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    thinking about a monster that pumps so much cum into you that you already look hugely pregnant—only to discover that it actually has knocked you up, and its young are even bigger

    let's say a centaur makes your belly swell into a perfect half-sphere in front of you—but then you realize that you're pregnant with twin foals, so heavy already that you can barely stand on your own, and they still have so much growing to do

    or a dragon pumps you so full that your belly button pops out immediately, but then you realize that the egg it finally managed to push through your cervix will spend two years growing inside of your womb before it's ready to be laid, and it's already so big that you can barely move without getting distracted by the way it jostles inside of you

    what about a pack of werewolves who all take a turn knotting you and making sure all that hot cum stays plugged inside of you where it's supposed to be. and then you realize that you're pregnant with not one litter but several—and each of them has at least half a dozen pups, all starting to kick and wriggle already

    or some kind of mermaid, a shark or enormous river eel, that pumps you full of eggs and then swells your belly with its come to make sure they take. looking down at your swollen belly, you can't imagine how it will get any bigger—but you know that there are hundreds of tiny eggs inside of you, already starting to grow

    whatever the species that's growing inside of you, all that matters is that as swollen and round as your belly is already, it's only going to keep getting bigger and heavier until you're fuller than you ever could have imagined. good luck being satisfied with an empty womb after that! but great news: whatever creature bred you so thoroughly, they're sure to come back and do it again. after all, you did such a good job the first time—why waste a good breeder when you can make sure they stay full and happy for the rest of their life?

    So after the angst from yesterday I had to write some fluff!


    Tim is in the middle of a bite of his peanut butter sandwich when he feels a sharp pain in his stomach.

    There’s a moment of panic as Tim drops his sandwich and cups his bump, but then he feels it again, softer this time, and it takes him a moment to realise what it is.

    He feels a jolt of excitement rush through him.

    Of course Jason isn’t here. Jason is on patrol.

    But Tim needs to share this moment with someone, and the only person in the manor right now is Damian.

    “Damian!” Tim cries excitedly, his heart fluttering when he feels that same pressure in his abdomen.

    Damian appears moments later, a sword in one hand as he clearly thinks Tim is in danger.

    “What’s wrong?” Damian frowns, his eyes sweeping the kitchen before settling on Tim’s middle. “Do I need to call a doctor?”

    “Nope,” Tim replies happily, walking over to Damian and taking the boy’s hand in his own, pressing it against his bump. “Feel this.”

    There’s a look of disgust mixed with confusion on Damian’s face, but he doesn’t move his hand. His expression shifts to something else when he feels that little bit of pressure across Tim’s middle.

    “That’s the baby,” Damian says, his voice soft.

    “Yeah.” Tim beams. “That’s the baby. He’s gonna be strong.”

    He wishes he could have shared this moment with Jason, but Damian seems pretty excited too. In his own way at least.

    The baby is pretty restless for most of the afternoon. Damian sits with Tim on the couch, claiming that it’s his responsibility to keep an eye on Tim and the baby until the others return from patrol, but his hand keeps wandering to Tim’s bump to feel the baby kick.

    When Jason finds them later that evening, Tim and Damian are curled up on the couch together, their hands joined over Tim’s bump.

    Au snupin

    Severus was an intersex.

    He was born and raised as a boy.when he was twelve, his genetial bled but he didn't hurt. Madam Pomfrey was surprised.After she tested the blood, it was confirmed to be period. She asked Severus if he was really a boy. Severus insisted he was really a boy. Madam Pomfrey taught him to use sanitary pad. Severus was so confused. He was a boy.Despite he had menstruation,he also had semen.he preferred pronoun he/ him

    Near the full moon, Lupin had high sexual desire. Severus gave him wolfbane potion. Lupin asked him to leave so he could masturabate in private. Severus asked why did you masturabate when you could have me. They had sex together. Lupin agreed to have sex with Snape because he thought Snape was a man so he couldn't passed down his infection to future children.Severus was pregnant. He used glamour charm to hide his swollen belly. He gave birth to a son when he tried to capture Sirius.Golden trio was so confused.Hermione asked Ron if it was normal in wizarding world that man gave a birth. Ron said no and asked if they were potion or spell that helped to do it.Severus said he never said he was a man.Ron asked if he was a woman. Severus said no and explained it 

     Lupin asked whom the boy belong to. Severus said I gave birth to him,he belong to me. Lupin said he meant who was his father. Severus insisted that he was. Lupin said a boy had his hair and asked why did Snape never tell him he could get pregnant. Severus just shrugged and said if Lupin knew,he wouldn't agree to sleep with him but Lupin didn't have to concerned himself.It was just sex. Severus wouldn't ask him to take responsibility for it. He would raise the boy by himself.he would lied to him that his mother died while giving birth to him.It far more easier than explained he was indeed his mother. Lupin didn't surrender. He wanted Severus and wanted his son too.In chaos Scabber tried to escape, Severus used petrificus totalus on him.Sirius and Lupin changed him back to his human form. They agreed to kill him but Harry said no.Severus sent patronus to tell Dumbledore. Dumbledore and Fudge came to investigate.Fudge was so shocked to see Peter.when it was cleared. Lupin tried to win over Severus.Severus named his son Lovell which meant dearly loved and wolf cub.

    idk if anybody will read this but: please, normalize men getting pregnant. stop saying male pregnancy is “weird” while female pregnancy is seen as “normal”. While mpreg art can be portrayed in a sexual, kinky way, which, ngl is valid and nice, it is by NO MEANS limited to just being people’s fetish fodder.

    There is pregnant trans men out there right now that wanted a biological child with their partner or wished for that special connection with their child that only a pregnancy can give you.

    We are
    not “weird” for wanting to experience that, we are not “just a fetish” and art that represents pregnant men should not be treated as a taboo as much as it is right now. Idk it gives me the transphobic vibes.