perfect - nico hischier

    request: hi, could you write 29. "i know it's not the best but-" "i love it." with nico hischier 

    requested by: anon : )

    notes: sorry this took so long, but this is pretty cute. i had fun writing it, and i hope you enjoy! thanks for requesting <3

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    to say you were nervous was a bit of an understatement.

    you were going on your third date with what happened to be the cutest guy you’ve ever met. not only did he look good, but he was an absolute sweetheart, and one of the most caring people ever. to top it off, he was a rich and famous athlete.

    it seemed too good to be true. but there nico was, at seven o’clock, picking you up for your third date.

    “hi,” he smiled at you. “you look great.”

    you thanked him, locking the door behind you before settling into his car. it was supposed to be a fun date, but considering he’d just returned from a road trip, you told him you’d much rather have a chill, hangout type date. 

    singing along to the songs, the two of you laughed at each other and with each other during the entire car ride.

    you arrived at his place after picking up takeout, freezing at the sight of the living room.

    your favourite movie was loaded on netflix, a small blanket fort, decorated with fairy lights, near the couch. a few bowls were set out, filled with candy and popcorn and some chocolate.

    nico spoke nervously from behind you, i know it’s not the best, but-”

    -i love it,” you interrupted.

    “really?” he asked, looking between you and the setup.

    “really,” you promised. “it’s so cute and adorable, how can i not? nico, trust me, this is perfect.”

    he kissed the top of your head, “i’m glad you like it. now, let’s go enjoy takeout and our movie marathon.”