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    Thinking about how close the movie came to having a reverse of the bad future. Imagine if Raph and Don had NOT been there when Mikey went to open the portal to save Leo for whatever reason. Mikey would have more than likely died trying to open the portal and then Leo would have been killed in the other dimension. 

    Imagine Raph and Don, looking for Mikey frantically because they don’t want to loose another brother, they can’t take it. Growing more and more frantic when they can’t find him, it’s like he vanished into thin air. There are no clues about what happened to him. 

    Even if Casey could guess at what happened to Mikey, they would never know for certain. 

    They would have to live with not only Leo’s probable death, but the not knowing of what happened to their baby brother as well. 

    This movie came very close to going from Leo and Mikey being the only two alive in the bad future to Raph and Don being the only two left alive in the present timeline. 

    (Splinter would have outlived two of his children) 

    Not to slander 2012 tmnt (because I love it) but those kraang were COWARDS with those LAME ASS KRAANGDROIDS looking like the most average business men they could muster while Rise!Kraang immediately went for the superior overlord look, making people FEEL something. Yeah him beating Leo into the ground was kind of horrific but he looked GREAT DOING IT


    So i’ve been kinda losing my sanity about the Rise movie on twitter for a while, and Tumblr gets some nicer versions of my ramblings so here’s an angsty thought

    If Mikey hadn’t managed to get his magic hands working, the Kraang guy likely would have kept Leo alive just so he could endlessly take out his fury on him for as long as he could manage 


    [tw: violence, distress, suicidal thoughts, implied temporary character death, various serious injuries, blood, minor body horror] (he does get rescued at the end of all this)

    Leo lost count of the days after…. well, pretty much immediately actually.

    do u start crying uncontrollably over this scene or do u have a healthy relationship with ur father

    I don't think I can get over this little moment with Donnie when they're trying to save Leo from the prison dimension.

    Our boy is PISSED. We've seen him upset and frustrated a few times throughout the show but this? This is pure rage.

    Leo is the one Donnie has butted heads with the most throughout the show and movie. They argue and they tease each other, but at the end of the day, they love each other. I think we see the culmination of that right here, where Donnie is furious at the thought of losing Leo again and is determined to get him back.

    He doesn't even say anything here, which I think makes this more impactful since this is just another moment of raw emotion from Mr. "Emotionally Unavailable". It's such a small moment but it's an important one, especially for Donnie's character.


    You Know What Can be Cool? a sonic show that is Animated by Flying Bark Productions Their Animation Style can be Really Good with Sonic


    A Sonic show animated by Flying Bark would just be.... I can't even think of the words to describe how amazing that would be to see that.

    Another Rise movie animatic. This one was the ending scene but was cut for time and reviewed for something more to the point. Too bad, I cried 10 times doing this.

    I got super self conscious about myself and probs won’t be posting it outside tumblr.