    2. Worsening fever

    3.Worsening cough

    4. Difficulties in breathing and struggling hard to breathe

    At this stage, blood tests and chest x-ray must be conducted immediately.

    This is for reference purposes only. At any point in time, if you do not feel well, consult a medical doctor immediately.

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