“i want to touch you in all the places no one has ever touched and hold your hands in all the ways you’ve never let them be held. i want to love you in all the ways you never knew you could be loved and show you how good two people can look between a set of sheets. i want to say to you all the things you should have been told that night and make you feel what you thought was only possible in a dream. i want to treat you the way you should have been treated before and let you know what a blessing you are to this world. i want to give you the whole world to you.”

    — bejal (via x69o)


    Where did you learn your most essential skill?👀



    I immediately had to think of some adult people who need this education because of all the sh*t they produce (all the things that divide people, or pushes other people further into poverty, or thrive on egoism, war, money, power). We need a clean society where love, kindness, caring for each other, positivity, happiness for everyone,… are the absolute top of the priorities and where all the other sh*t they produce is efficiently wiped away.


    Ci sono due tipi di persone.... Ci sono quelli che pur di non stare soli, si fanno andar bene chiunque.... E poi ci sono quelli che per non stare con chiunque, non stanno con nessuno.... I primi non si innamoreranno mai davvero, i secondi non dimenticheranno mai davvero.....♣️

    A force de se fixer des objectifs, à force de croire que sa volonté est bonne ou mauvaise, on perd énormément d'énergie. Il ne faut pas penser à l'objectif à atteindre, il faut seulement penser à avancer. On avance et puis on modifie sa trajectoire en fonction des événements qui surgissent. C'est ainsi, à force d'avancer, qu'on atteint ou qu'on double l'objectif sans même s'en apercevoir.

    Bernard Werber

    Ça veut dire quoi l'amour ?

    Quand les gens se disent « je t'aime », hein ? Ça veut dire quoi ? En fait, c'est de la paresse, on utilise un mot unique alors qu'on pourrait faire plein de phrases... C'est... je suis intéressé par toi, je suis attiré par toi, je m'inquiète de toi, j'ai besoin de toi, tu me rends heureux, tu me fais rire, tu me fais rire de moi-même, éprouver ces choses pour toi me fait prendre conscience que je vis, je sors de moi-même, je deviens comme toi, je deviens... Le simple fait de te regarder a un sens, le simple fait d'être avec toi me fait réaliser pourquoi on vit, tu vois de quoi je parle mon cœur ? Tu vois, c'est quand on aime une autre personne plus que l'on ne s'aime soi-même, on se perd soi-même, et même si on a la trouille, on prend le risque, on risque, tout ce qu'on a vaillamment gagné, et on donne, on donne tout ce qu'on a.


    Mariage à L'anglaise

    Of all the love languages there might exist, the softest form of love is patience. When you don't want to rush, don't want them to rush, you heal each other, wait for each other, give them their space, understand them and don't burden each other with the responsibility of your happiness. Each one of us deserves a slow (unrushed), tender and calming sensation of love.

    “I don’t pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me. Love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person. Love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of. Love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you.”

    The O.C.