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    Montezuma quail (Cyrtonyx montezumae), at Ash Canyon. They are not uncommon here, but still rarely seen. As much as I love the clownish faces of the males, I think the females (center photo) are more beautiful still, with a color pattern that makes them almost invisible as they move through the grasses. 

    At the Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary, Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory, Cochise County, Arizona.

    Etymology note, from the Cornell lab:  “Montezuma Quail have long, sickle-shaped claws on each toe that are about half again the length of the foot. It uses these claws for digging up bulbs, tubers, and invertebrates. Montezuma quail’s genus, Cyrtonyx, comes from the Greek words for bent (kurtus) and claw (onux). Pits in the soil more than an inch deep are a sign that these birds are foraging in the area.”

    Do you ever lie awake wondering how the heck Gimli knows what a nervous system is

    Clearly dwarves have medical knowledge far more advanced than that of the other races.

    His Majesty Dr. Gimli, son of Gloin, Neurosurgeon, M.D.

    gimli trying to explain his studies to legolas, a flat-earther

    #*scroll down* #*remember that middle earth is canonically flat for elves and round for everyone else* #*scroll back up & smash that reblog button"

    <>tired: legolas took gimli to valinor with him because they were bffs/in love/etc. 

    <>wired: legolas took gimli to valinor to prove the world was flat after arguing with him about it for decades

    Sorry it’s what to elves

    So, in Tolkein lore, the world was originally flat, with most of the land in the middle (hence Middle Earth).  But the Numenorians (men who were rewarded with their own Atlantis-equivalent island for service in the first big war against Melkor, but eventually Power Corrupts etc) tried to invade the uttermost west which was basically Elf Heaven.  To put an end to that sort of thing, the creator of the world Bent The World and made it a sphere…but left elves able to treat it like a flat disk.  So elves can sail west and reach Elf Heaven, but a man or dwarf or hobbit who sails west will eventually wrap around to the east coast of Middle Earth.

    This is why Legolas can see for such great, almost impossible distances. The Earth does not curve for him.

    Legolas said fuck the horizon

    I’m having a crisis around this LotR knowledge I didn’t have until now, in the year of chaos, 2020


    Me: “Welcome! May I offer you a free mask?”

    Visitor: [looks around incredulously] “But why? There’s no one else here.”

    Me: “...well...there’s me?”

    Visitor: [laughs] You don’t have anything to worry about.”

    Every day I’ll hear large groups pause outside the door, read the “masks recommended” sign, debate whether or not to put them on, and then say, “Oh, well, there’s no one here, just an employee. We don’t need them.”

    Cool! Come inside and find out how good I am at spin kicks!

    reblog to give retail and restaurant workers the right to spin kick unmasked entitled shitheads

    What’s up with this pelican’s bill? American white pelicans are among the many birds that live in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary for at least part of the year. During the breeding season, adult white pelicans grow a distinctive horn on their upper bill. The horn’s purpose isn’t known for sure, but scientists think it may be part of courtship competition. 

    (Photo: Douglas Croft. Image description: a large white pelican swimming on the ocean surface. It has a bright orange bill with a large protrusion on the top.)

    Can we please normalise ripped dudes being soft? Like, to look that ripped means severe dehydration and a crazy amount of dietry restriction. I don't want that. I used to find the ripped bod sexy, but now i know how they got there, its not sexy at all. Beefy is hot af. Ripped is completely unrealistic and downright dangerous. Soft and beefy is where its at lads. And a lil' tummy too please.

    Exhibit A

    Exhibit B

    Exhibit C

    Soft and Beefy Boys FTW 😍 Like, stacked, but with a lil layer of soft squish.

    Happy father's day to my three dads 🤤🤤🤤