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    Making alcohol inks!! Usually $15 for a set of 3 tiny bottles or $9 for a 2-ounce bottle. The cost for making your own is MUCH cheaper and seems easy. Just pull out the ink core, plop it into concentrated rubbing alcohol, wait a few hours and done!

    -8-pack of store brand permanent markers $5 (I’m also using the 21-pack of sharpies I scored for $5 at a convention last year)

    -6-pack of 2-ounce bottles $4

    -91% isopropyl alcohol $4.25

    That’ll make six 2-ounce bottles for under $15, with markers and alcohol to spare. My batch of 15 will cost a total of $35, about $2.33 per bottle. WELL worth it to make lots of dice and resin crafts! This stuff lasts forever on the shelf and I’ll literally never run out using less than 10 drops at a time.

    The Process:

    Label your bottles and fill them with rubbing alcohol almost to the top. I wrote labels on the front and also colored a swatch on the lids so I can see them in a box.

    Lay down newspapers, wear gloves, and work on a craft surface you can clean with alcohol. This WILL get messy.

    You’ll want a pair of needle nose pliers, and a sturdy set of wire cutters. Also a container of rubbing alcohol to clean tools between each color.

    Start by cutting through the back of your marker. There’s a tube full of ink-soaked cotton in there. That’s what we’re after.

    Gently pull it out with the needle nose pliers and put it into your bottle. Get the nib out of the writing end too, there’s more ink in there!

    Let it steep as long as you want. For a less saturated color, about 2-4 hours. For a more saturated color, overnight. When you’ve got the color you want, glove up and remove the tube.

    Your ink is ready to use! I’m really looking forward to a set of garish pink magical dice with the highlighter I used, and a sakura set with the pale pink from the pictures.

    @davethecryptid Yes! This alcohol ink is not calligraphy ink, it’s much more thin and transparent. It’s a dye, not a pigment. Most people use it for scrapbook projects like making marbled paper or tile. It creates a watercolor-like effect! Look up ‘alcohol inks’ for more of an idea of what they do.

    take some time to notice your vision. see how easily you detect motion. focus on something in your peripheral (without moving your eyes to it). see how it works. look at your hands. pick something up with your fingers. appreciate how ridiculously specialized they are in fine motor skills (even if your personal motor skills are lackluster). think about how you have a body built to be an apex predator through use of tools. think about how the brain of your kind has created a digital hivemind uniting the whole world. now look back at the screen.  look at the tab where you are in an argument about cartoons on tumblr. close the tab. open a new tab. google “tribute to anomalocaris”. watch the video that comes up. leave a like. subscribe even though the channel has been inactive for 8 years. you will need it in the coming times

    Jeff looks back at you suspiciously. Unbeknownst to you Jeff has the theory that you are an anteater. The spy vs spy-esque antics go on for 7 acts

    Your boss eyes the two of you, he seems nervous while he slightly shakes in fear. The two of you have been doing nothing but suspecting each other the entire time. Yet you haven't even suspected the fact that,

    <>Your boss is the anteater.

    this is so fucking surreal what the hell