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    sometimes there are some men out there who take completely normal human experiences and they’re like ‘oh that’s a Man Thing that only men do’ and it’s extremely bizarre. sir have you spoken to a woman


    MAN THINGS THAT ONLY MEN WILL UNDERSTAND #995492: sometimes when us men are sitting in a public place, we like to imagine that there’s some kind of criminal who tries to rob the place and we have to be a hero and stop it. only men do this. this is a male only experience only manly men can understand. only men have imaginations and like pretending to be heroes. womz dni


    Who else gets the ADHD/anxiety paralysis where you have a meeting or appointment or whatever, and you can't do anything else because of the scheduled event out of fear that you'll be late or otherwise screw up being at said event?

    Fun fun.


    i can only handle one (1) obligation per week so i feel this


    One Event (Long long rest cool down)


    I was worried about this guy. I hadn’t heard from him in a while. Glad to see nothing has changed.


    Is this the dude that ended up in India instead of Indiana


    Yep, here’s some other Skweezy Jibbs highlights


    This man must be protected at all costs


    chaotic good


    This dude is one hell of a mood.


    If it weren’t for the India one I would assume this was satire, but nope. I’m so glad it’s real.


    Absolutely the maddest lad


    The light of this dark age


    The latest and the best one imo 🤷‍♀️




    The only fuckboy I will protect with my life with no regards for it


    this man is a treasure


    I’d say that he’s a national treasure, but he’s been to India, so he’s an international treasure


    No one ever tell me anything bad about the person who runs this account.


    the person who runs this account, Katie Gouldin, is an evolutionary biologist who has an EXCELLENT podcast called Creature Feature which compares and contrasts the weird behaviors of man and beast! she is super cute and funny too!


    oh thank GOD


    I get a lot of questions about cat genetics, so here’s a handy reference for everyone wanting to learn more! 

    one thing that will help you understand the diagrams: dominant traits are represented by capital letters (D/D), recessive traits are represented by lowercase letters (d/d). you only need one copy of a dominant gene for it to express (D/D or D/d have the same expression), but you need two copies of a recessive gene for it to express (d/d)

    these are all from the Labgenvet page of cat colouration, which you can visit for detailed explanations of these diagrams


    the ‘solid cream’ example is also a silver shaded cream, and the ‘albino’ looks like just a blue-eyed white, but 🤐 the information is good, even if the photo examples aren’t.

    for those curious, this is what an actual Cinnamon looks like:

    here’s an actual Mink:

    and for good measure, here’s a cream:

    Last piece of Hollow Knight fanart for now! This time I wanted to draw one of my favorite places in the game, Joni’s Repose. I knew I wanted to draw this place as soon as I saw it. This is my 2nd time drawing this area, the first piece I did was last year. I was not satisfied with the first piece and I knew I wanted to go back to drawing it again, and thought tonight was the perfect time! Started and finished all on stream. :) Decided to provide 3 versions since I like how the colors look. 

    We will be going back to streaming Octopath Traveler on Thursday! Catch me drawing on Twitch


    I wish dates didn’t have such strong romantic attachment to them.

    Like, I wish I could go up to a friend of mine and be like, “Hey I want to take you to a nice restaurant. Let’s get dressed up fancy and go.”

    We’d go have a fancyass dinner, but there’d be no romantic involvement.

    I wish platonic dates were a common thing.

    I would take each and every one of you on platonic dates.


    does nobody on tumblr have friends


    For real tho can anybody explain the difference between romantic and platonic friendship, for someone who has neither,


    in a romantic relationships you speak latin and your empire falls, and in platonic relationships you speak greek and think about caves

    Just saw an 11 year old on Tumblr with her whole name and info in her bio and like-

    Listen i know there are lots of kids here under the age of 14 and you want to be on internet and have fun too and it's all good just be safe?? Don't tell your full name, where you live, your age (to random strangers) and especially your photos. I know I sound annoying and "old fashioned" but it is important dude, there are lot of people on the internet waiting to take advantage of you, i am not saying everyone is bad most people are amazing but some are not good? Don't disclose your information, idk if schools and parents have stopped teaching these things but you have to know internet safety, I know how much you wanna ignore and "break the rules" I was just like you but for god sake keep yourself safe please.


    shared bad social skills can be a love language


    Rachmaninoff was also 6'6 so please imagine a tall, imposing figure looming in front of your house holding a big jar of honey in the dead of night


    You: a a young Stravinsky

    Him: an impossibly tall and large handed rachmaninoff

    He brings u a gift of the finest honey? What will you do?