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    You know how there are some people that take certain things like cleanliness way too far and become obsessed with cleanliness in an unhealthy way that directly effects and interferes with their life and relationships but at the same time no one thinks a normal amount of attention to cleanliness potentially puts you on a dangerous slippery slope and instead it’s assumed people with an unhealthy obsession have other factors going on and that the issue is not simply a desire to be clean


    It’s always the internet guardians of morality that like to open with incredibly graphic descriptions of what they imagine someone’s masturbation habits are. it’s like that thing homophobes do where they demonize gay sex by giving a really detailed description of like, what anal sex would look like if you took laxatives beforehand


    As you can see these types are very serious about asserting an addiction model in a scientific and informed way having reached their position through empirical data and it’s totally not just trying to invoke feelings of revulsion as an excuse to avoid critical thinking


    Do you remember the “Patriot Front” guys who marched around the Washington Monument? This horribly acted “leaked video” is being circulated by Twitter Libs who think people actually talk like this.

    The whole group is likely either an entrapment operation or a fake boogeyman to justify the new “domestic terrorism” narrative the Feds are pushing. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if they weren’t trying to unrequitedly align themselves with actual conservative movements like “March for Life” in a likely attempt to (a) turn public opinion against uppity conservatives, (b) justify unlawful spying on said movements, or (c, worse) get gullible conservatives to “join up.”

    Stay away from these people. Do not approach them. Steer clear of them online and in real life. Don’t be stupid.


    It’s such an obvious fake fed operation designed to justify their new surveillance and tactical units to deal with “domestic terrorism” I can’t believe anyone buys it as real.  


    Its the worse acting that I have ever seen and I watched the catwoman halley berry movie.

    Also, lmao to the auth right/fascist on tumblr who told me that these guys could never be feds.

    "Hurr hurr you believe everyone is a fed" not everyone, retard. Just the ones that are.


    Fed or future victim of entrapment lolololol


    Lol cameras off guyz, now we can act how we really are -wink-wink-nudge-nudge. Nobody take off their mask though, wouldn't want anybody to be identified in this "candid" moment.


    Funny how their data "leaked" and the only thing that's been revealed is one poorly staged clip where they do a cringey slogan and one guy slips in a "sieg fucking heil" like that's a thing that nazis say to other nazis all the time.

    Really.. No other footage? No other takes? No stash of photographs of everyone unmasked? They leaked this one file and it's supposed to be the bombshell that the openly fascist Fed Front is also full of secret nazis? Goodness, that changes everything, doesn't it?!

    This is a bid to get more attention on this loser-filled honeypot and nothing else.


    My cat likes to keep a schedule and if I don’t go to bed on time he just… sits somewhere nearby and stares at me until I go to bed.

    Tonight while doing that, he fell asleep


    So instead of going to bed like he wanted me to I made him into a meme


    Can some please edit OP’s icon into the orb? I don’t know how to do it myself. But it’s a crucial edit.


    Well, I have my icon in its original resolution, which would be best for editing it in… so how about I just…