*at some kind of fancy event*

    Shazam: *about to go in on the free wine*

    Batman: *taking the glass out of his hand* No.

    Shazam: aw

    Rest of the Justice League: ???


    Adult woman journalist: *flirting with Shazam*

    Shazam: *flirting back*

    Batman, physically towing him away: nope no absolutely not


    Shazam: *finally gets ahold of a glass of wine & takes a sip*

    Shazam: ………..

    Shazam: *discreetly spits the wine back into the glass*

    Flash, watching from across the room: ok what the fuck


    Fourteen year old:*flirting with Shazam*

    Shazam: *flirting back*

    Several members of the Justice League:*staring in horror*

    Batman, ignoring Nightwing’s laughter: I will. Have a talk with him.


    Diana: [steps in front of the 14-year-old and about to fist fight Shazam]

    Batman: “maybe it’s time we tell them…”


    Diana: Shazam we require a vehicle of some sort

    Shazam: The thing is, I don’t exactly have a car

    Flash: What?

    Shazam: Or a license

    Flash: Uhh

    Shazam: Or a job

    Flash: What??

    Shazam: Or an alternate identity. Not in the ways you guys do.

    Flash: ???

    Shazam: I also don’t do my taxes


    Flash, jumping to a conclusion: so uhhhh… do you have a place to sleep tonight? Is that a thing you need? Cause you can probably crash on my couch-

    Batman, who wasn’t there five seconds ago: if anyone’s going to adopt Shazam, it will be me.

    Shazam: aw, thanks! :) I don’t need it, but thanks both of you for the offer!

    Flash, ten hours later, wide awake in bed: okay but what SENSE did he mean “adopt” in, because I really don’t like where this is going


    #i know people have started criticizing the#‘men are afraid of getting laughed at women are afraid of getting killed’#but this is real?

    Oh, yes.

    A few years ago I went to pick up a woman I met on OKCupid for a date, and a friend of hers was there. They kind of over-explained “Oh, she just showed up to say hi” and there was a vague nervousness in the air that even my autistic ass was picking up on. Her friend was playing conspicuously with her phone. I went “Ah, the safety. Need to get a picture?”

    Dead silence for about a second and a half, then the friend took a picture, looked at my date, and said “Have fun” and walked out the door.

    (I would ordinarily have been clueless, but I’d just been asked to be the safety the previous night.)

    My advice to male-presenting folks: recognize that this not your problem. By which I mean, this sort of security check isn’t a problem for you. It doesn’t hurt you. You aren’t being insulted or disrespected. And if you treat it like what it is– a reasonable adaptation to an unreasonable situation– and just roll with it, your dates will be more comfortable, and you will have a better time as a result.

    The same applies to phone calls mid-date. Let them answer the damn phone without drama.

    They aren’t accusing you of being a dangerous person. The very fact that they are willing to go on a goddamn date with you means that they have extended a certain level of trust. But the fact remains that there isn’t really a way to distinguish between “a man who isn’t dangerous” and “a man who knows how to behave like he’s not dangerous.”


    Actual sets were constructed for the cockpits of the Jaegers. They, along with the rig that controlled them were four stories tall and could drop fifteen feet. Guillermo del Toro described them as “a torture machine.”

    Pacific Rim (2013)


    Just in case you thought Pacific Rim was all about the CGI; think again mother fuckers. 


    another reason to adore pacific rim


    holy SHIT.