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    Kill la Kill: IF - Game overview PV. The game will launch in Japan on July 25, 2019 and in North America and Europe on July 26, 2019.  

    New key visual


    Box art


    Japanese First-Print Bonus

    First-Print Bonus: Two-Star Goku Uniform Mako Mankanshoku Acrylic Key Chain


    Limited edition


    The previously announced Japanese limited edition will be released worldwide for $99.99. In Europe, it will be limited to 1,500 copies available at select retailers in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland, and more to be detailed at a later date.

    In addition to the exclusive box illustrated by anime character designer Sushio, the “Limited Box” edition of Kill la Kill: IF includes the following three items:

    Original Art Book – A book filled with production materials including illustrations and background visuals, 3D model materials supervised and edited by Sushio of the original anime staff, and more. Original Soundtrack – An original soundtrack featuring songs used in the game. “Mako Croquette” Squeeze Toy Key Chain

    ■ Japanese Retailer-Specific Pre-Order Bonuses

    Pre-orders in Japan will include specific bonus goodies depending on the location pre-ordered.


    Animate: Shuuhei Handa-illlustated B2 tapestry.


    Ebten: Shuuichi Iseki-illustrated B3 tapestry


    Sofmap:Mago-illustrated B2 tapestry.


    WonderGOO: Kengo Saito-illustrated B2 tapestry.

    Aniplex: Mai Yoneyama replica message card.


    7Net Shopping: Junketsu image DLC Costumes

    Amazon: Original A4 clear file.

    ■ Downloadable Content Characters

    Two characters will be released as free downloadable content this summer


    Mako Mankanshoku (voiced by Aya Suzaki)

    Mako is a second year student at Honnouji Academy. She is an uber air-head, so her unbelievable actions never cease to shock and awe the people around her. She strongly believes that she and Ryuko are best of friends even though they have just met.


    The ultimate form of the Anti-Honnouji Academy Mechanized Weapon: Dotonbori Robo DTR (Dotonbori Robo), developed by Takarada Conglomerate under Nudist Beach’s technical assistance. The final form is achieved by combining both Aikuro Mikisugi’s and Tsumugu Kinagase’s DTRs.