Alright kids, listen up because @staff have pulled off a corker of a hot mess and have decided to add "Community Labels". I guess they've decided we can't be trusted to add our own warnings and people can't make sensible choices with what they engage with.

    But why does it matter to me?

    Tumblr have made labels AN OPT IN SITUATION which means every single blog here is automatically set to hide any triggering content

    If you want to continue to be able to access and read fanfiction PLEASE go into your settings and click "show" on at least the "Mature" and "Sexual Themes" labels!!

    ALSO IOS USERS: there's an extra fun "Hide additional content" bit just to really try and block us from any hopes of success. Make sure you opt out of that too otherwise I think content will be blocked on the mobile app!

    Attached to this post are screenshots from my settings so you guys know what to look for. I could only find it on my desktop settings and not on the mobile app (for now at least)qq


    I'll add a note here that it seems like on desktop there's also the ability to tag posts as a certain label. Interesting.


    ok hold on. i'm going to add more context here because i saw this and was super confused.

    to start with, here's the link to the help page on community labels.

    what is a community label?

    it is a label that you can add to any post you've created or reblogged. it is also a label that anyone who sees your post can SUGGEST to add, at which point the tumblr moderators are summoned to see whether the label does in fact apply to your post.

    what kind of labels can you add?

    mature (which is a catch-all), violence, drug/addiction, and sexual themes. so basically, mature content that iOS hates

    what's the point of adding labels?

    as OP said, people viewing your posts can filter based on labels. so they can choose to:

  • show all posts (functionally, no difference from how stuff works now)
  • blur all posts with a label (so they see a card for the post, but the content is hidden and they need to click to see it)
  • hide all posts with a label (it's as if they were never on your dash)
  • so what's the problem? this doesn't sound so bad

    the problem is that tumblr made the hide option the default option for every community label for everyone.

    if you want to be in compliance with labeling laws (aka, you don't want the tumblr moderators to come for you), you should label your posts. but if you start labeling them, your posts are IMMEDIATELY going to be hidden from EVERYONE.

    uhhhh ok so what do i do?

  • if you're a person with a tumblr blog: immediately go to tumblr desktop and fix your label settings to whatever is best for you
  • if you're a consumer of content: don't start flagging posts for missing labels, please, PLEASE. give everyone a chance to figure out wtf is going on and fix their label settings
  • if you're a creator of content: start labeling? (but maybe, like, not right now. maybe once everyone has turned label settings off.)
  • if you're a reblogger of content: hell if i know. the help page doesn't specify whether a label you add to a downstream reblog affects the upstream post. maybe don't do that, until tumblr clarifies what the heck is going on
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