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    BFT Book Photo Challenge August 2018

    Day 14 - Book Maps


    Survival of self, of species, and of environment, these are what drive humans. You can observe how the order of importance changes in a lifetime. What are the things of immediate concern at a given age? Weather? The state of the digestion? Does she ( or he) really care? All of those various hungers that flesh can sense and hope to satisfy. What else could possibly matter?
    --Leto II to Hwi Noree, His Voice: Dar-es-Balat


    And he saw a vision of armor. The armor was not his own skin; it was stronger than plasteel. Nothing penetrated his armor--not knife or poison or sand, not the dust of the desert or its desiccating heat. In his right hand he carried the power to make the Coriolis storm, to shake the earth and erode it to nothing. His eyes were fixed upon the Golden Path and in his left hand he carried the scepter of absolute mastery. And beyond the Golden Path, his eyes looked into eternity which he knew to be the food of his soul and of his everlasting flesh.
    --Heighia, My Brother's Dream from the Book of Ghanima