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    Mrs. Jensen is confused

    “Peter, are you using that reality engine again”


    “What makes you say that, Mrs. Jensen?” The young man asked innocently.

    “My dress!” She said, as if he didn’t know.  “It was never this short!  And the neckline!  I’m about to fall out of it!  There’s no way I would have put something like this on! You changed it, didn’t you?”

    “Why on Earth would I do that, Mrs. Jensen?” He asked.


    “Oh, don’t you act all innocent with me, Peter!” She said, putting her hands-on her hips and sticking out her chest defiantly as was her habit.  “Everyone in the neighborhood knows you have a device that messes with reality AND that you’re a pervert! I don’t even know why I came over to your house! You probably used your reality engine thingy to trick me to coming here!”

    “I just wanted to get to know you, Mrs. Jensen,” the young man.  “Just have you over for a drink to be neighbourly!  But I think you may have had too much.  You seem very confused.”

    “What are you even talking about?” She demanded. “You think I can’t handle my liquor? Cuz I can tooally handle my liquor!”

    She giggled.  The very idea that she couldn’t handle her liquor was preposterous.  Peter might be cute but he didn’t know the first thing about her!


    “It’s just, you seem confused about a lot of things, Mrs. Jensen,” he said.

    “ MmmMmmMmm!” She denied, shaking her head in a way that seemed to make the whole room wobble gently.  "I’m naw confused! Yer confused an confused and, like, confused!“

    "I’m not the one accusing my neighbor of having a reality engine,” he pointed out.

    “No, no, no, no, no!” She said shaking a scolding finger at him.  "Yer naw gun get away wif gettin’ away wif that!  Everybody knows ‘wash out for Pee'er an his really real realicy engine tha’ mace all the neighbor layzees have real big titties!“

    "You think it’s my fault so many of the women in this neighborhood are so, um, well endowed?” He asked, incredulous.

    “Yes, cuz you like big tizzies an’ girls wif big tizzies so you use yer big tizzies machine to give us big tizzies!” She accused him, punctuating it with a slug from her whiskey bottle that she could totally handle, no matter what anybody with a big tittie making reality engine might say.

    “Are you saying you don’t like my big ol’ titsies tha’ you may wif yer reallaly enshun?” She asked, drizzling whiskey on the big old titties in question.


    she thought to herself.

    “I….I like them, yes,” he said, flustered to Mrs. Jensen’s delight.  “I’m just not taking responsibility for them.”

    “No yer nots!” She agreed.  “I’m asponable for my own big titties an my own big titsies can totally hanl their whissey!”

    “Well, yes, I’m sure you and your titties are certainly big enough to handle whiskey on your own,” he conceded to her satisfaction.  “I’m just concerned that in combination with all those pills you took, you might be confused.”

    “I’m… confused?” She asked her twelve foot tall neighbor with the glowing pnk eyes as he started down at her from way above.


    Was he trying to look down her shirt at her big ol’ tittie? She pulled it down to be helpful.

    “With all that in your system, I don’t think you know what’s real or not just now,” said the anthropomorphic bunny rabbit with the big cock.  “Why don’t I tuck you in my bed and you can sleep it off.”

    “Why don’t you fuck me in your bed and get me off?” She asked the well-hung bunny man.

    Bunnies we’re good at fucking.  She knew that for sure.

    “Well, that would work too,” the bunny man agreed and picked her up to take her to his bed.

    At least she was pretty sure that was what really happened.  She may have been confused.

    “Jacob, you haven’t been using that reality engine again, have you?”

    >Noooo.  Why do you ask?

    “It’s just… something seems different.  I can’t put my finger on it, but I swear something changed.”

    >Huh.  Things seem perfectly normal to me. I did open the curtains.  Maybe it’s just that there’s more light in here so things seem brighter and prettier?

    “I guess that could be it.  I just…were my tits always this big? They seem improbably large.”

    >Well, I’m sure they must have been smaller at some point, but they’ve been that spectacular ever since I could remember.

    “Well, that’s sweet of you to say so.  Still, something is different.  I’ll figure it out eventually.  You’re sure you haven’t been using that reality engine?”

    >Cross my heart!  If I’m lying, may I go impotent!  You trust me, don’t you?

    “Oh, of course I do, Jacob.  Come give your old grandma a hug and a screw and then I’ll make you cookies like I promised.”

    >I just love visiting you, Grandma!


    Chapter One


    “You’re an adult now, Eddie,” Larry said.  “You can’t just sleep all day. If you aren’t going to go to college, you need to ge a job and start paying us rent.” 

     “Really, sweetie.  It’s for your own good,” said Joan.  “You’re a man now. We love taking care of you, but you need to learn to take care of yourself.“ 

     Larry rolled his eyes.  Why did Joan have to be so indulgent?  She had spoiled their son rotten and now here he was with no prospects, expecting the world to take care of him. 

     "I’m sorry I was sleeping so much Mom and Dad” Eddie mumbled. “I’ve been going through some…changes.  in my head…" 

     Larry didn’t know what that meant and was about to start telling when Joan gasped.

     "Oh my poor baby!” She exclaimed. “Does your head hurt? Mind’s been feeling strange all morning!" 

     "No, I’m fine, Mom” Eddie said.

     "You’re not fine! You’re a lazy, spoiled lump!“ Larry tried to say. He really wanted to say it.  But somehow he just sat there, exasperated.

     "I know what will make my big boy feel better!” Joan said, then stood up and knelt beside their son and started undoing his pants. Larry wanted to scream out “What the fuck, Joan?” but instead he just sat there. 

     "You don’t have to do that, Mom,“ Eddie said.

     "Damn right she doesn’t!” Larry didn’t say as he sat and watched.

     "Oh, I know I don’t have to, Baby!“  Joan said cheerfully. "I just really want to! A mother likes to do nice things for her son." 

     "Well, I guess if you really want to…” Eddie conceded. 

     "I want to, I want to, I want to!“ Joan enthused.  "I’m just so cock hungry all of a sudden! " 

     Larry became more and more confused. How could he just sit and watch this? His wife was playfully fondling his son’s cock at the kitchen table and he was just watching! 

     "I’m going to take my blouse off so you don’t stain it,” Joan announced.

     "If you think that’s best, Mom,“ Eddie said. "I do! I do think that’s best!” Joan assured, manically unbuttoning. “Plus you can see my titties! You like Mommy’s titties, right?”

     "What’s not to like?“ Eddie said, and glanced at Larry with a shrug before turning back to his kneeling, stripping mother. 

     Joan never referred to her breasts as titties. Not in 22 years of marriage. Larry was so confused! But he couldn’t keep from just watching. 

     Bare-chested, Joan resumed giving their son a handjob, punctuated by adoring, playful kisses, and cooing apologies about how she had been a bad Mommy, letting her sweet son get so stressed and frustrated. 

     Larry wondered why he couldn’t scream. And why he was getting hard. 

     "Would you like it if I grew my hair out long the way it was when you were little?” Joan asked between cock kisses.

     "That would be nice, Mom,“ Eddie said. "If that’s what you want." 

     "Of course! I want what you want, Baby!” Joan said. “You know that, don’t you?”

     "Yeah, I guess I do!“ She said, shaking her head as her hair tumbled out longer and longer. 

     Larry gawked.  How could this get weirder? 

     "That’s nice, Mom!” Eddie said.  "You think you could make the rest of yourself younger too?“

     "Anything for my boy!” Joan said, shedding a couple decades and change.

     "Oh, and bigger titties! Much bigger titties!“ Eddie encouraged.

     "If that’s what my baby wants!” She said as she swelled to porn star proportions.

     "And now,“ said Joan with a shake of her new rack. "How would you like to shove that big pecker down Mommy’s throat?”

     "That would be really nice, Mom,“ he said. "If you don’t mind.”

     "Oh, you know I love it, baby!“ She exclaimed. "How could I not?”

     And then the giggled, gobbled and gagged Eddie’s dick right down as Larry stared in astounded bewilderment. His son looked lazily over at him across the kitchen table as his wife-turned-pornstar vigorously and ecstatically deep-throated him like a pro.  

    Eddie shrugged as if to say “hey, it was her idea." 

     Larry had to consider the possibility that he had gone insane.  Why else would he just sit there watching this? How else could Joan become suddenly younger, bustier and  decidedly sluttier? How could she possibly do what she was doing right now and remain conscious?

     Or he could be dreaming! Yes, that made so much more sense! Why hasn’t he thought of that sooner? If this was just some weird dream, then he’d wake up soon. He’d wake up and everything would be normal… 

     So he might as well enjoy it while it lasted.  He pulled out his own hard dick and clumsily stroked at it, wondering what it might feel like to have Joan do that to him… 

     Eddie arched his back and groaned.  Joan gurgled. Larry sighed. 

     “You’re so good to me, Mom,” Eddie said, patting her head. 

     Tears in her big brown eyes but her makeup perfect, she woke him out of her mouth and said “That’s what I live for, Baby!” She giggled and stood, her pneumatic breasts jiggling. 

     “Now where did I put that silly blouse?” Joan asked, scanning the floor. 

     “I got you this, Mom!” Eddie said, presenting her a slinky black dress that seemed to come from nowhere. 

    "Oh! What aren’t you a Sweetheart!” She exclaimed. “I love it!”

    She shucked off the rest of her outfit and wiggled into the gift, making sure it prominently displayed her new breasts.


      . “How do I look?” Joan asked, swaying her rack slowly at her son and toying with a nipple.

     “You look great, Mom!” Eddie exclaimed. “Doesn’t she look great, Dad?”

     “Great…” Larry said, then started at the realization that he could speak.

     “Oh! Larry!” Porn Star Joan exclaimed. “I forgot you were still here!  Shouldn’t you be leaving for work?” 

     “Work?” Larry asked, confused. 

     “You need to be responsible, Dad!” Eddie reminded. “You’re an adult.”

     “And look at you with that sad thing hanging out!” Joan said, having noticed his dribbling penis.  “Here, let me clean that up.” 

     She picked up her abandoned bra and wiped the spooge off then insisted that he stand and she tucked him away and buckled him up. She gave him a peck on the cheek as he stood there slack-jawed. 

     “You go work hard, Dad,” Eddie said.  “Don’t worry about us. We’ll take good care of each other while you’re gone.”

     “That’s my job!” Said the new Joan that only vaguely reminded Larry of his wife. 

    But he couldn’t worry about that.  He needed to go work hard.

     And as Larry left the new Joan giggling in the kitchen as his son nibbled her neck and groped her, he wondered vaguely when he was going to wake up.

    To be continued?

    Mindy Gets Comfortable

    “Well, I have to admit, you were right,” Mindy told her nephew. “It is better with my shirt off.” 


    “Admitting I’m right is a good sign!” He said. 

    Mindy had agreed to let him have the guest room while he went to college but she had been wondering about that decision. Alan was so odd! And the way he looked at her was a little disturbing. And she’d caught him fiddling around with her TV and “borrowing” her laptop. 

    Then there had all that business about how she shouldn’t risk getting her blouse wet when she did the dishes. But she had to admit, once she gave in and took it off, things felt much, much better.

    "It’s a good sign,” she agreed, then paused.  “A good sign of what?”

    “That you’re comfortable, Aunt Mindy!” He said.  “This as all about you being comfortable!”

    She had to admit that it was nice that the young man wanted her to be comfortable.  She had been so uncomfortable earlier… For some reason… Taking off her blouse had helped, whatever it was.  He nephew was right.  She had to admit it.


    “Of course, even if my shirt doesn’t get wet, my bra still does,” she pointed out, feeling she needed to assert her argument, even though she didn’t exactly remember what it was.

    “Well, that is true,” he conceded. “But you’re comfortable with your bra being wet, aren’t you Aunt Mindy? That’s the important thing.  You’re comfortable in your bra and your comfortable with it getting wet and your comfortable with me helping you wash the dishes. So when we put it all together, you’re comfortable with me seeing you in a wet bra while you wash the dishes.”

    She nodded.  It really did make a lot of sense. She had to admit it. She had been uncomfortable before but now she was comfortable.

    “You’d be even more comfortable if your bra was wetter, Aunt Mindy,” he said, quite reasonably.


    She giggled and squeezed the sponge out over her chest.  Alan was right again! Her head swam.  Why had she been uncomfortable before?

    “You know, Aunt Mindy, with your bra soaked like that, I can see your nipples,” Alan said. “But you did it on purpose, so you must be comfortable with me looking at your nipples.”

    Her head swam. How could she argue with logic like that?

    “I have to admit you’re right,” she said, partly because he was, and partly because it felt so comfortable to admit it.

    “It’s ok to play with your nipples around me, Aunt Mindy,” Alan encouraged. “I know how much you enjoy that. And I just want you to feel comfortable and know how much I appreciate you.”

    “But I feel so naughty when I play with my nipples,” she admitted, though her hands had already started.


    “Naughty but comfortable,” Alan clarified.

    “Naughty but comfortable…” she had to admit.

    “I want you to know l really appreciate you, Aunt Mindy,” he said.  “I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and everything you’re going to do for me.”

    “It’s my…it’s my pleasure…” She said. “So nice…so nice to be appreciated…I just want to be… appreciated.  Feels do good to be appreciated…”

    “I really appreciate how pretty you are, Aunt Mindy,” he said. “And I appreciate that you’re comfortable sharing your home with me." 

    "So nice to share,” she nodded. “So nice to be appreciated.”

    “And now that you’re comfortable taking your shirt off around me, I can really appreciate your big, fine titties,” he said.

    “So nice that you appreciate my big, fine titties,” she had to admit.

    “And now that you’re comfortable letting me appreciate your big, fine titties, you should be comfortable with me appreciating your sweet round ass,” he said. “If you’re comfortable taking off your shirt, you must be comfortable taking off your pants. I really appreciate your sweet round ass, Aunt Mindy, but I could appreciate it so much more if you took your pants off.”

    “Oh God I love being appreciated!” She said pulling her shorts off and showing her sweet round ass to her appreciative nephew.


    “Oh Aunt Mindy, I appreciate the hell out of your sweet ass!” He said.

    “So nice to be appreciated!” She exclaimed.

    “You’d be comfortable with me touching your sweet, round ass, wouldn’t you Aunt Mindy? You have to admit that makes sense, if you want me to appreciate your ass,” He said.  “I’d appreciate it so much more if I could touch it.  As long as you’re comfortable with that.”

    “I’m comfortable!” She nodded enthusiastically and he started kneading her ass.

    “Oh damn I appreciate your beautiful ass,” he said.

    “So nice….so ‘preciated…” She stammered as a finger stared stroking her mound from behind.

    “You’re comfortable with me stroking your twat, right Aunt Mindy?” He said. “I mean, if your comfortable with your bra getting wet, you should be comfortable with your panties getting wet.”

    “So wet….so comfortable… So 'preciated….” She moaned.

    He started nibbling her neck as his hands appreciated more and more of her and the kitchen seemed to melt around her. 

    “Since you’re so comfortable with me touching you like this, you must be comfortable with incest, Aunt Mindy,” he whispered in her ear as he fondled a nipple.  "You have to admit, that only makes sense.“ 

    Her head swam. Incest was wrong, wasn’t it? But no, that didn’t make sense. Her nephew was right.  She had to admit that. She just had to! 

     "You’re comfortable with incest Aunt Mindy,” his words pressed in her ear as his fingers pressed down the front of her panties. “Admit that you’re comfortable with incest. You have to admit it. It only makes sense.”

     "I’m comfortable with incest,“ she groaned as a finger entered her and thumb pressed just above her clitoris. "I’m so fucking comfortable with incest!”

    “Well good then,” he said, taking his hand from her panties and grabbing her wrists.  He placed her hands on the edge of the sink and then pulled her panties down around her ankles.

    “Because my dick really, really appreciates you and your sweet ass, Aunt Mindy,” he said, rubbing his hard cock along her backside.

    “Appreciate me!” She begged  “Oh God, please appreciate me now!”

    And then he was pressing into her from behind as she gripped the edge of the sink and he gripped her hips.  He began to slowly and methodically and appreciatively hump her as she moaned out.  

    All her reluctance, all her discomfort with her nephew, it had all been stupid. He just appreciated her.  And she wanted to be appreciated.  Every woman wanted to be appreciated.  It was all perfectly natural. It allows made sense.  It made sense to let her nephew fuck her in her kitchen.  As long as he appreciated her.  She had to admit that. She just had to!

    “Are you..are you comfortable Aunt Mindy?” He asked in a ragged voice. “Are you comfortable….with me coming…inside you?”

    “YES! YESYESYESYESYES!” she cried as he came.

    Probationary Period

    Probationary period chapter 3

    Ted nearly skipped to his boss’s office. He was practically a god. He could probably come up with better uses of this power, but he wasn’t thinking of any. Maybe he was petty god.

    He was alright with that.

    Mister Banner’s secretary/bouncer, Anna, was a sour faced old woman right up until the moment that she was a ditzy 18 year old intern who got off on flashing her panties to everyone that came to see the boss. 

     After flirting with him for a few minutes she waved him on.

    “Hey Mr Banner,” Ted said. “Just wanted to check in and tell you that Sandi Pearson expunged my probation for that thing with Vanya.”

    “Oh, that’s great news Ted!” Mr. Banner said with more friendliness than he’d ever shown Ted in the past. “I never did understand what the fuck that was about. Sandi probably angling for dick again. She give you head?”

    “Oh boy did she ever!” Ted confirmed.

    “Yeah, that one’s got a mouth on her,” Mr. Banner nodded enthusiastically. “I really need to make it down to HR more often.”

    Ted had not changed a thing about Mr. Banner as far as he was aware, but apparently reality had readjusted him to be consistent with the man who would hire Sandi Pearson and Anna. Ted grinned. He liked this new Mr. Banner. But he probably like Ms. Banner even more, he had to imagine.

    “I didn’t know Sandi swings both ways,” Ted told his boss, an heiress who’s wealthy father had given her the company to try and get her to stop taking softcore modeling gigs.

    “Do you think I would have hired her otherwise?” Miss Banner said and then winked and giggled. “In all honesty, though, I don’t know if half the women here come by there bisexuality naturally or they just want to get it in good with the boss.”

    “Well, if they weren’t bi when they got here, I could certainly see them converting once they met you, Ms. Banner,” Ted said with a roguish waggle of his eyebrows.

    His bimbofied boss giggled then pouted.

    “You’re sweet, Ted, but I’ve got the same problem with you! How do I know that you’re nice to me cuz you like me and not just cuz I’m your boss?”

    “Poor little rich girl, aren’t you Betsy? Well I’ll tell you what.” Ted said. “I recently acquired certain skills that I think are pretty workable marketable and I came here thinking I demand a new position, but if my working for you means I can’t date you I guess I quit. What time can I pick you up?”

    “You’d quit your job just to date me?” Betsy Banner past asked clearly flattered. “That’s just so sweet! You really like me don’t you?”

    “More and more every minute,” Ted confirmed.

    “And you’re sure you’re not just interested in my money?” She asked.

    “No, I’m mostly interested in your tits,” Ted said.

    “Aww!” Betsy exclaimed, because just as Ted had imagined, nothing made her happier than people appreciating her tits.

    Ted went in, intent on appreciating them himself, when suddenly everything went very bright. When he could see again, Betsy was gone and a stern-looking old man was there.

    “Seriously Ted?” he said. “I gave you power over the universe, thinking I could retire, after you completed a probationary period to get used to it, but all you’ve used it for is to make bimbos and get laid. I expected better of you, Ted.”

    Was this God? Had God given him this power? As some sort of test?

    That was just stupid! The sort of God that would give him the sort of power would be more like well…

    “I’m just just fucking with you, Ted.” the stone cold Fox of a deity said. “You’re doing a great job. Probationary period is over. Mind if I watch?”

    Betsy reappeared, clearly not willing to wait for Ted to ‘date’ her.

    “Not at all,” said Ted. “Enjoy yourself. I know I will.”