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2019-07-01 22:15:39

    Hi guys, well it's been short & sweet! Looks like tumblr is culling everyone's domains here. I'm in the process of like many others in creating a Twitter account (I don't do social media so bare with me lol) for now if you wanna keep touch or get updates, my email is: dantejackal@outlook.com :) see you on the other side :P


    animation i did 2 years ago Piers riding Leon :^)


    love this


    Hi Nivanfield fans.
    I just opened my Patreon! > https://www.patreon.com/daemoncollection I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, I just felt like it was worth it or that it wouldn’t work. However, I decided to try because I really want to keep making lots of Nivanfield art, both SFW and NSFW. You can Pledge from :
    • 1$ to get the highest resolution of my SFW art.
    • 5$ to get acces to NSFW renders I’ll make each month.
    • 15$ to get acces to SFWS gifs/videos like you were used to see in my tumblr.

    It’s probably gonna be a lot of work but I really want this to work! *hug*
    PS : I don’t even know how it works exactly.

    Feedback :)

    Looking at feedback thus far.. Do you like? Anything specific you'd love to see?... Character sets... Etc..

    I'm still starting out so please be gentle! Would love to one day be as infamous as the other 3D artists that I hold in such high regard and call friends but have much to learn along the way :)