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    Butt Plugs and Diaper Discipline

    “Nanny, it feels like you’re *inside* me all day!”

    That’s what my little one said to me last week to describe the large butt plug that I put in his bottom before diapering him for the day.

    A butt plug is an excellent tool for all diaper dominants. I highly recommend you at least experiment with plugging your submissive’s bottom while they’re diapered.

    By keeping your submissive’s bottom filled with a rubber shaft all day, you’re making a significant psychological and physiological impact on your submissive in three ways:

    1) You’re asserting tremendous physiological and psychological dominance from the moment of insertion.

    By keeping your bottom from being able to ‘close’ their hole all day, it’s akin to having your fingers in their bottom all day.

    Their inability to do something as simple and basic as squeeze their butthole closed will be consciously and subconsciously interpreted by your little as a profound act of incessant trespass over their most intimate area, and will do a great deal to psychologically regress your submissive and help them accept your 24/7 dominance over them.

    2) A method of incontinence Training.

    By consistently inserting progressively wider butt plugs into your submissive over a period of weeks, (I’ve seen great results by enforcing butt plug compliance 12-18 hours per day, every day), you’ll be stretching out your submissive’s bottom, and making it harder for them to hold their bowel movements at all while no longer plugged.

    By slowly stretching out their sphincter over a long period of time, you’ll soon erode their fecal incontinence entirely, making them totally diaper dependent. (And dependent on you changing them, of course!)

    Further, large plugs put pressure on a submissive’s bladder as well, also assisting with the task of urinary incontinence / wet diaper compliance.

    3) A method of enhancing the impact of your diapered submissive’s diaper BMs.

    “Mommy, I’m trying to make a pushy, but it won’t come out!”

    That’s what my submissive said to me when I saw his tell-tale squatting in the corner after lunch, indicating he was finally trying to make a poopy diaper for Mommy to change.

    I knew this would be happening sooner rather then later, as my submissive had gotten pretty backed up from holding his poopies for a few days because he was, “Too embarrassed to make a poopy in front of Mommy.” (I know — very naughty on his part!)

    When I changed his wet diaper that morning, I had manually inserted several fleet suppositories into his bottom, then inserted a very large, long butt plug to push and hold them all in.

    That way I knew he wouldn’t be immediately pushing out the suppositories before they did the work they needed to stimulate a very full and messy movement!

    The first time he began to try and push the rubber intruder out, he discovered that the diaper I had so tightly wrapped him in prevented it from coming out!

    That is, no matter how hard he squated and grunted and pushed, no matter how bad he had to go, no matter how loud his bowels grumbled and roared from the medicines I put in him, he couldn’t achieve the sweet relief of pushing his poopy into his diapers.

    That is, until finally, after hours of grunting and sweating and begging for ‘Mommy to let him make his poopies in his diap-y’, I loosened his diaper enough to give him the space in the seat of his diaper enough to allow him to finally push the massive plug out of his bottom, along with a huge, messy, stinky load into his white, crinkly diaper for mommy to change.

    And I did change that poppy diaper, of course. But only after pushing his plug back in and making him sit in his smelly mess through lunch. 😉

    I think he’s learned his lesson. I don’t think he’ll be trying to hold his poopies anymore after that. 😈


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    Kevin had never been close to his stepbrother. Their parents married when they were in high school, and the two had almost nothing in common. Kevin was kind of a nerd - razor sharp, but a little awkward and not especially athletic. Barry was captain of the wrestling team, incredibly popular, and fucked half the cheerleaders in his class. Barry had always ignored Kevin, even when their parents married. Kevin wondered if his stepbrother had picked up on the fact that Kevin had always had a crush on him, and had fantasized about him since junior high. When Barry started college out of state, Kevin didn’t hear a word from him for the entire first semester he was gone.

    When Barry came back for Christmas break his junior year, something seemed different. Kevin would look up from his books to find his stepbrother staring at him with a smirk on his face. Once, he tried to ask what Barry was looking at. Barry told him he was looking out the window and to stop being such a little faggot. Kevin blushed a deep red. He knew Barry was up to something, and it made him uneasy.

    The week before Christmas, Kevin and Barry’s parents left for their annual holiday cruise. As usual, they left Barry in charge, despite the fact that he was barely older than Kevin. As soon as the door closed, Barry turned to Kevin and folded his arms. 

    “Okay, I’m laying down some rules for the next two weeks.”

    Kevin snorted. “I’m an adult, I don’t need to follow your rules.”

    With one swift motion, Barry pulled Kevin into a chokehold. Kevin struggled helplessly. He started to see stars. Barry grunted in his ear. “I don’t think you’re an adult. I think you’re a faggy little puppy.” Kevin punched helplessly at his stepbrother’s thick thigh. With one arm wrapped around the boy’s neck, Barry held him in place. With the other arm, he pulled a syringe out of his gym bag and plunged it into Kevin’s arm.

    “What the fuck!? What kind of fucked up steroids did you put in me?”

    Barry grinned. “I was complaining about having you around the house during my vacation and a friend of mine whipped up a batch of this.” 

    Kevin bucked and kicked in the headlock, his voice rising. “What’s in it?”

    Barry set down the syringe and began to scratch behind Kevin’s ears. “Shhh, calm down,” he said. 

    A wave of calm washed over Kevin. “What… what’s in…”

    Barry chuckled. “Uh oh, boy, you’re drooling on my shirt.” Kevin blushed as he registered the big wet stain on Barry’s muscle tee. He opened his mouth to apologize, and a feeble whine escaped his lips. Barry laughed loudly. “Looks like my puppy is drooling in his jeans too.” Kevin looked down and realized his cock was engorged, with a big slick spot of precum forming on the front of his pants. That was the last thing he remembered before he blacked out.

    Kevin blinked awake. For a moment, he couldn’t figure out where he was. He dimly realized he was in Barry’s bedroom - a place where he normally wasn’t allowed. He saw two big feet step into the middle of his field of vision and heard Barry’s voice.

    “No, man, it’s cool. He just woke up. I gotta lock him up and then I’ll get his bedroom ready for the guys. Yeah. Tell Derek to pick up some beer on your way into town. Later.”

    Barry knelt down and stared into Kevin’s eyes. “How’s my new pet?”

    Kevin let out a muffled bark. He’d been forced into a rubber pup suit, plugged with a rubber tail, and muzzled. Barry grinned. “Yeah, that’s what I thought you’d say.” 

    Barry stood up. Kevin struggled to get up too, but couldn’t remember how to do it. He only managed to get himself up onto all fours, then looked up at Barry, wagging his tail. His snout was at cock level, and the scent of Barry’s sweat and precum-stained jockstrap was overpowering to Kevin’s heightened senses. He nudged his stepbrother’s crotch with his nose and felt it stiffen instantly. 

    “Sorry, bro. I invited the team over to crash at the house for the two weeks mom and dad are away, and I needed your room. Aww, don’t look at me with those big puppy eyes. I put a nice big kennel in the garage so you’ll stay out of the way at parties. And who knows? Maybe some of the guys will let you sleep at their feet. They’re pretty horny, and I bet more than one of them will want a shot at that little puppy pussy.”

    Kevin whined, wagging his tail. His new puppy suit had a slit in the crotch, and his erect cock was leaking like a faucet. Barry reached down and clipped a leash to his collar. “Is my little buddy worried that his virgin ass is too tight for the wrestling team?” He pulled his shorts to one side and his fat cock sprang out. “Let’s get you ready.” 


    “Dad are you in here?” I asked as I looked under the stall and saw him getting his dick sucked by a random stranger.

    He pulled away and his dick was wet and leaking cum. He had just blown in this random guy’s mouth and it made my dick go hard. I have wanted to do that for him myself but was always was too scared to ask.

    As I waited outside the bathroom for him I pushed down my dick hoping he wouldn’t notice.

    “Hey buddy,” he said as he existed. We started to walk down the long hall. “You’re not going to tell your mom about this are you?” He asked ashamed to have to say it out loud to me.

    “Don’t worry about it Dad, I won’t say anything,” I told him. “Do you like having other guys do that?” I asked trying to see where this would lead.

    “It’s more than your mom is doing for me,” he turned red once he set it out loud.

    “Sorry, that sucks,” I said and then it was time for the big question. “You know you can always let me do that for you, I don’t mind.”

    “Ryan Anthony,” he said socked but then pump the brakes on the scolding after he remembered what I had just caught him doing. “Do you like sucking dick?” He kind of pepped up as we walked through the mall.

    “I mean, I haven’t done it a lot but yeah I really like it. Like I said, I’d do it for you if you ever want,” I told him again.

    “Fuck. We can’t do that kind of stuff, bud,” He said but was totally thinking about it.

    “Sure we can. I’ll open my mouth and you’ll put it in,” I said straightforward. “And will keep it quiet just like we’re going to keep this quiet,” I added.

    “Are you telling me that if I don’t let you do it then you’re going to tell Mom what you caught me doing?” He asked surprised that I would do that to him.

    “Not at all! I wouldn’t do that to you,” I told him not realizing that’s what he thought I was saying.

    “How about this,” he said putting his arm around me pulling me into a hug. “I’ll think about it and the next time I’m horny I will tell you and we’ll figure it out together.”

    “Awesome,” I said putting my arm around him as we walked. “Hope it doesn’t take too long,” I said.

    “Probably not,” he chuckled. “How about the two of us go get ice cream tonight. I’m sure I’ll be ready to let you try by then.”


    Great Dad and son story!


    what rules has your master set so far? what's your goal with chastity in regards to the future, like in 5-10 years

    The rules, so far, are as follows:

    1) Don’t stop working out. Master wants a muscled pussyboy.

    2) Do not touch my nub.

    3) I’m allowed out of the cage once a week to clean and shave. Then it’s back into the cage.

    4)To always pleasure my pussy whenever I’m horny. This is part of my training to become a full time, total pussyboy.

    5) Train as much as possible to please Master.

    6) My pussy is for Master only and no one else.

    I have to confess I do not have 5-10 year goals but the goals I do have are as follows:

    1) To remain in chastity indefinitely/permanently. I have no use for my nub except to pee.

    2) To be able to achieve pussygasms.

    3) My sources of pleasure are my pussy, my tits and my mouth. I will need to learn and train while breaking bad habits I developed before finding my true calling.

    4) To shrink my nub until it’s just the head nestled in my balls. I will need a cage shorter than an inch and it excites me to know I’ll have to go smaller and smaller.

    5) To remain plugged 24/7 365 days. Obviously I have to remove the plug to defecate and train my pussy with my dildo. Basically, if I’m not cleaning out, I have to have something or Master up my pussy.

    6) To be able to take larger dildos and butt plugs without turning into swinging saloon doors.

    7) To remain limp. I have no use for erections. Only Alphas and Masters have erections. I have a wet pussy.

    8) To wear jocks, thongs and slutty underwear. No more boxer briefs, boxers or briefs for me. I’m a pussyboy and I have to dress as such.

    9) To pump my tits until they are big, juicy and prominent. Think gum drops. I want them to forever lead the way.10) To get an ass as big as possible. As a pussyboy, my ass is my calling card. As such, the rounder, juicier and bubblier (is that a real word?) it is, the better.

    These are the goals I have for now and I’m sure the list would grow. I am on my way to become a full time pussyboy and I’m loving it ;)

    Yesterday I got an email from my parents saying that I need to sign a contract with them regarding my chastity cage. I was shocked when I found out that I am not going to get ANY form of release until at least the end of this academic year, and I need to get a first class result in all my work… It just seems impossible to me… but what can I do? They have the key so they are in charge. Helplessly I signed it and laminated it and put it up outside my wardrobe so I can remind myself every day when I wake up in the morning. 

    9th October, 2015

    Chastity Terms and Conditions

    The Son, ***********************, will wear the Chastity Belt or Device that his Parents have provided for the whole duration of this contract, without any form of release, until the Son has achieved satisfactory results outlined below.

    As the Parents, we promise that:

    1.      We will be respectful of our Son/Daughter’s sense of privacy.

    2.     We will, as far as possible, seek to make this as comfortable and non-invasive an experience as we can.

    As the Son/Daughter I promise that:

    1.      I will be honest with my Parents about how I feel about how the chastity belt affects my life.

    2.     I will wear the chastity belt as my Parents see fit for me.

    3.     I will not nag my Parents for any release, except in an emergency medical situation

    4.     I will report any attempt of achieving an orgasm and accept any punishment as my Parents see fit.

    Both parties enter into this agreement freely.

    This agreement is in effect until the Son has achieved the following:

    1.      First class results in all coursework during the 2015-16 academic year

    2.     A overall first class result in the end-of-year exam in June 2016