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    bitches be like *checks the notes of the post they made .3 seconds ago to see if it has any notes because they were a “gifted” child who never felt like they were good enough so they constantly tried to gain other people’s approval in order to feel good about themselves and still depends on that to feel valuable*

    tag yourself im bitches

    Yo just break into my house and shoot in the face next time please

    I did not need this call out today

    im serious about that “stop saving things for special occasions” bit tho like. even if u aren’t in your 20s. thats for everyone. its one of the most useful things ive learned lately

    stop! just stop. eat the special snack. drink the expensive hippie tea. use the incense or the bath bomb or whatever you paid way too much for because you were feeling really bad and retail therapy makes u feel alive

    when we save things for special occasions/rainy days it contributes to us feeling like A.) our day to day existence is lackluster and B.) you have to be feeling a certain level of Bad, or have to reach a certain level of Socially Accepted Achievement, to enjoy things

    just give yourself stuff. there are definitely sometimes reasons to withhold things from yourself - as motivation, if it’s something you consciously want to use sparingly, etc - but at least for me half the time it just turns into self-flagellation and also cool things and cool experiences and nice treats just collect dust while i wait for some fabled day when i convince myself i finally Deserve it

    just fuckin give yourself stuff dude. life’s so mindblowingly short

    my grandmother died having only used her china like twice in her life. during the year or so before her death, she was starting to package up and give things of hers to her kids, and gave mom the china while sighing “oh i wish i had used the china more!” and mom tried so hard to convince her to just keep it, then, and eat corny dogs off it if she wanted. she insisted she couldn’t possibly, you need a special reason to use the fine china. when nana died, we used her fine china as our everyday dishes for years. i was 18 when she died, and never really stopped having that in the back of my head. now, when i hear myself say “i wish i had a reason to wear/do/eat/use X!” i hear nana regretting never really using her china. and let me tell you a thing: spaghettios taste great when eaten from fine china.

    I’ve seen this post making the rounds. Just wanted to add something to it that my sister-in-law once told me:

    “A ‘special thing’ can make any occasion special.”

    She told me this when I objected to her opening a really expensive bottle of champagne just to watch a movie. And you know, she was right. The champagne was amazing and while we always sit around and watch movies, that bottle made that night a really special occasion that I will always remember.

    So, cut yourself a little slack and remember that an ordinary day can become special.


    every woman on tumblr should have this on their dash

    Look how nobody’s yelling or arguing or making things into a competition. Look how this is to straight up educate people through a different perspective. Look how effective that makes the message.

    The last one really hit me. I never really thought about something like that could actually impact a woman’s life. Damn…

    I’ll always reblog this.

    I have a random question and want to have fun with it do there goes:

    What's your favorite "unusual" stim? We always hear about the common ones like rocking, bouncing, hand flaps, echoing/making noise but I'm curious about what else other people do. So yeah, reblog with your weird stims if you're comfortable sharing. I'll start with a few of mine: braiding/brushing hair (my hair is too short so I braid my mom's hair a lot when we're home together) and folding paper (idk why but I'll sit and do it for almost an hour sometimes. I'm not even doing oragami, just randomly folding paper)

    Think you eat too much to have a problem?

    Many active people (women included) eat 3000+ calories a day and stay plenty lean.

    The recommended daily calorie intake is 2000 for women and 2500 for men.

    The recommended daily calorie intake for weight loss is 1500 for women and 2000 for men.

    A 5-year-old needs about 1400 calories or more every day.

    The minimum daily calorie intake for a long-term diet without medical supervision is 1200 for women and 1800 for men. Eating less than that eventually leads to starvation mode (a real–yes, real–state of biological stress characterized by decreased metabolism, increased cortisol production, and heart, brain, organ, bone, and muscle damage).

    A 2-year-old needs about 1000 calories or more every day.

    Most people can’t even imagine eating 1000 calories in a day. You’ll get 1,357 Google results if you search for the exact phrase “1000 calories is way too low” or “1000 calories is way too little”…but you’ll get even more results if you Google the same phrases for 1200 calories, because few people consider dipping below 1200.

    A 3-digit daily calorie intake puts you at high risk for binge-eating, slowed metabolism, bone and muscle loss, nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal issues, infertility, hair loss, mood swings, and depression. Oh–and sudden death.

    900 calories is less than what a completely sedentary, 5'0", 80 lb, 70-year-old woman burns daily (keeping in mind that your metabolism slows with age).

    A very low calorie diet, also known as a starvation diet, is 800 calories a day or less. It is prescribed by doctors to obesity patients who need to lose weight quickly, is specially formulated to be nutritionally complete, and is monitored by medical professionals to prevent sudden cardiac arrest and death. It is considered an extreme diet.

    600 calories a day or less is literal starvation.

    500 calories is less than the daily calorie needs of the average 1-month-old.

    400 calories is less than the daily calorie needs of the average newborn.

    300 calories is less than what the adult brain alone burns every day.

    -Mod Lia

    Being a system includes these fun experiences:

  • Where's my shit?
  • Who ate my food?
  • Older (responsible) alter: *walks in front of a store with candy/toys* // Every Little Ever: "STUUUUUFFFFFFFIIIIIEEEESSSSS"
  • Why are we sore?
  • *looks in mirror* "who the fuck—?!?!"
  • Where am I?
  • How long have I been gone?
  • Why are we no longer friends with ____?
  • What do you mean it's June already? But it was January like two days ago!
  • *suddenly switches in when someone was out with friends* hi, hello, yes, who are you and where the fuck am I?
  • *switches in while an alter was doing some Activities™* haha, no, sorry I'm not your partner, please stop kissing me.
  • *leaves messages unopened for hours or even days bc another alter was talking to the person/system and you don't wanna intrude*
  • Having to explain to friends that x doesn't like them and you don't know why.
  • Protectors getting wind of a Possible Threat™ and blocking someone you genuinely wanted to get to know.
  • Please, feel free to continue.

  • Frequent fronters having their own blogs that vastly differ but they're all side blogs so your following list is weird
  • Why are there so many pictures of...oh nvm
  • What am I wearing? Why?
  • Where did we get {item}
  • Who did {school assignment}? the handwriting is all wrong the teacher will think I cheated
  • *switches during a meal another alter made* what the actual f*ck is this?
  • switching while walking/going upstairs/doing something that involves movement and almost getting a closer look at the floor
  • Accidental co-con during another alter's Activities and regretting everything
  • "Stop drawing that in my notebook. ... No I don't know where yours is. ... No I'm not looking right now."
  • “When we set children against one another in contests - from spelling bees to awards assemblies to science “fairs” (that are really contests), from dodge ball to honour rolls to prizes for the best painting or the most books read - we teach them to confuse excellence with winning, as if the only way to do something well is to outdo others. We encourage them to measure their own value in terms of how many people they’ve beaten, which is not exactly a path to mental health. We invite them to see their peers not as potential friends or collaborators but as obstacles to their own success… Finally, we lead children to regard whatever they’re doing as a means to an end: The point isn’t to paint or read or design a science experiment, but to win. The act of painting, reading, or designing is thereby devalued in the child’s mind.”

    — Alfie Kohn, The Myth Of The Spoiled Child

    ♠️♦️How to Divine Using Playing Cards ♥️♣️


    <>♥️Ace: home or close environment. Could represent a visit, travel or a change of address.

    <>♥️King: an influencial man, someone who has the power or ability to do something good for the querent. Money, wealth, success in love.

    <>♥️Queen: A trusted woman. Someone knowledgeable and faithful. One who always plays fair. Trust, honesty, friendship.

    <>♥️Jack: A good friend to the querent, someone close, a cousin or confidant, someone they have known for a long time. Friendship, relationships (usually family-related), and gathering or celebration.

    <>♥️10: A good card: means good luck, can counteract bad cards around it.

    <>♥9: Harmony, prosperity. Also known as ‘the Wish Card’. If surrounded by bad cards, these can represent obstacles that need to be dealt with in order to get the fulfillment of the wish.

    <>♥8: An event, a celebration, a party/wedding ..etc. Some sort of ceremony that is already in the works, or is being planned.

    <>♥7: A card of disappointent. Usually indicates a partner or other person failing to keep their promises. If this card comes up when dealing with some sort of plan, expect that the other person will back out.

    <>♥6: Warning card. Someone may try to take advantage of the querent. Also, the querent is being used by a close friend or partner.

    <>♥5: Indecisiveness: The querent’s inability to make up his/her mind on a subject. A tendency to make and break plans with others.

    <>♥4: The bachelor/old maid card. This card represent someone who is too fussy in their selection of a partner. Someone who, by their picky nature, is destined to remain alone.

    <>♥3: An unwise decision, made in haste and without proper background information.

    <>♥2: Success, often beyond the querent’s expectations. If bad cards surround, there may be delays in reaching the goal.


    <>Ace: Indicates wealth, fame, and having many friends or acquaintances. Also feeling well known and being able to receive certain perks due to good looks or social status.

    <>♣️King: Represents a very good friend. A lifelong companion, someone who can be trusted and counted on during times of need and sorrow.

    <>♣️Queen: Represents a wife or girlfriend in long term relationship for a man. For a woman, represents a sister or good friend, someone who shares a lot of knowledge about the querent.

    <>️Jack: Represents a good friend, one who uses a lot of flattery, but only to make the other person feel better. Someone who is good at cheering the querent up.

    <>♣️10 :A card of happiness and good fortune. Can also represent a long and fun-filled journey.

    <>♣9: Trouble: Represents arguments with good friends. A loss of a relationship, a dispute that will remain unresolved.

    <>♣8: A sense of desperation. An urgent need for money.

    <>♣7: A card of good luck, if other favorable cards are around. Success if there is not interference from the opposite sex.

    <>♣6: A partnership card. Success based on mutual goals and friendship.

    <>♣5: A marriage card, or the beginning of a long standing alliance.

    <>♣4: A danger card, showing misfortune or failure. Supposed friends getting in the way, or turning against the querent.

    <>♣3: A sign of a second marriage or even a third. Or an engagement with someone, then a marriage with another, after a friendly separation.

    <>♣2: Bad luck. Being let down by those around. Opposition from friends and family. Do not count on others.


    <>♦️Ace: an important message. A letter or package/gift arriving, the contents of which are very important.

    <>♦️King: A bitter rival, a dangerous competitor, for women it can mean an abusive man or a deceitful lover.

    <>♦️Queen: A flirtatious woman, one who will interfere in plans. Gossipy, very attractive to males..able to get away with things and interfere in situations.

    <>♦️Jack: A bringer of bad news. A selfish person. Not dangerous to male querents, but problems for a female one.

    <>♦️10: Money. Money being the driving force of a journey or partnership. Greed.

    <>♦9: Adventure: A move in the hopes of advancement.

    <>♦8: Country life, travel and marriage late in life. The querent’s life is too hectic at the moment..a need to settle down and get away..but being unable to do so at the present time.

    <>♦7: Bad luck on an enterprise or idea. A man who is unreliable, a gambler or drinker.

    <>♦6: An early marriage, but an unhappy one..and one not destined to last. A second marriage would also be unhappy.

    <>♦5: Prosperity, long enduring friendship. Pride in family. Success with children.

    <>♦4: Quarrels: Forgotten or neglected friends and family. Situations that have been brewing and now come to a head.

    <>♦3: A card of disputes and quarrels. Lawsuits, legal actions. A sign of separation or divorce.

    <>♦2: A serious love affair, resulting in a marriage or interfering with one depending on surrounding cards.


    <>♠️Ace: Bad news, loss of someone close, possible death to someone near, or an illness, miscarriage, etc.

    <>♠️King: A man who will cause problems in marriage or relationships. One who will get in the middle, divide and conquer..and then destroy.

    <>♠️Queen: A cruel woman, one who interferes. For women, a betrayal by a good friend. For men, a woman who will use them for their own gain.

    <>♠️Jack: A person who hangs around and gets in the way. Not a bad person, but a lazy person. One who will get in the way of progress. Takes and takes, but does not give back anything.

    <>♠️10: A very unlucky card. If near a good card, it can cancel it out. If found with bad cards, makes them twice as bad.

    <>♠9: The worst card of all: Illness, loss of money, or misery. Even among the best of cards. Defeat, lack of success:

    <>♠8: False friends, traitors, someone who will betray. Most of the trouble can be avoided if caught early on. Examine all relationships closely.

    <>♠7: Sorrow and quarrels. Avoid arguments with friends. Let them “win” for now.

    <>♠6: Much planning but little result. Hard work, without much profit. Discouragements.

    <>♠5: Success in business or love, after much time and hard work.

    <>♠4: Minor misfortune: A short illness, a temporary setback.

    <>♠3: Unhappiness: Misfortune in love or marriage. A loss of pride and hope. Do not dwell, move on in life.

    <>♠2: A complete and forced change. Sudden change of location, relationship or a death. Bound to make a big difference in the coming months.

    <>♥️HEARTS: Emotional, symbols of pain and suffering.

    <>♣️CLUBS: Friends, relationships.

    <>♦️DIAMONDS: Difficulties, money problems.

    <>♠️SPADES: Warnings.


    Credit: @pet_foolery

    I think I already reblogged this but im gonna do it again because this is a good reminder on how toxic gatekeeping it.

    I’m reblogging this for the amount of thought that was put into figuring out the necessary configuration for a mertaur wheelchair.

    MMMMM, the LAYERS to this. 

    She’s technically a monster too. She might not look it at first glance and seems mostly human, but it isn’t deniable even despite her looks compared to the other monsters. 

    But she realizes that she is still not like the rest of the monsters either and may not have entirely the same experiences as them, which is why she feels that she might not belong to or deserve to go to the support group. By sometimes passing as human, she feels she isn’t worthy of the space. 

    The sad reality though is even though she’s mostly human in appearance, that tail she has undeniably would still cause her some struggle. Humans are still gonna look at that tail and think she’s a freak. There are probably still accommodations she needs because of the tail that she may still struggle to have access to. Even if it is just the tail, that tail is still enough to other her from humans and cause her problems and discrimination. 

    She should get to belong in that support group even if she gets told she’s not monster “enough”. She still shares some of the same struggles as them that are caused by being a monster, and needs support. 

    This is an excellent demonstration of the flaws in the concept of passing privilege. Bravo to the artist. 

    NOW I will reblog this.

    imagine one of those "pigeons are controlled by the government" conspiracies, where there's agents in a bunker controlling them.

    now imagine that there's only one pigeon, so the agents have to fight over who controls it.

    some of the agents want to crash the pigeon. some want to keep the pigeon safe. some want to make the pigeon eat shredded cheese at 3 am, some are depressed, some want to explore the world, some are just vibing.

    all the agents are locked in the bunker. the only way they can experience the world is through the pigeon. whether they like it or not, they have to learn to cooperate with each other to make life work. they have to learn to put their differences aside and respect each others world views; for the greater good of the pigeon, the others in the bunker, and themselves.

    now imagine that the pigeon is actually a human body and some of the agents have experienced extreme trauma

    that's being a system, babey!

    people. never lose your magic. stop worrying about what people will think of you.

    if you want to sit in the middle of a clover patch to search for a four leaf clover on the side of a road, do it. don't worry about what the people in cars will think of you.

    if you want to climb a tree, do it. its not childish.

    if you want to wade into mud to get a cool stick you saw, do it. who cares what dog walkers think.

    if you want to stand outside in the pouring rain and feel the fresh drops on your face, do it. the people in houses won't care.

    if you want to crouch down in grass and look at all the bugs hiding in the dirt, do it.

    if you want to go do a ritual in the woods, do it.

    stop worrying about what passers-by will think. stop worrying about being seen. our fears of what others will think is constricting us and stopping us from experiencing things like we did when we were children. don't lose your curiosity and magic.