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2021-07-25 13:10:56

    You guys are completely bullying me and I almost can't take the feels of support. Beyond a thank you for reaching out I...am kind of at a loss for what to say really. I held onto these and have mostly just been busy with work / existing but then I got the last one at the top so I felt like maybe now was a good time to respond.

    Keep being supportive, lovelies. I know others might need it even more than I do. My own feelings ebb and flow but at some times like that just...spill over.


    Hello! I am a support anon. I have been directed at you in hopes of offering love and good juju!

    Your screens are lovely and you sound like a very fun person! ❤️

    Gonna make me cry, anon. Thank whoever must have sent you and sorry that it came down to it. I really just...am.

    You're too kind for me. To me.


    Good Types of Tropes For H/C

  • No Pain Killers Available
  • Gotta Stay Quiet To Avoid Discovery
  • Feverish Delirium And Mumbling
  • Cowboy Medicine: Whiskey Internally & Externally Applied
  • Huddling For Warmth
  • Desperate Hand-Holding
  • “Breathe, Just Breathe”
  • Protectively Cradling A Broken Arm
  • The Word ‘Winced’
  • Whimpering
  • “Easy, Easy There”
  • Being Carried; Bridal, Fireman’s, Two-Person, Doesn’t Matter- Being Carried
  • Coughing, or, God-Forbid, Sneezing, With Broken Ribs
  • Fainting
  • Waking Up Not Knowing Where They Are
  • Animal Attack
  • DIY Bullet-Removal
  • Field-Medicine in General
  • Blankets/Shirt Collar Shifting Just Enough To Have Bandages Peeking Out
  • Gentle Shushing
  • Needing Help To Drink From A Glass
  • Brushing Hair From Brow
  • Collapsing Off Of Horse
  • Dramatic Irony Injury Reveal (Audience Knows About It But Other Characters Do Not)
  • Frantically Feeling For Breath Or Pulse
  • (feel free to add on!)


    - “…you stayed?” “Of course I did.”

    -The comforting one watching the hurt one sleep and feeling incredibly ~fond~

    -The hurt one waking up to see the comforting one asleep near them and feeling incredibly ~fond~


    I feel called out. …Also you forgot a few important ones:

  • otherwise stoic character flinching, either because they’re so out of it or the pain is Just That Bad
  • the injured person having to walk their comforter through giving them stitches
  • the hurt one suddenly losing their balance/too weak to stand and the comforting one is right there to catch them
  • character gently cupping someone’s cheek while they’re asleep/unconscious and the hurt one turns their face into their hand