My wife had been received massages from a gay guy called Mark for months, they’d become really close and had started to socialise regularly.

    Mark massaged both men and women, one night after a few drinks he confessed to my wife that several of the husbands he massaged requested extras for him. She was intrigued and asked a few questions. It turns out that a few wanted a simple prostate massage with fingers and/or a hand job to help them de-stress.

    However, a number of his married male client requested more intimate relief. He told her that he specialises in deep prostate relief, he claimed with his technique he could make men cum hands free every time. He told her it was all about the position and his thrusting rhythm. He whispered is my wife’s ear, “these horny boys secretly just want to get fucked by a big cock and they cum everywhere when I fuck them, I bet your Mike would as well”.

    My wife was intrigued by this and although she didn’t tell me at first, she started to bring anal play into our sex life. At first she’d rub my butt hole before I came, then she started inserting a finger which I really enjoyed. Then one evening she was giving me a blowjob and she brought out her small vibrator, I felt it against my hole, it felt great, the next things she’s got out some lube and it’s inside me. The orgasm I had was incredible. This continued for a few weeks, the blow jobs became more frequent which I love and the dildos we’re getting bigger and bigger. Each time she played with my cock less and less but I still came each time.

    One night we talked about how much I’d learned to love anal play, she said that I’d essentially learned to enjoy anal penetration which is how gay men have sex. She asked whether I had ever imagined it was a real cock when she was fucking me with her dildos, I confessed that I had. She replied “good, because I want to watch you with a real cock”, she told me about the conversation she’d had with Mark and the special service he offered a number of men. “I want to watch Mark fuck you, I want to see if he can make you cum, by fucking you”. I told her I was willing to give it a try, if that was why she wanted.

    She booked Mark in a few day later, for the first 45 minutes he gave me an awesome massage, then he teased me a while, played with my hole and prostate. He then undressed revealing a long thick limp shaved cock, it looked magnificent. He walked around the massage table and offered his cock to my mouth “You have to suck it before you get to fuck it”. I looked over at my wife who was smiling back at me and took his cock into my mouth, I have to admit, it felt good, feeling him get hard in my mouth”. After a few minutes he told me to get off the bed and stand up, he bent me over slightly and told me that this was the perfect prostate position. He they presented a little bottle for me to sniff which I now know was poppers and he told me to count to ten. By ten my mind was whirling, a strange but awesome sensation had come over me, then slowly I felt pressure against my butt and his big thick shaft slid inside me and pushed against my prostate. “That feel good” he asked “does my cock feel good inside you”, “oh yes” I replied.

    I looked over at my wife who has a lustful look in her eyes, “how does that big hard cock feel hunny”, “so good” I answered. “Good, he’s now going to fuck the cum out of your balls, is that what what want hunny, you want him to fuck you nice and hard and make you cum”. “Yes please, please fuck me”. Mark tarted nice and slowly, I could feel his long deep strokes and his hands holding my hips, it felt so good. He started telling me how nice and tight my hole was, how perfect it was for his thick hard cock, he told me how much he was looking forward to cumming in my hole. Now strangely the thought of him cunning inside me hadn’t even occurred to me, now he mentioned it I was even more excited, my butt clinched his cock a bit tighter which made his cock swell even more, this intensified the pressure on my prostate. I could feel myself about to explode, I looked down and precum was oozing out of me, it was an incredible feeling. Mark told me he was getting close, that he was going to shoot a big load inside me, I felt him cum, it was a surely experience, he didn’t stop, his orgasm was long and intense. Knowing he was ejaculating inside me pushed me over the edge, I came hard cum shooting from my cock all over the floor, I was in heaven, it felt so good. I looked at my wife, who had her hand over her mouth in amazement at what she’d just seen “wow boys what a show, same time next week” she asked, “definitely” I replied.