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2023-02-06 01:09:53

    It seems that I forgot to post this here…

    This is something I wanted to do for a long time - I used the Holbein watercolour tubes I had, added some colours, mixed some and re-created the set of colours recommended by Hayao Miyazaki. This is based on the first (old) edition of the 24 colour set that was being sold in Studio Ghibli’s museum in Mitaka (some colours got discontinued by Holbein though so you can not buy it any more). I will be painting an illustration using this set in another video.

    The list of colours (including the ones requiring mixing)

    1. Crimson Lake 2. Opera 3. Vermilion 4. Yellow Ocher 5. Permanent Yellow Lemon 6. Permanent Yellow Deep 7. Permanent Yellow Orange 8. Permanent Green No.1 9. Permanent Green No.3  made from Sap Green W075    4:1   Yellow Ochre W034 10. Cadmium Green Deep 11. Cobalt Green Yellow Shade  made from   Permanent Green No.2  W067     3:1   Viridian (hue) W061 12. Cobalt Blue Hue 13. Cerulean Blue 14. Ultramarine Deep 15. Compose Blue 16. Prussian Blue 17. Bright Violet 18. Light Red 19. Burnt Umber 20. Burnt Sienna 21. Ivory Black 22. Yellow Grey 23. Violet Grey  made from    W025 Brilliant Pink     9:1    W120 Quinacridone Violet 24. Davis Grey

    Works of Hayao Miyazaki © Studio Ghibli used for educational purposes  only

    I’ve already appealed this, but it’s back to being explicit. The guidelines says “real-life human” is adult content. These are cartoons. And even at that it’s just little “U”s. It also says nudity found it art such as sculptures and illustrations is allowed.