hi! this isn't really an ask but i just wanted to say this! modika, modsuki & modc you guys are so awesome! i've loved these quotes since i watched hedgehog's first video and i just wanna say y'all are awesome! - sincerely, a girl who's mum won't let her sign up for tumblr.

    aw, thank you so much! ❤❤ we aren't active here at all, and i'm pretty sure modsuki hasn't been on tumblr in ages, but i'm glad to see such a kind message after all this time! 😭 -modika

    Monika: So, is it a date or not?

    MC: Wait, you were serious? I kind of thought you were just...

    Monika: (grabs MC by the collar with a death glare) Then let me be clear. Tonight. My place. Six o'clock. I'll cook us a nice dinner. It will be a magical evening. Sound good?

    MC: (scared) Okay! Yeah, that sounds lovely! (under his breath) Why do I feel like I'm being mugged...?