Dark Necessities Of A Jedi

Early 40’s (happily) married dude who enjoys dabbling in the nefarious. Social butterfly. I’m not here to hook up; sorry ladies but my cock only has one home. Blog is slightly NSFW (what ever the fuck that means these days 🤷‍♂️) among other things. My stuff is #dnoaj & ​#dark necessities of a jedi

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2021-03-08 12:02:21

    Tumblr is cynical.

    Today I entered here and saw a banner commemorating the day of the woman. It’s like the devil selling crosses, no!? I do not know where they get the courage to greet the woman when tumblr CONSIDERS ADULT CONTENT and does not allow her to even show her nipples, since for them it is pornography. Tumblr and his @staff are cynical and false.

    Despite this surprise, to all the women who follow my blog, and those who have collaborated for many years, I want to wish you an excellent day of the woman. In an increasingly unjust society, keep fighting and demanding your rights.

    Happy day women of the world!