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    sending so much love to everyone who feels like they’re never chosen as the best friend, as the partner, as the favorite. sending love to all of you who have been treated and felt like second best. sending love to all of you who have felt rejected and unwanted. to all of you who have had to try really hard to fit in because you felt like you never will. 

    you are so loved. you will be seen and heard by the right people. you can trust that you are valuable and not defined by other people’s perceptions of you. if someone doesn’t see your worth, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


    i am but a humble moron vying for attention in this court overrun with jesters. throw me some scraps. my bells do a delightful little jingle when i wiggle my tiny hat


    If I throw you a banana peel will you slip on it in a comical fashion


    yes! and my curly little shoes will wobble wildly as i screech and slip in pain

    I haven’t seen very much positivity about this specifically so...

    If you identify as bi but rarely experience romantic attraction to a certain gender... you are still a valid bi!!!

    If you identify as bi but rarely experience sexual attraction to a certain gender... you are still a valid bi!!!

    If you tend to spiral into cycles of "what if I'm just gay/straight?? what if I'm faking??" you are absolutely still a valid bi!!!

    Bisexuality can be fluid. Bisexuality can be chaotic. Bisexuality can be confusing. Bisexuality can be a swirling nebula of what???

    But bisexuality is always beautiful. You are valued. You are accepted. You are bisexual!!


    hey give birds antlers


    But what if they get stuck in the trees


    alright but they could also use it as camouflage and blend in with the tree


    What if they landed on each other’s antlers


    i keep presenting you with cursed concepts and you keep drawing them in friendly, pleasant ways, this is blasphemy 


    Imagine if you picked one up from its antlers, like some birb-on-a-stick


    Birds with antlers you say? Have a class doodle


    the ones on top are its babies


    Here’s some art by Munwie on Deviantart:


    Meanwhile, this is an obvious reason why Viking helmets didn’t have horns.


    Going into battle wearing handlebars for the opponent to play with is a Bad Idea. That didn’t stop other cultures (Indo-Persian, Japanese) from doing so, but Vikings? NO.

    The origin of the Nordic Horned Helmet is actually known: they first appeared in C.E. Doepler’s costume designs for Wagners “Ring Cycle” operas.


    In 1876.


    Incidentally, calling mail armour chain-mail” first happened in the novel “The Fortunes of Nigel” by Sir Walter Scott.

    In 1822.

    Something similar has happened with the word “longsword”, which only came into general HEMA use for what had previously been “hand-and-a-half” or “bastard” swords about 20 years ago; even then the first time I saw it (in “Medieval Swordsmanship” © 1998 by John Clements) it was two words with a hyphen: “long-sword”.

    As a single word it’s been part of the fantasy fiction arsenal since the mid-1970s, for example in C.J. Cherryhs “Gate of Ivrel” © 1977, I used it in “The Horse Lord” © 1983, and I’m sure a search through very early D&D manual could place it even earlier.

    Longsword is certainly a handier term than the alternatives, but IIRC even “hand-and-a-half sword” is no older than Victorian. In the Middle Ages a sword was usually just “a sword”; it was very inconsiderate of them not to think of later generations who might like to label things with a bit more exactitude…

    Not all Munwie’s Deviantart birds are corvids, and not all are sinister…


    …though you might have second thoughts about that if you know anything about the lifestyle of the European Robin.


    They’re ferociously territorial, their usual song translates as “Get Off My Lawn Or I Will Kill You With Death”, and we’re grateful the two pairs in our garden are the size they are and not as big as e.g. tyrannosaur turkeys.

    Which having written it is a mental image I really didn’t need…




    in the uk the census category is grt (gypsy roma traveller); most ppl seem to use either traveller or roma tho

    Do you happen to know if the UK census is retaining a term that people who can claim that category actually find offensive, or is this an example of the terminology in the UK just being different? Like, at least to the extent that there’s intracommunity debate but some folks are fine with or actually prefer “gypsy”? 

    I’m also curious about terms in all the non-Anglophone countries with Roma populations ...


    Hey, I’m from the UK and I’m partially Romanichal (Roma who come from England). I personally find g#psy to be offensive however, I know other Romanichals who are completely fine with the term being used. I personally think it should be changed to Roma/Traveller because there is some debate over how appropriate the term is, as well as the history of the word being very negative.

    I’m not 100% sure on other countries but I do know they have their own versions of the G slur. As well as Roma in other countries having their own groups.

    I hope this helped you in anyway. 


    Thanks very much for the information! Regardless, it’s not a word I’d use to refer to a person or group of people (unless someone who is actually Roma specifically requested it, but that seems unlikely, at least in the US), but I like to have a sense of variations across region and some idea about what kind of intracommunity discussion is going on. 


    Thank you enormously!