A sea of oneself


    In Memory of Chris aka Package

    Hi.  Overstuffed here, writing this description. Every project begins with  an idea, and that was true of HansisSuperChubs. Chris AKA Package was  the superchub that started it all. He began making videos for the same  reasons many of the models do today. We like to be physically  appreciated and it also helps us to earn some money to help meet the  needs of daily life. It’s also exciting to know that someone somewhere  is getting excited by what they see. That doesn’t always happen in the  day to day life of a superchub. Chris had a big heart that sadly gave  out in March 2012. Package loved making videos. He was a bit of an  exhibitionist! This is a full hour of a collection of scenes spanning  his entire career as a model. It also includes his final video. You will  get to see his smooth round body, his hanging belly, his curvy bottom  spilling out of his clothes. You’ll see him sprawled across his bed and  giving himself pleasure. You will also hear the groan of the wood as  Package moves around on his bed. Fall in love with the superchub who  inspired the shop all over again! The sales from this video, along with  many of the videos we sell, are used to help our superchubby friends who  might be having difficulty. Sometimes our models aren’t able to film  but still need help. That’s what videos like this are used for. In times  like this when we all are struggling together, we hope this video  brings you some joy and pleasure. Our dear friend Package would be  thrilled to know he is still making people happy. Be well, stay safe,  and we look forward to seeing all of you again in person soon!