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    This is one of my favourite posts,like ever,thank you.

    —I know i’ve posted quite a bit about what’s happening at the moment over here in Australia with the bushfires and everything but it’s absolutely heartbreaking and cannot be ignored. I posted about these fires about a week ago and that post received a few thousand likes and reblogs from people, much like myself, who are deeply heart broken by these fires and seeing that many people comment, like and reblog has proven to me just how powerful social media can be as a positive force to instigate change and share a message to bring about a movement where we can band together as one society to make a difference. And because of that, I felt the urge to post about these fires again, to hopefully bring more awareness to the issue with the hope of motivating others to speak up, donate and support the brave firefighters and those who have lost everything.

    Just read the facts above. Half a BILLION animals have died, record numbers of CO2 has been released into the environment with it predicted to take over a CENTURY to reverse. The fires are spreading down the coast with more and more people being forced to evacuate and leave behind their homes and belongings. 20 people have died with even more missing and unaccounted for.

    You can show your support by donating food, toiletries, clothing and other supplies to those stuck in evac centres across NSW and Vic or by donating to any of the organisations in my previous post (reblogged from @starsthatshines) or to Celeste Barbers facebook campaign which has raised over 18 million dollars (!!) in less than 48 hours.

    Again, my heart goes out to everyone affected and you are all in my prayers or thoughts.


    hey op? What the fuck. Like this isn’t even some random thing either this is what you hear when you’ve been driving for too long along a dark Nevada road and your headlights turn off. This is what you hear in the back of your head when you wake up in the desert with no memory of the previous night. What the fuck.


    I need you all to know that I forgot that my phone was connected to my Bluetooth speaker so when I played this the sound came from behind me and on god I have never felt that much fear in my life